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EnglishGermanSearch terms includedI am referring to ...Imy(in order to)...Partial agreementThat's allrightwithme.In order toamII Agree.That's finewithme.In order toamII Agree.That'sokaywithme.In order toamII Agree.I amhappywiththat.Iamin order tosatisfied.I ampleasedwithit.Iamin order tosatisfied.I can handle this.Icome overin order toclear.read I forgetin order toIdo not forget (it)I'mfinewithit.Ihave no problemin order to.I can't do anything with it.Ican Nothingin order toto begin.I don't know where to put it / this.Idon't know where to goin order to.I cannot deal with this.Iwillin order tonot ready.I'llmakedowithit.Iwill bein order toget along.I amalmostinclined to think ...Imynearly...Letmegetthisright, ...(Just)in order toII understand you correctly ...That brings me to mynextpoint.In order tocomeIto the next point.Itisnoneofmydoing.Ido not have anythingin order toto do.I don't know what to do with that.Icanin order todo not start.I don'tagreewiththat.Ivoicein order todo not match.I don't mean to implythat ...Iwantin order todo not say that...Sodthisforagameofsoldiers!Enoughin order to,Igive up!What I'm trying to sayis ...WhatIin order towant to say is ...I thinksotoo.ThemyIalso.asfarasI'mconcernedIFormypersonI havemydoubts.IhavemyConcerns.Howwell I knowthem!IknowmyPappenheimer!TheBearsand IMyBear andII want nothing to dowith this.IWants nothingin order tohave to do.I regained my composure.IwonmySerenity back.I can't take any more.IhavemyLoad limit reached.I changedmymind.IhavemyChanged mind.Areyoufollowingme?Do you understand anythingImy?Doyouseewhat I mean?Do you understand anythingImy?OfWomenandTheirEleganceI, MarilynM.MyAutobiographyLetmegetthisright, ...(Just)in order toII understand ...Theyfigure I willdoitanyway.Calculatein order to,thatIessowiesotue.That'llbeonmyhead.Take thatIonmyCap.I couldn't control my curiosity.IcouldmyUnbridled curiosity.I advisedhimofmyarrival.Iquit himmyArrival at.I seem to remember ...Imyto be able to remember ...I seem to recall that ...Imyto remind me that ...I musthavemywitsaboutme.Igot tomyHave thoughts together. I washmyhandsofit.ILaundrymyHands in innocence.Catchmydrift?It's clear whatImy?Could I have Fridayoffas flexi-leave?CouldIFridaymyPartying overtime?YouknowwhatI'msaying?You know whatImy?ifyougetmymeaning / message if you understand whatImyifyouknowwhat I mean if you know whatImyMeettheParentsMyBride, her father andIMeettheSpartansMyWoman whospartansandI