Why is logic so underestimated

"China is still underestimated"

It is a dangerous mistake to see China only as an extended workbench, as many German companies are currently still doing: Sven Gábor Jánszky, trend researcher and director of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, warned urgently against underestimating China in an exclusive interview with Markt & Technik.

Three key elements for the rise to a global technology leader are there in abundance: resources, data and money. It is now easier for startups in China to raise capital than in the USA. Jánszky regularly organizes business trips for medium-sized companies to current innovation hotspots worldwide and thus has direct contact with a wide variety of startups.

The consistent industrial policy of the Chinese central government plays a decisive role in the supply of resources and data. Developers of self-learning systems could operate there largely free of data protection restrictions; Chinese companies with potential would be equipped with everything they need to develop products, sell them and head to Europe, said Jánszky. Accordingly, the pace and dynamics of development are higher in Shenzen than in Silicon Valley. "The chances are very good that Chinese companies will have the world's best technology in their field in a few years at the latest."

For Jánszky, however, the highly dynamic development in China also offers opportunities for German companies: On the one hand, they should use new opportunities for cooperation with Chinese companies that are on their way to Europe. And on the other hand, examine China as a location for your own startups and pilot projects: "While you need three months for a prototype in this country, you need a week in China." In addition, there are trained technicians "in abundance". You can read the full interview with Sven Gábor Jánszky here.


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