What is an underrated Italian dish


Everyone has this one favorite dish that they always want when they visit mom. My list is long! I am fortunate that my mother is very good at cooking and has spoiled me and my sisters all these years. Unlike many others, less classic German dishes belong on the list of favorite dishes. Goulash, roulades or chicken fricassee were relatively rare here. The best eggplant alla Parmigiana, fabulous Piccata Milanese and a tiramisu to make you kneel down. Speaking of the Italian classics ... your lasagna is unbeatable.

Lasagna is, in my opinion, a completely underrated dish. I don't know of any Italian restaurant that doesn't have this classic. But I don't know any Italian who can prepare this dish as well as my mom 😉 It's probably because of the extra portion of love - or the extra ingredient in the béchamel sauce. This becomes particularly rich and creamy with processed cheese.

Where others do a hocus-pocus with the Bolognese, it is rather easy with us. There is no such thing as “the” family recipe. We don't get carrots or celery. We do not use bacon or homemade tomato sauce. Sometimes they even reach for a glass of barilla. I don't care what all the gourmets say at this point. The main thing is that it tastes good. By the way, I only use ground beef. Of course, you can just as easily use mixed hack.

The amount of ingredients of course always depends on the size of your baking dish. Incidentally, I've already baked lasagna in a loaf pan - of course, it works just as well. Otherwise, you can easily reheat them in the microwave two days later. I wouldn't necessarily freeze the lasagna. I do think that this makes it very dry and just doesn't taste that good anymore.

For the Bolognese the Hack Fry in sufficient oil. While it sizzles a chopped Red onion add. With Salt pepper and a little chili Spice up. Now you can take a shot red wine add - but I don't always do it - and let the whole thing simmer a little. Then come the tomatoes purely. I always take what I have right there. Sometimes canned chopped tomatoes. Time only passed tomatoes. Sometimes I mix and sometimes fresh tomatoes are added. If it is not tomato enough for you, you can also add tomato paste if you like. The Bolognese must now simmer on a low flame. Many say yes, the longer it simmer, the better it gets! To finish with Salt pepper and Herbs season to taste.

If the Bolognese is ready, you can béchamel prepare. As a rule of thumb, I always adhere to the following proportions: on 50g butter come 50g flour and 500 ml of liquid. But that's enough for a large baking dish. Melt the butter in a saucepan. Add the flour and stir well - this creates a relatively firm lump. Then the liquid is slowly added. I always take 250 ml milk and 250 ml vegetable stock. Let the whole thing simmer and let it simmer for approx.100g processed cheese stir in. Instead of processed cheese or in addition to it, you can also use it Parmesan add. With Salt pepper and nutmeg to taste.

Now is layered. First, the form is spread thinly with a little bechamel sauce. Then the lasagne sheets come on top. The shape should be completely laid out. Then add a layer of Bolognese, then bechamel again and so on. The last layer is the bechamel sauce. If you want to bake the lasagna later, you can put it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Otherwise you can preheat the oven to approx. 180 degrees and Mozzarella to taste Spread on the lasagna. Please do not use gratin cheese or any other grated cheese. It should be real mozzarella, either cut into thin slices or torn over the lasagna. Incidentally, it becomes particularly delicious when you use burrata to gratinate. This generally applies to all dishes baked with mozzarella 😉

The lasagna is then baked for about 40 minutes. Take out of the oven and let stand for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

By the way, I took the photos of the cooled lasagna the day after it was prepared. Otherwise it would not have this solid state, the steam would have fogged up my camera lens and bechamel sauce and Bolognese would have run down the pages ...