What is multibrand retail

04/01/2020 | The phone hasn't stood still for a week or more. More than 100 owner-managed retailers have now joined the online shopping platform mystationary. Vanessa Kaiser and Felicia Ritter founded the online shop to “strengthen the medium-sized retail sector and at the same time make the digital shopping world a bit fairer, more sustainable, more exciting and more diverse”, explain the two business partners. They have sufficient experience in sales and retail and are very familiar with the challenges of the fashion industry. Most of all, they know the problems many retailers have with digitization. This gave rise to the business idea, on which they worked for a good two years until the technical prerequisites were in place. As a digital shop window, mystationary is aimed at selected multibrand stores that present themselves here as a community in a strong brand environment. Vanessa Kaiser is convinced that "a representative online shop with a reasonable reach is now the basic requirement for a future in retail." However, many stores are reaching their limits because e-commerce is too expensive, time-consuming and unprofitable for many.

And this is exactly where mystationary comes in. The platform offers the shops an additional sales channel and can enter e-commerce without any risk. Each shop has its own world of goods on the online platform and can set the articles in the front end as required with all the information up to the desired image material. The individual look and store signature are retained. In the backend, mystationary is the technical interface to the systems of the respective stores. The online shopping platform handles the purchasing processes of all connected shops and offers an easy-to-use retailer app to control the goods. If necessary, the dealers can also use a bidirectional interface to their respective merchandise management system, so that an automated comparison of the stocks takes place online and stationary. The social networks around Instagram, Facebook & Co. are also served. Until recently, 25 retailers used the online platform; now there are 100 stores.