When can scientists invent food pills?

Diets in the test 2021: Many candidates, one surprise winner

Finally, an end to obscure tips and vague advice on weight loss. Health show compares current top diets and provides valuable assistance and clear recommendations in comprehensive assessments with grading.

We have everything from the latest slimming pill to shakes, hormone preparations and blood tests to complete nutrition programs the best diets tested. Thanks to current studies and great support from the community, questionable products and ineffective offers have no chance of a good placement in the ranking.

The following list is arranged in descending order according to effectiveness, credibility of the provider and advertising promises and the final evaluation of proven successes.

Sheko: According to experience reports, the new diet shake is convincing

Our current recommendation: The Sheko diet program convinces as a drinking food with a large selection of flavors and a low price. For controlled weight loss, two of the three main meals are replaced by a Sheko Shake. Fortunately, there is no provision for completely foregoing normal food.

Depending on their goals, users can achieve their desired weight with the starter set over a period of up to three months. With one euro per serving, the costs are relatively low compared to other providers. Experience to date particularly emphasizes the good taste, which accordingly reduces the rate of abandonment of the diet. A conscious diet is advisable afterwards (as with any diet) to avoid the yo-yo effect.

Rapid weight loss without an overly one-sided diet is particularly motivating at the beginning of a diet.
Further information: customer experiences, flavors and price

Yokebe Diet: How Well Does Losing Weight Work With Powder And Filling Drinks?

A yokebe shake serves as a substitute for an entire meal and is prepared with a little low-fat milk and protein powder. This can be done relatively quickly even in hectic times and at the same time should reduce the calorie balance so that annoying fat deposits are finally a thing of the past. A prerequisite, however, is an absolute renunciation of other dishes.

The restricted eating habits due to the complete switch to shakes causes stress in the first week. Nevertheless, quick results usually motivate users. Flavor adjustments through fruity recipes help with the implementation, the yo-yo effect does not occur with subsequent consistent dietary changes.

A radical approach that not infrequently requires a lot of discipline, but produces quick results.
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Metabolic Balance Diet: Expensive Blood Tests, Secret Formulas, and Whimsical Eating Plans

Metabolic Balance is one of the most expensive slimming programs on the market. A counselor guides you through the program for months, the main basis of which is a secret blood analysis. It provides the basis for a personal nutrition plan which, in combination with exercise, should lead to a healthy lifestyle.

However, the price of at least 400 euros quickly slows down the euphoria. Critics also criticize the lack of a research basis and, with good reason, urge caution. In the opinion of many nutrition experts, an effective diet can be carried out without such high investments and only seems to serve as a psychological means of pressure to comply with the rules.

Expensive offer, which is associated with a lot of effort in everyday life and a lack of traceability.
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Almased diet: declare war on superfluous pounds with turbo drinks

Many German pharmacies sell Almased, a protein drink that has a filling effect for a full five hours and at the same time is said to reduce obesity thanks to its recipe. The protein content protects the muscles and allows the body to use fat tissue for processing, provided that the strict plan of only three drinks per day is adhered to.

Only a few participants meet this strict requirement, as the taste is almost subterranean and the lack of supply to the body is clearly noticeable in a lack of performance. The complete absence of a learning effect also causes yo-yo effects again and again, which can celebrate the return of any lost kilos.

In the long term, unfortunately, more shade than light: the Almased drink is certainly not the best diet in comparison.
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XLS Medical Diet: Carbohydrates, fat and appetite in the sights of one tablet

Providers of various slimming pills have had a very dubious reputation in the community since time immemorial. Accordingly, many viewed the market launch of XLS Medical with skepticism, which in three different versions favors a blockade of carbohydrates, increased fat binding in food or the control of appetite.

The effect of the ingredients has been scientifically proven and supports weight loss when used correctly. However, the tablets are not suitable as the sole means of losing weight. A healthy diet and exercise must also flow into the process very consistently, so that a downward movement occurs on the scales at all.

Not much more than a supporting accessory for people who really want to try everything out.
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Low Carb Diet: How Much Good Does Refraining From Carbohydrates Bring?

The keyword "low carb" hides a growing trend to avoid excessive consumption of carbohydrates. The background to this way of thinking, which at first glance is difficult to assess, is the strong effect of the energy source on the blood sugar level. If this increases, our body pours out insulin and makes us feel hungry.

Unfortunately, with excessive restrictions, many low carb principles overshoot the mark. A complete renouncement of bread, pasta as well as fruit and sweets does not show any healthy eating behavior. Nutritionists continue to give carbohydrates an important place in our diet, as long as the moderation is not out of the ordinary.

Avoiding carbohydrates completely is not advisable, as it is not the key to being overweight.
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Oatmeal Diet: Is Oatmeal Weight Loss Realistic?

A diet based solely on oatmeal should be one of the less strenuous concepts of our time thanks to fat burning and a high degree of satiety. In any case, oatmeal can be seen as a very healthy food, as it provides the body with important vitamins and fiber. However, this is not enough for a slimming diet.

On the contra side, there is the very high calorie value that oatmeal unfortunately generally contains. Furthermore, carbohydrates promote hunger, especially in the evening, which makes meals a problem. Clever recipes and wholegrain products are only available to a limited extent as alternatives, but they create important variety on the table.

Rather an idea for a change in diet, as the high calorie content makes an effective diet difficult.
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Dukan Diet: The Four Nutritional Phases of Dr. Pierre Dukan in the criticism

In France, the Dukan Diet and its inventor Dr. Pierre Dukan on the most famous concepts for rapid weight loss. The general practitioner advocates a high protein diet in combination with a strict ban on fats and carbohydrates, which seriously restricts the choice of foods and makes them expensive to buy.

The extreme change means that the body is exposed to very high levels of toxins. Experts warn of kidney damage and metabolic disorders. Even the French authority for risk assessment got involved and described the food system as harmful to health. Terrifying: only a fifth of all users keep the new weight for a long time.

The very high health risks and the extremely monotonous meals are not worth recommending.
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HCG Diet: A pregnancy hormone with a hunger-relieving effect

A merciless meal plan with a maximum of 500 calories per day is hardly feasible for anyone. From the third day at the latest, hunger attacks set in, as the body desperately craves nutrients. However, the pregnancy hormone HCG makes this radical cure possible and gives the illusion of an undersupply, which activates the breakdown of fat cells.

What nature planned as the last protective mechanism for the survival of mother and child in times of need, man now wants to use artificially to reduce weight. In Germany, the hormone is not approved for this purpose, as it inevitably leads to a dangerous vitamin deficiency. Nevertheless, companies try to flood the market with cheap products from abroad.

High-risk method that almost no German doctor approves and can be extremely damaging on its own.
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Appetite suppressants in a diet: natural aids or products from the pharmacy?

The selection of appetite suppressants has been increasing steadily for years. The tempting thought of losing weight quickly and easily with a pill often puts justified concerns in the background. Whether swelling agents, fat blockers or homeopathy - for good money the customer receives a large selection of offers on the Internet and the pharmacy.

There have been significantly cheaper and more effective alternatives for years, which at least partially enhance any diet plan. Nature provides some amazing foods that counteract cravings and are also healthy and digestible. However, a single-handed approach is not a guarantee for dwindling pounds. Our research still saves money.

Prefer natural products and healthy foods to pills from the pharmacy or the internet.
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Alli Diet: Fat as a classic enemy

A diet tip from the pharmacy are Alli capsules, one of which is taken before a main meal. The active ingredient of the tablet blocks enzymes in the digestive tract of our body and in this way ensures a reduction in fat absorption. The calories saved in this way are said to help weight loss and accelerate a slimming diet.

However, the results of countless testimonials from various users do not testify to the product having a resounding effect. More strenuous side effects are a constant issue, as the saved fat is excreted in the stool. Unpleasant smells are considered the smallest problem, while an uncontrollable finish is probably the sheer horror for many.

Can only be carried out in combination with a separate diet and even then not 100% promising.
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Formoline L112 diet: reducing the absorption of dietary fats in the intestines

Formoline L112 tablets are a real classic when it comes to weight loss. For many years, pharmacies have been happy to offer this preparation to customers who want to lose a few pounds of their body weight. The active ingredient in it blocks the absorption of dietary fats in the digestive system to a certain extent, which are then excreted unprocessed.

Unfortunately, this method does not mean a particularly effective diet, because existing overweight is not necessarily reduced in this way. After all, people do not only gain weight from the fat they eat, which is not taken into account in the Formoline L112 concept. Negative side effects include uncomfortable fatty stools, stomach problems or diarrhea.

Formoline L112 often shows no effect due to the complex causes of high body weight.
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Zyra Vital Diet: Green Coffee Extract as an Effective Approach?

Nutritional supplements instead of classic substitutes are the main focus when using Zyra Vital. The diet pill uses, among other things, green coffee extract, which has been studied several times in studies. The intake is supposed to stimulate the metabolism and reduce fat deposits quickly and without side effects. The sales department is able to lose up to eight kilograms in weight in one month.

The marketing measures relating to the product are to be viewed critically. The official website shows copied before and after pictures of people who have not followed such a diet approach. In addition, reference is made to research results that are no longer credible and in some cases have even been punished with fines.

Zyra Vital does not appear to be recommended as a diet product due to the opaque advertising concept of the environment.
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Burnea Diet: Review exposed as a promotional ploy

Burnea is the name of a diet pill that can be ordered on the Internet and, according to a test report, should enable up to 20 kilograms of weight loss in a few weeks. In combination with exercise and a balanced diet, filling swelling agents and metabolism-stimulating ingredients ensure rapid weight loss and thus numerous satisfied customers.

In truth, there is only calculated advertising behind the reporting, which painfully lacks seriously researched facts and credible customer experiences. The diet completes the test with an excellent rating primarily for reasons of sales promotion. With the help of copied before-and-after pictures from well-known photo databases, the advertisers also create apparently sensational experience reports away from reality.

Dangerous advertising fraud designed to entice readers to buy as quickly as possible.
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Shot for Slim Diet: Ineffective artichoke extract in TV shopping

The Shot for Slim Drink draws its power from the heart of the artichoke and should make it easier than ever to lose weight quickly. In television advertising, the manufacturer extensively praises the weight-reducing effect, which can be achieved without fitness exercises or other slimming cures. Consuming one drink a day is therefore sufficient to become slim and slim.

Unfortunately, reality shows a completely different picture. Disappointed consumers justifiably vent their frustration in various forums and review portals. From the series of numerous advertising promises, only the pineapple taste turns out to exist, while the remaining hymns of praise burst like soap bubbles after the purchase and only empty the wallet.

The magic potion for losing weight remains an illusion and only ensures long faces for every buyer.
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Tenoxidol Diet: Alleged experience report with Detoximin x-rayed

The diet test in a health journal attracts attention with interesting results. Within a month, a young lady managed to lose twelve kilos of weight with the help of the tenoxidol and detoximin capsules. Health Show dared to take a closer look at the results and only came across a pure advertising network.

In fact, the positive criticism only exists for marketing purposes and makes use of numerous third-party materials. In detail, copied before-and-after pictures are used and complete reports are falsified. Evidence of this procedure can even be found on the official websites and thus ensure classic consumer deception.

Incredible test report raises big questions about the seriousness of the offer.
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Proactol Plus: Diet pill with a very one-sided approach and dubious distribution

Proactol Plus has been available online for several years. The British pill promises weight loss without unpleasant diets and exercise. This ambitious goal is to be achieved with an extract from cacti, which inhibits the absorption of fat in the stomach and thus reduces the number of calories.

The principle is of course anything but new and not nearly as revolutionary as the manufacturer describes it on its website. Due to the very limited effect, the results look rather disappointing in practice. The product is disqualified through unfair advertising about false guarantee promises and other legal border crossings.

Poor results and outrageous marketing from abroad without any guarantee.
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Calriphen diet: With phenoxin in questionable pharmacy test

The diet pill Calriphen acts in conjunction with phenoxin as a dietary supplement for weight loss and is supposed to put an end to bothersome fat deposits. The ingredients, which include Acai berries, Sinetrol and green tea, are well known and have already been found in nutritional studies around the world.

Unfortunately, fake test reports under the guise of apparently reputable pharmacy sites are causing negative topics of conversation. A company from Egypt fakes test results without reference to reality and even invents authors and doctors for commercial purposes. A method that has often been the subject of our analyzes (see Redupexal) and unfortunately still causes frustration among consumers today.

Problematic application with incredible diet reviews causes frowns.
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Advana Tone Diet: Tests and results with Advana Cleanse are only bogus

Based on some well-known dietary supplements, Advana Tone is offered in capsule form together with Advana Cleanse.Test reports on the net promise weight loss of up to 14 kilograms in a month. A proud result, which, however, cannot withstand critical tests and ultimately shows a completely different truth.

In fact, the UK distributor is causing some frowns with stolen before-and-after pictures. A procedure that is basically incompatible with the brilliant results. Further research reveals that the diet only performed so well in the test of various websites that sales are boosted and commissions flow - this is called advertising lies.

The examination of various diet checks reveals fraud in marketing.
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Garcinia Cambogia Diet: Dietary Supplements Prove to Be Ineffective

The spice and remedy popular in India and Thailand is also known as tamarind. Research into its ingredients began in the middle of the 20th century. Nevertheless, an American TV doctor recently caused a sensation with his introduction as a fat blocker and triggered a real buying frenzy among overweight people.

Garcinia Cambogia was one of the most unsuccessful diets in the test. The dietary supplement certainly has some health-promoting properties, but fails to meet the high expectations when it comes to weight loss. We are particularly critical of the completely exaggerated experience reports, which all too often go back to dubious manufacturers.

Fatal misjudgment: With this product, a diet is doomed to failure.
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Capsiplex Diet: When experiences with diet products are almost annoying

Just swallow one tablet a day and save 278 calories directly. A very tempting promise that the manufacturer of the Capsiplex diet pill has been making on the website since 2010. According to him, the secret lies in the extract of a chilli pepper, which is said to have a stimulating effect on the human metabolism.

Unfortunately, after a purchase, the baseless statements remain, because if you do not exercise, the tablets only help you remove your wallet. In addition, side effects cannot be ruled out, as the purely plant-based contents also have significant effects on the body. 5-HTP even makes German customs sit up and take notice of consignments.

Completely misleading advertising is unfortunately not the only insolence of the manufacturer.
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Vital Extra: Diet with capsules and conscious nutrition

In connection with a conscious diet, a magazine test promises a weight loss of up to 12 kilograms by taking Vital Extra. The mix of various natural products is available in capsule form and supposedly already has a large number of success stories as confirmation on its side.

The analysis of the coverage unfortunately offers a typical picture of many diets in the test. The provider himself is behind the supposedly excellent results of a magazine. In this case, even with the support of catalog images that decorate the experience reports. A critical approach that is slowly becoming a serious problem in Germany.

The provider's campaign does not deliver authentic results.
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Gedumoxin Diet: With Rexitamol in conjunction with a dream figure?

A diet test on the Internet reports a sensational weight loss of over ten kilograms in just thirty days. The weight loss pill Gedumoxin is said to be responsible for this result. So, together with the intestinal cleaner Rexitamol, a useful dietary supplement for people who are overweight?

At least the experience report of a website with an alleged pharmacy background (see Reductone or Lipotol) turns out to be a simple advertisement to increase sales. A photo model serves as a scientific advisory board, the reporter is also not in the advertised appearance and even before-and-after pictures come from strangers with completely different diet approaches.

The test report turns out to be an advertisement with copied photos.
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Sedumoxal Diet: A sensible approach together with Petoximol?

Full-bodied diet tests promise double-digit kilogram weight loss through the use of Sedumoxal. Together with Colonox, an intestinal cleanser from the same provider, excellent successes in terms of weight loss and well-being appear to be possible.

However, various experience reports were embellished with copied before-and-after photos and thus did not correspond to reality. Furthermore, test reports with a serious presentation with a pharmacy background cause annoyance. On closer research, the portals turn out to be a pure advertising measure to increase the purchase intention of potential customers.

Questionable advertising creates little trust.
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Redunovin Diet: Not a miracle cure even in combination with Oxitamin

Countless test reports with fantastic experiences have been promoting the Redunovin diet on the Internet for several months. In conjunction with the intestinal cleanser Oxitamin, weight loss no longer seems to be a problem. Simply consume a few capsules a day and fat burning starts.

Unfortunately, more in-depth research quickly reveals that behind the preparations there are only advertising calculations and numerous sales tricks: the majority of the experience is not real. Instead of an effective diet pill, buyers receive nothing more than a weakly dosed dietary supplement that does not stand up to an exact analysis.

Another dark chapter full of dizziness in our diet section.
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MitoSlim diet: rip off around the capsules for weight loss

A motor for increased fat burning and an appetite-suppressing effect? That sounds promising in order to lose a few kilograms as quickly as possible. The manufacturer of the diet product MitoSlim is really not stingy with superlatives and presents impressive before-and-after pictures to support it.

However, a look behind the scenes quickly shows that this diet only has a big impact on the wallet. Medical recommendations and scientific evidence are completely lacking. The fancy photos come from other websites and the provider is even an old friend from the circle of fraud stories from England.

The dreams of losing weight quickly with this product burst like a big soap bubble
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Slim Vida diet: new name does not save from failure in the test

The description of the mode of action of Slim Vida reads temptingly: No more cravings for food and convenient reduction of belly fat by simply losing weight with a diet pill. High-quality ingredients from acai, mango and green tea guarantee the manufacturer miraculous results of up to eight kilograms of weight loss in one week.

The reality, however, does not speak in favor of the product from England. Customer reports about long shipping times, problems with payment and German customs alternate with empirical values ‚Äč‚Äčabout a non-existent effect of the capsules. Unfortunately, the manufacturer is still diligent in countering this with fake doctor recommendations.

The promises were too good: Slim Vida fails on a large scale with no real effect.
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Nuvoryn Diet: When the alleged miracle cure is blatant fraud

Nuvoryn has been running one of the most aggressive marketing campaigns in the healthcare sector for several months. The pills, made up of ten natural ingredients, are said to make weight loss child's play. In numerous videos, the manufacturer advertises with a doctor's recommendation as well as impressive before-and-after pictures that are intended to convince new customers.

Unfortunately, there is a big scam behind the facade. Satisfied testers turn out to be committed actors and the doctor behind the product gives each company his name for a fee. Nuvoryn itself is far from a good diet and has no effect at all in terms of weight loss.

A cautionary example of fraud and ultimately just a grave for money and nerves. Hands off!
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Acai Berry Max Diet: Warning Experiences and Fraud Advisories

In combination with Detox Max, diet pills with the name Acai Berry Max are intended to ensure effortless weight loss without the hassle of counting calories. The acai berry serves as the driving force behind a product that the manufacturer is loudly selling as a new miracle product on the diet market.

Behind the sales tour, however, there is a perfidious system of fake health magazines, bought recommendations and lots of thought-out test results. Even a simple search with Google quickly shows that not a single picture on the official website corresponds to the truth and that studies or results across the board come from the realm of the imagination.

Terrifying brazen attempt at fraud from England without any ethics or responsibility.
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ZyloSlim Diet: Experiences expose diet as a pure rip-off

ZyloSlim builds on classics of nutritional supplements and thus creates little enthusiasm. Too often, similar products failed in the test. The diet pills are unfortunately no exception and do not cause increased fat burning. The manufacturer sells an unsuitable diet product at exorbitant prices.

Chromium picolinate as an active ingredient, which is very controversial in medicine, makes the subject even more explosive. Serious side effects cannot be completely ruled out, which is why the manufacturer is legitimately accused of fraud. The excessively exaggerated advertising statements are also traditional references to rip-offs.

Well-known product with a new name. Save yourself the trouble, it won't help you lose weight.
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Amapur Diet: The nutritional concept has been convincing in numerous field reports

The amapur diet program, which originated in Germany, offers women and men specially developed meals that are consumed over a period of up to three weeks. Thanks to a negative calorie balance and avoidance of high blood sugar levels, you can lose weight quickly without symptoms of deficiency or feeling hungry in a short time.

Unfortunately, the offer was discontinued by the manufacturer in December 2020. The individually configurable products (e.g. muesli, soups, shakes, crackers and biscuits) are accordingly no longer available in stores, which is why an alternative formula diet should be considered if you are interested.

The amapur diet is unfortunately no longer available.
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What is the best diet on the test?

The answer to this question depends on the expectations of the user. Anyone who generally pays attention to their body and only wants to lose a few kilograms of weight in a short period of time is wrongly advised to use an elaborate system for dietary changes or medical examinations with blood tests. In this case, it is enough to reach the test winner named at the beginning among the best diets 2021 certainly enough so that the desired weight is reached again in a timely manner.

However, if significant nutritional problems, a lack of exercise and a high degree of obesity correspond to the current living situation, your own well-being must be considered more broadly. In a first step, a change in diet and the slow build-up of a sports program take place without being directly overwhelmed. Special products for weight loss only serve as an initial "motivational boost", while sustained success is the central aspect of a successful diet.