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Amazon Prime costs 2021: for whom is it worth it?

Amazon Prime offers Amazon customers certain additional services for a monthly or annual fee and can be tested free of charge for one month. The Amazon Prime costs are definitely worth it.

Why should the Amazon Prime costs be worthwhile?

The subscription leads to those with "Prime”Marked articles for free shipping, which is also faster. That's a lot of articles. If you shop regularly at Amazon, you will always be advised of the possibility of booking Prime and receiving it free of charge (it feels like every purchase). Every Amazon customer should briefly calculate the shipping costs for the items they ordered last year: Then he / she will often find that these costs are several times higher than the Amazon Prime costs.

Via Amazon Prime for customers in Germany and Austria

For a membership fee of 69 EUR / year or 7.99 EUR / month, you benefit from Amazon Prime benefits, such as B. free premium shipping for millions of articles, unlimited streaming of films and series episodes with Prime Video, streaming of over two million songs with Prime Music and the option to borrow books from the Prime Reading catalog.

The subscription offers even more, namely free access to many Streaming content (Films, series, music) as well as access to exclusive Amazon series, unlimited photo storage in the Amazon Cloud including access to Gamer platform Twitch Prime And last but not least, discounted products that Amazon Prime customers can buy 30 minutes earlier. As a video streaming platform, Twitch Prime is primarily aimed at gamers who, as Amazon Prime customers, receive discounts on new and pre-orderable video games, can subscribe to one Twitch channel per month for free and stream ad-free. The advantages of the Amazon Prime costs at a glance:

  • Free Shipping - Free Premium Shipping
  • free and exclusive streaming with Prime Video and Prime Music
  • Shopping benefits (discounts) - Premium access to lightning deals
  • free reading material - prime reading
  • unlimited photo storage and Twitch Prime

What are the Amazon Prime costs?

There are three variantsHow Amazon Prime costs can be billed:

  • Amazon Prime Video for 7.99 euros per month
  • Prime monthly subscription for all services: 7.99 euros per month
  • Prime annual subscription for all services: 69 euros per year = 5.75 euros per month

As mentioned, customers can test an Amazon Prime subscription for one month free of charge. If you decide to do so afterwards, you can cancel it at any time with a click of the mouse. The Amazon Prime costs are cheaper for students, the annual tariff is only 34 euros.

Pay Amazon Prime costs monthly or annually?

An annual subscription is cheaper and therefore recommended. Like the monthly subscription, it can be canceled at any time, but the fee is collected immediately. However, if you cancel, Amazon will reimburse unused costs for Prime services on a pro-rata basis. Anyone who cancels their annual subscription and then no longer uses their Prime benefits would receive a pro rata refund of their Amazon Prime costs paid in advance at the end of the paid year. This is only difficult because this customer will certainly continue to shop at Amazon over the course of the year and then receive free delivery, i.e. use the Prime benefits.

An annual subscription is cheaper and therefore recommended

How can I cancel an Amazon Prime subscription?

The termination is up to 48 hours before expiry - this is also the date of the next billing or the next direct debit - possible. This also applies to the Trial month. For this, the customers can also immediately get the point ”Switch off automatic renewal"If you click on it, the free trial month does not automatically change to a paid subscription.

For whom is it worth paying the Amazon Prime costs?

In principle, membership is worthwhile for all Amazon customers who pay more than 69 euros per year in shipping costs and / or streaming costs. Anyone who has been an Amazon customer for more than a year should simply check their previous orders and add up the shipping and streaming costs. If these exceed the Amazon Prime costs, the subscription is definitely worth it. Because there are hardly any customers who finally turn away from Amazon at some point.

I just can't make up my mind to pay the Amazon Prime costs: why is that?

The bad word is still circulating about the "Subscription trap”, Which is a red rag for us German customers. But in contrast to many other subscriptions, Amazon Prime can be canceled really easily and offers a huge number of services. One thing is certain: Shopping at Amazon is really fun, and the streaming service also contains gigantic offers. Therefore, in this case, those who don't subscribe should reconsider their negative attitude. Perhaps the large Prime offer is also not that easy to oversee. Therefore, many customers do not even know what they would get for their Amazon Prime costs. There is very detailed information on this under Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Help. We want to describe some of the advantages in a little more detail.

So Amazon Prime offers the free Same-day delivery for qualified articles. The minimum order value must be 20 euros, the offer is valid for many German addresses. The Morning Express (to almost all delivery addresses in Germany) will be cheaper. Additional stations in the streaming service are also available. These include, among other things GEO and Sportdigital. These are also chargeable for Prime customers, but can be conveniently booked, viewed and billed via Amazon. Prime Music currently contains over two million songs, individual radio and selected playlists, and Amazon Music Unlimited has over 40 million songs. This paid membership is cheaper for Prime customers. There are prime deals for enthusiastic buyers. This is exclusive access to thematically selected products on Thursdays between 7 a.m. and midnight. Amazon Family offers Prime customers exclusive offers with discounts on certain daily necessities such as diapers and baby food (20% discount). Amazon pantry is a Prime member-only shop that stocks many everyday items, including groceries, beverages, drugstore items, housewares, and baby and pet supplies. There are shipping costs here, but from the second box they are very cheap at 0.99 euros. Guests also benefit from the Amazon Prime costs: Another household member (at the same address) can also use the advantages.

link: Try Amazon * Prime for 30 days free of charge

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