What is tactical insertion

sceptros 2 BETA at a glance

More functions

Project: Tree-like display of the entire mission / service.

Library: Numerous tactical signs from the fire brigade, medical service, THW, water rescue service / DLRG, police / armed forces / civil, general signs of leadership and for communication sketches.

File: Insert your own graphics as an image or as a tactical unit including a selectable standard directory.

Overview: Mini-map of the situation map with display of the view section, display of the strength according to all assigned status, display of the latest entries in different areas.

Memories: Each element now has a reminder section. A point in time can be set, the view shows all reminders.

Properties: Permanent display of the properties of a selected unit and editing of these. Display of the course of a unit (status change).

Auto menu: Automatic saving and backup, activation of automatic entries.

Log: A log documents all entries and changes made

Fault diagnosis In the event of errors and certain actions, a log file is created, which significantly improves the error diagnosis.

Help: Help for the individual areas can now be accessed directly via a button in the respective area.