What are the best frameworks for AJAX

Ajax frameworks

Frameworks can make work much easier, especially for larger tasks. There are corresponding frameworks for almost all programming languages ​​- including Ajax. We want to introduce you to the most important frameworks for the individual programming languages ​​in the following chapters.

What are frameworks?

Seen in this way, a framework is nothing more than a library or collection of functions and techniques so that certain facts do not have to be reprogrammed every time. As a rule, they provide significantly simpler interfaces for sometimes quite complex issues and thus make it possible to manage them with little programming effort. With regard to JavaScript or Ajax, these frameworks usually provide a simple connection option to the server, so that the data can be queried from the server using a uniform, predefined scheme.

When do I need frameworks?

You certainly don't need any frameworks for the little script programmed like this, although you could certainly save a lot of programming effort even here. However, frameworks will become really relevant quite soon, namely when Ajax is to be used on more than one occasion and the tasks become more complex.

Which frameworks are there?

There are now a number of frameworks - some better, some worse. The most important ones are: These frameworks have established themselves in practice and are presented to you in more detail in the following chapters.

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