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The first thought might be to choose the many trips offered throughout the USA - e.g. from East to West or vice versa, from New York to Florida etc. - in order to get the most comprehensive impression possible. We do not recommend it, unless you have 4, better 8 or more weeks for this trip. Otherwise way too much of the valuable travel time is lost for the journey, sights can only be checked off in a hurry.

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A real experience of the country and its people, even with the trivialities of everyday life, is hardly possible. It is more productive to choose a travel area (smaller than the major travel areas we have named) and to plan according to your personal time horizon and interests. Because of the long flight times, the minimum stay should not be less than 10 days. When traveling for more than 3 weeks, “relaxation days” should be planned, as experience shows that the willingness to accept new impressions decreases the longer the journey takes. We give the following general statements about the travel areas:


In terms of landscape and the mentality of the residents, this part of the country is strongly Central European. It is therefore particularly suitable for beginners who want to get closer to American lifestyle first.

Tourist highlights: New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Niagara Falls, Acadia National Park, seaside resorts on the Atlantic coast, Amish.

climate: The summers are long and hot, especially in July and August it can be oppressively humid. Spring and autumn (September, Indian summer) are more pleasant and therefore the best travel times. The winters are cold and - especially in the north - hard and with sometimes heavy snowfalls (snowstorms = blizzards).


The southern Kemland is made up of the eleven southern states that formed the Confederation in 1860 and split off from the northern states. For five years they fought in vain in the Civil War against the Yankees of the north for their independence. The south is still strongly characterized by agriculture and the poor house of the USA (especially Alabama), although in parts a rapid economic upswing is unmistakable (New South, Atlanta with CNN and Coca Cola).

Tourist highlights: The landscape has little spectacular to offer, so that the region is more suitable for those interested in history and fans of the feature film “Gone with the Wind” or the TV film “Torches in the Storm”. Also: New Orleans, Charleston (South Carolina). A tourist specialty is Florida, which historically is only partially attributable to the Old South; see the comments on the state of Florida.

climate: It is humid, the summers are long and warm, and the winters are mild. Frost rarely penetrates to the Gulf Coast. It rains more often, only parts of Texas have less rain and are drier. Because of the warm and humid climate, spring (March / April) is the best time to travel to the Old South.

Middle West

The Midwest is largely a rural, typical piece of America. It is therefore also known as the heartland of the USA and comprises a fifth of the total mainland area.

Tourist highlights: The land is mostly flat and therefore not very spectacular. Only in the western part of the area can you find the erosion forms of the canyons, Buttes (Nebraska) and Badlands (South Dakota). Chicago with the area around the Great Lakes is more popular with tourists.

climate: The summers are very hot, the winters very cold. Arctic cold air from the north and warm air from the Gulf of Mexico collide and sometimes cause severe thunderstorms, cyclones and snowstorms. The frequency of rain decreases from east to west. Chicago is rightly nicknamed: Windy City. The region around the Great Lakes is particularly beautiful in September and October. Then the Indian Summer brings the last warm autumn days with bright sun, but also cold nights and beautifully colored forests.

High west and southwest

The High West covers about a third of the country's area. It is the cowboy and Indian country of westerns. In our opinion the most beautiful and interesting part of the USA. There is hardly any other area on earth that has such an abundance of landforms at relatively short distances. The backbone is formed by the Rocky Mountains running from northwest to southeast.

Tourist highlights: numerous national parks (Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain, Utah parks), Indian reservations (Monument Valley near the Navajo), ghost towns from the early days of the West, Las Vegas.

climate: Drought characterizes the west (precipitation coming from the Pacific falls west of the coastal mountains, rain coming from the east already falls east of the 101st degree of longitude), so the best time to travel is spring and autumn.

West Coast

The Pacific West Coast includes the states of Washington, Oregon, and California. California is mostly assigned to the southwest. The active earthquake zone of the San Andreas Trench runs between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Tourist highlights: The main travel destination is California with San Francisco and the southern California coastal area, which is also popular as a residential area because of its high recreational value. Also: Yosemite National Park, Highway No. 1.

climate: The entire west coast has a relatively mild climate because the cold in the north and the heat in the south are tempered by westerly winds from the Pacific. It rains a lot along the coasts and fog forms in many parts of California (San Francisco). Southern California has a Mediterranean-like climate, so it is hot in summer and mild in winter. Contrary to the advertising messages (it never rains in southern California) it can rain here too.

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