Where can I find drugs in Mumbai

The drug addicted children of India

Do you think your work had an impact on their life?
Not really. It had the indirect effect that the recordings were used extensively by the NGOs that work for sick children. They use them to raise money. In Bombay we faced pedophilia on the beach. There are a couple of the photos in the book. I was silent about it during the project, but as soon as I finished the project we contacted the police and they cleared the beach of pedophiles. This proves that photography can have meaning beyond the image. Have you ever thought of doing a similar project in another location?
I've tried contacting people, but it's hard to really get people interested. Unless, as I said, you win prizes. Unless you are speaking to the right people or using the right channels, it is very difficult. I also saw the photos from the tsunami in Indonesia. What was it like shooting the aftermath of one of the greatest natural disasters?
It was actually quite extraordinary. I've lost everything, my clothes, medicines, and food. It was a fight. I had nothing. Slowly I managed to find things like toothpaste, the essentials. I slept on the floor. Was there anything on this trip that you will never forget?
The only thing I will never forget from this trip is… the extent of the disaster. There was nothing left. I remember flying the helicopter along the coast and seeing that everything was obliterated by the waves, flattened out, it was extraordinary. Was it more than you expected
Much more. It was unrealistic for a journalist. Anyone who has worked there during that time will say the same thing: no words or photos can really explain how it was. For example, there were huge ships in the middle of the fields, on hills; Things in places where they don't belong.