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Unglazed technical porcelain stoneware from some manufacturers even has values ​​of up to 0.03% water absorption. If you consider that glass plates have a water absorption of around 0.02%, such a value explains why “glazing” is used in the manufacture of the material. Since standardization has not been able to keep pace with technical progress and this new development probably only with the one yet to be adopted ISO standard 13006 ceramic tiles Takes into account, "porcelain stoneware" remains a trade name until then, which one searches in vain in normative terms and definitions.

Incidentally, even with through-colored porcelain stoneware it does not have to be tiles and slabs that consist of the full thickness of the material that indicates the surface. On the contrary, the "full body" porcelain stoneware is on the decline because of the higher raw material costs, since digital printing technology has made it possible to print almost any decor. These tiles and slabs can even be called solid-colored unglazed porcelain stoneware if they have a sand glaze on the surface and consist of two different shards lying on top of each other (a thin, high-quality and texturizing top and an inexpensive monochrome bottom).

While most surface structures are created using stamps during pressing, polished porcelain stoneware is subsequently created by grinding the surface. In contrast to natural stone, where polishing tends to close pores, fine caverns can be opened with fine stoneware if the polishing process penetrates too deeply into the sintered layer; Impregnation of the polished material is therefore always advisable.

Because of its technical properties, including frost resistance, porcelain stoneware is suitable for almost all indoor and outdoor applications, whether as floor, wall and stair covering or as facade cladding.

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