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Statistics on influencer marketing in Austria

Published by Eva Schultz, February 24th, 2021
Social media, which are now used daily by 67 percent of the Austrian population, have increasingly shifted personal interaction to the Internet. With the change in society through digitization, the measures in marketing are also changing. Influencer marketing is, so to speak, a further development of recommendation marketing: with the help of the influence and social media reach of influencers, in German "opinion makers", better communication with the target group and more attention should be generated. Since there is a high level of trust between the influencers and their followers, their recommendations have a particularly strong effect. According to a survey of marketing managers in Austria, around 44 percent of those surveyed said they had used influencer marketing before. This form of content marketing is particularly suitable for conveying emotions, developing a story for a product and increasing brand awareness. The most frequently mentioned advantages of influencer marketing compared to classic online marketing are the higher authenticity and the better possibility of communication with a target group. The aim is to benefit from the wide-reaching community of influencers and to give the brand a face through the trust of the followers in the influencer. Therefore, the challenge for marketers is to find an influencer who fits the brand and the company and whose followers correspond to the target group of the brand. In addition to social media users with a large number of followers, bloggers, journalists and celebrities are also suitable as influencers. Employees are also becoming increasingly popular as brand ambassadors.

Instagram and YouTube are particularly good for influencer marketing. At number one of the most successful Austrian influencers