Is Rio Grande safe to backpack alone

Women adventurers conquer Brazil - tips for your solo trip

  • Machismo

    Probably the biggest concern of women traveling to Brazil alone is about the Behavior of men towards them. Mainly as a woman you will be with the so-called Machismo have to do that are Shouts, whistles of the local men with whom you will surely be confronted often. Normally, you don't need to expect more than that, and theoretically Machsimo is also harmless. It's just totally annoying and if you feel uncomfortable, don't be afraid to put men in their place. What's also very helpful are photos of children on your phone, so you can claimthat you already Have children and family. That should keep most men at bay.

  • theft

    The most important rule that you should always have in mind is the question of whether an object replaceable is. If not, you should either use the Hotel safe or leave it at home. This is mainly true for valuables, Camera equipment, too much Cash etc. In addition, you should always carry important objects close to your body. It is best to keep up with the Window seating on public buses, as thieves like to leave a handy bag through the window at bus stops.

  • The more people, the better

    Usually we want to travel from Crowds keep away. If you travel alone as a woman, this rule does not apply. The more people there are, the smaller the risk for you. Don't worry, of course you don't have to join tour groups or the most popular ones at the most crowded times Tourist Attractions but it is advisable to go to well-explored and safe places. The more touristy, the safer it is.Avoid dark places where there are hardly any people and avoid Uber rides and taxi rides from dubious taxi companies.