How can I learn to enjoy school

Learning and living in a boarding school: maybe something for you too?

There are many good reasons for boarding school

In contrast to a “normal” school, the students live in a residence that is connected to the boarding school. There they are looked after by educators and other employees. In addition to state boarding schools, there are a number of private boarding schools, and the trend is rising.

However, boarding schools are no longer only attended by children of wealthy parents. There are many reasons for moving to boarding school:

- Problems with / in the schools on site
- A special talentto be funded
- Lack of time The parents
- Difficult Living together home
- The desire for another School experience

Many students attending boarding school had previously been to a regular school, including 18-year-old Tim, who was in a high school with the G8 system up to ninth grade before going to the North Sea Internat changed - because there the Abitur is still offered after 13 years. Tim has been living in St. Peter-Ording for three and a half years, is the student representative and is doing his Abitur this year.

For the 17-year-old Sebastian was against it the prospect of improving in school, decisive. He started the tenth grade in 2012 Kirchberg Castle School changed. The decision was no coincidence: Sebastian's sister was already enrolled in a boarding school.

Cost factor and special funding

As is often assumed, boarding schools do not have to cost huge sums of money:

- State boarding schools can from € 350 per month be visited
- Private schools cost up to € 3,000 per month, (partial) scholarships are often awarded.

Boarding schools offer special services for the costs: many state and private institutions, for example, are particularly committed to one focus on promotion. In addition to schools for very high-performing to highly talented pupils who are not challenged in regular schools, there are special boarding schools: for athletes or musically talented children, for example.

Due to the specific orientation of the schools the training of the respective talents can often be better linked to the normal timetable. Sports boarding schools often give competitive athletes the opportunity to complete a training session before school starts.

The daily routine is well planned

Of course, everyday life before and after class for boarding school students is very different from that of their peers in mainstream schools - their day is strictly planned. Although the daily routines vary from boarding school to boarding school, however, in most institutions school is still on the agenda after lunch.

In addition to afternoon classes there are fixed times for homework and studying. Tim sees a great advantage in this: "Here you always have the opportunity to take tuition" - and even if you want to ask fellow students for help, they are never far away.

Sport and other leisure activities are also part of everyday life. What exactly individual boarding schools offer differs greatly from one another, but Sebastian and Tim really enjoy the wide range of activities at their boarding schools. At the North Sea Boarding School, for example, the beach is right on the doorstep - but actually there is often very little time left for free design.

A coexistence that shapes

The close coexistence with the classmates has advantages and disadvantages. Tim appreciates the large community, not just with the eleven high school students with whom he lives in his school house. There is always someone there to do something with, so it never gets boring: “Something always happens”.

However, that also means that "A lot of privacy is not always possible"says Sebastian. Sometimes "you get on each other's nerves", but in Tim's case that is not too bad, after all, "there is enough space to get out of the way if necessary". He is also sure that he has made friends for life in some of his classmates at the boarding school.

Both students also say that they go to boarding school becomes much more independent and learns to take responsibility for one's actions. For Tim, life in the student house is almost like living in a large flat share, so it is a good preparation for the study period that may follow after graduating from high school.

At many boarding schools, in addition to school and parts of their free time, it is also determined when the students go home. This can be every weekend or just every other weekend. In the North Sea boarding school, all students stay in St. Peter-Ording every second weekend, after which various excursions and events are offered.

However, depending on the distance to your place of residence, you may only be able to go home during holidays or long weekends. By the way, according to Tim and Sebastian, you don't have to be afraid of homesickness. This is quite normal at the beginning, goes by quickly and then you go to boarding school an experience "that will shape you for a lifetime"says Tim.

Is a boarding school the right type of school for me?

This decision should be made jointly by students and parents. Both sides should ask themselves what one hopes for a change and which boarding school makes this possible.

In addition to agencies that arrange boarding school places, decision-making aids are usually provided by the individual institutions themselves. To get an impression, you can:

- The Website attend boarding school
- More direct Contact to include educators, teachers and students
- The boarding school one visit pay

Each boarding school has a different focus, which more or less suits your own needs. It was particularly important to Sebastian that he lived close to his hometown. Tim did not want to go to an “elitist” boarding school and instead looked for a “relaxed, simple life together”.

Choosing the next best boarding school and expecting that the school performance will improve simply by changing does not usually work.