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another question a different question another matter another issue
an entirely different question


But I still have to him another question put.
I was another question put to the policy of cohesion.
Whether there are more nations there is another question.
The effectiveness of each prototype is another question.
The effectiveness of the individual prototypes is, however, another matter.
Whether or not the principle of this loan is acceptable is another question.
Whether or not the principle of these loans is acceptable is another matter.
Leave me another question answer clearly.
I am equally pensive another question in the Laeken Declaration Catalog.
Another question in the catalog of Laeken declarations makes me similarly pensive.
It is still with the Sabena another question.
You have on another question answered that I did not ask you.
Whether it is efficient is another question.
But there was still another question: Whether we consider sanctions.
There is another questionthat we need to discuss.
Whether the 27 capitals will cooperate with each other is, however another question.
Instead, I want to another question address that is hidden behind it.
However, there is still another question, namely at Strasbourg itself.
The Commissioner mentioned the disease and I would like to thank him another question put.
The Commissioner mentioned the disease and I would like to ask him another question.
But why languages ​​are so different is another question.
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