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Bleach (Season 13) - Bleach (season 13)

No. title Original send date English broadcast date 230 "A New Enemy! The Materialization of Zanpakutō"
Transcription: "Aratanaru Teki! Zanpakutō Jittaika" (Japanese: 新 た な る 敵! 斬 魄 刀 実 体 化) July 28, 2009 (2009-07-28) November 13, 2011 A mysterious man informs a group of strange beings that it is time to strike. In his dimension, Zangetsu wakes Ichigo Kurosaki and asks him if he can hear something, but Kurosaki thinks it is okay that he cannot. In the Seireitei, the captains and lieutenants of the 13th Court Guard Squads are confused as to why theirs Zanpakutō do not work properly, causing them to distant feel. At night a group tried by Ryoka To enter Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai's quarters. Yamamoto and his Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe confront the intruders, but what they see leaves them in shock. Yamamoto later calls all captains and lieutenants to Sōkyoku Hill. There they meet the mysterious man who calls himself Muramasa. Sajin Komamura tries him with his Zanpakutō Tenken to attack, but it appears in human form and turns against him. He ends the fight by knocking him unconscious with a blow of the blade. The other Soul Reapers are trying to get her Zanpakutō to attack to release , but are somehow unable to do so. The Zanpakutō take human-like forms and join Muramasa, who explains that the Zanpakutō the Soul Reaper renounced them and declared war. 231 "Byakuya, go away with the cherry blossoms"
Transcription: "Byakuya, Sakura an Tomo ni Kiyu" (Japanese: 白 哉 、 桜 と 共 に 消 ゆ) August 4, 2009 (August 4, 2009) November 20, 2011 Ichigo finds Rukia Kuchiki hurt in the world of the living while a strange woman using Rukia's abilities attacks her. It is revealed that this woman actually did Rukias Zanpakutō is , Sode no Shirayuki. Ichigo forces the renegade Zanpakutō successful to submission, and Sode no Shirayuki retires to Soul Society. Ichigo takes Rukia to Kisuke Urahara's shop, where she reveals that the Zanpakutō the Soul Reapers have attacked their masters and that their brother Byakuya Kuchiki is apparently of his own Zanpakutō , Senbonzakura, defeated has been. Yoruichi Shihōin returns from the Soul Society investigation, revealing that everyone who met with Muramasa survived. The remaining Soul Reapers of the 13th Court Guard Squads have banded together for the Fourth Division headquarters as they attempt to restore their defenses and learn more about the Zanpakutō- To experience rebellion. Urahara observed that only that Zanpakutō in the Soul society are concerned and that those in the real world are not affected and decides to try one of the materialized Zanpakutō to conquer to learn more about their new enemy. In the middle of the night, Rukia goes to Soul Society, apparently looking for Byakuya. Ichigo and Yoruichi go to pursue Rukia and save the Soul Society. 232 "Sode no Shirayuki versus Rukia! Confused heart"
Transcription: "Sode no Shirayuki tai Rukia! Kokoro no Madoi" (Japanese: 袖 白雪 VS ル キ ア! 心 の 惑 い) August 11, 2009 (2009-08-11) November 27, 2011 Rukia rushes back to the Sixth Division headquarters and meets with Renji Abarai again. However, Byakuya's status remains unknown after the night of the uprising. Ichigo and Yoruichi join Soul Society and split up to look for clues. Rukia returns to Byakuya's compound and finds Sode no Shirayuki there. Rukia tries with her Zanpakutō to argue , but Sode no Shirayuki demands their freedom. After a fierce battle, Rukia loses to Sode no Shirayuki, but Ichigo comes to save her from freezing to death. Because of his aversion Rukias Zanpakutō damage to add , he too is defeated by Sode no Shirayuki. Rukia tries to bring Sode no Shirayuki back to her by giving the Zanpakutō says how important it is to you. With their Kidō- She limits herself to Sode no Shirayuki in order to convince Sode no Shirayuki that one could not live without the other. However, the resulting explosion seriously injured Rukia. Sode no Shirayuki has changed heart and tries to reach out to her lover, but Muramasa comes and holds her back. Muramasa introduces himself to Ichigo and declares that he is a Zanpakutō is . 233 "Zangetsu becomes an enemy"
Transcription: "Teki to Natta Zangetsu" (Japanese: 敵 と な っ た 斬 月) August 18, 2009 (August 18, 2009) 4th December 2011 Muramasa sends Sode no Shirayuki away and Ichigo asks why he wanted him Zanpakutō independence over the Soul Reapers attained . Though he's not the reason indicates Muramasa replies that Zanpakutō can separate, regardless of if they are the soul of a soul reaper, and he's a fine example of that. Ichigo cannot accept this view and attacks him. Muramasa uses illusions to overwhelm Ichigo and puts him on the ground, where he pulls Zangetsu out of him. As soon as Zangetsu manifests, he immediately attacks Ichigo. In the meantime, Mayuri Kurotsuchi begins to experiment on himself to the manifestation of the To explore Zanpakutō . After Ichigo is apparently defeated by Zangetsu, Ichigo transforms into his inner hollow form and strikes back, putting Zangetsu on the defensive. Muramasa tries a sneak attack, but the inner hollow regenerates immediately and attacks him. Before his inner hollow can do anything else, Ichigo manages to regain control of his body and fall at Muramasa's feet. 234 "Renji surprised ?! The two Zabimaru"
Transcription: "Renji Kyōgaku!? Futari no Zabimaru" (Japanese: 恋 次 驚愕!? 2 人 の 蛇尾 丸) August 25, 2009 (2009-08-25) December 11, 2011 Rukia is found by the fourth division and sent to recover from her injuries. While Shūhei Hisagi patrols the Seireitei, he is sadistic by his Zanpakutō Kazeshini attacked. Renji searches the ruins for clues about Byakuya, who is still missing. Instead, he meets Zabimaru in the form of a monkey woman named Saru and a snake cub named Hebi. Both entities of Zabimaru have no intention of returning to their original owner and attacking Renji. According to Zabimaru, everyone has Zanpakutō heard a voice telling them to follow their instincts to attack their masters. Ichigo wakes up in Zangetsu's dimension, but the old man is missing. He sees Muramasa and attacks him, but the man immediately incapacitates him and summons his inner hollow. Muramasa has taken an interest in the inner hollow and uses his powers to freeze it. Muramasa thinks it has been suppressed and approaches him, but the inner hollow just deceives him with his action and hits him directly. 235 "Clash! Hisagi vs. Kazeshini"
Transcription: "Gekitotsu! Hisagi tai Kazeshini" (Japanese: 激 突! 檜 佐 木 VS 風 死) September 1, 2009 (2009-09-01) December 18, 2011 Jūshirō Ukitake and Shunsui Kyōraku discuss the possibility of defeating that Zanpakutō- Ghosts the Zanpakutō will destroy itself. Renji continues fighting with Zabimaru, who mocks him for his weakness. Hisagi fights with Kazeshini and, disgusted by his desire to kill himself, plans to kill him, even if he is his Zanpakutō loses. Ichigo's inner hollow struggles with Muramasa in his head until Muramasa uses his powers to hold him back, which then allows Ichigo to see through Muramasa's powers and save his inner hollow. Ichigo then steps up to the fight and explains that the inner hollow is part of him as well. Ichigo manages to get Muramasa out of his head and continues the fight with him there. When Zabimaru threatens to kill Rukia, Renji remembers Ichigo for fighting and then his own, which in turn enables him to regain his resolve to activate Zabimaru's administration shikai . 236 "Release! The New Getsuga Tenshō"
Transcription: "Hanate! Aratanaru Getsuga Tenshō" (Japanese: 放 て! 新 た な る 月牙 衝 衝) September 8, 2009 (September 8, 2009) January 8, 2012 Kazeshini wounds Hisagi in a surprise attack, but Izuru Kira steps in to help him and uses it Kidō to tie Kazeshini long enough for the two to escape. Renji's fight with Zabimaru continues and Zabimaru takes advantage when she does Bankai activate can, while Renji, who can no longer control it, cannot. Renji considers his own weaknesses and gets Zabimaru to take his sword, then breaks it with one Kidō- Spell and defeat Zabimaru by firing the broken pieces at them. Ichigo fights Zangetsu, fighting when Zangetsus activates bankai . He uses Getsuga Tenshō, works with his inner hollow to defeat Zangetsu, and forces Muramasa to retreat. Zangetsu reveals that Muramasa used a technique to train the instincts of the Zanpakutō to awaken, and that way he can control them. 237 "Suì-Fēng, around the Zanpakutō"
Transcription: "Soifon, Zanpakutō o Hōi se yo" (Japanese: 砕 蜂 、 斬 魄 刀 を 包 囲 せ よ) September 15, 2009 (September 15, 2009) January 15, 2012 Ichigo reports to Ukitake, Kyōraku and Retsu Unohana about his knowledge of Muramasa's abilities. To find out more about Muramasa's impact on Zanpakutō to experience, patrol Ichigo and Ikkaku Madarame on the Seireitei to track down the entities. Meanwhile, someone breaks into an area and knocks out the Soul Reapers who guard the area. Marechiyo Ōmaeda stumbles upon the unconscious guards and investigates only for his Zanpakutō- Spirit Gegetsuburi and Ikkakus Zanpakutō- Encounter ghost Hōzukimaru. Ōmaeda and Gegetsuburi are fighting when Ichigo and Ikkaku interrupt. Ōmaeda is excluded from the fight and Ichigo must fight Gegetsuburi while Ikkaku fights Hōzukimaru. Ichigo defeats Gegetsuburi, but Ikkaku is defeated by Hōzukimarus Bankai wounded. Just as he tries to continue the battle, Ukitake, Kyōraku, and Suì-Fēng arrive to surround Hōzukimaru, but he uses his Bankai to get away. However, they manage to get Gegetsuburi. Ichigo goes after Hōzukimaru, but the entity escapes when Senbonzakura's petals block Ichigo's route. Ichigo discovers that the attack came from Byakuya, who disappears. 238 "Friendship? Hate? Haineko & Tobiume"
Transcription: "Yūjō? Ken'o? Haineko zu Tobiume" (Japanese: 友情? 嫌 悪? 灰猫 & 飛 梅) September 22, 2009 (September 22, 2009) January 22, 2012 Ichigo keeps looking for Byakuya and runs into them Zanpakutō- Haineko and Tobiume ghosts searching for Hyōrinmaru. Rangiku Matsumoto and Momo Hinamori arrive to play against their respective Zanpakutō- Fight the ghosts while Ichigo continues the search. Momo uses one Kidō- Spell to push Tobiume against Haineko, causing the two to argue. Ichigo meets Hyōrinmaru, who cannot remember his name or his master. He tries to freeze Ichigo and leave, but Tōshirō Hitsugaya confronts him. Elsewhere, Muramasa encounters a large group of Gillians and kills them. 239 "The awakening Hyōrinmaru! Hitsugaya's fierce battle"
Transcription: "Mezame yo Hyōrinmaru! Hitsugaya Gekitō" (Japanese: 目 覚 め よ 氷輪 丸! 日 番 谷 闘 闘) September 29, 2009 (2009-09-29) January 29, 2012 Ichigo is still trapped in the ice prison. Hyōrinmaru caught him when Hitsugaya and Hyōrinmaru face each other. Meanwhile, Rangiku and Momo fight hers in the forest Zanpakutō and eventually make it with you Kidō- Overpower spells. When Hitsugaya and Hyōrinmaru begin to fight, Hitsugaya tries to seal him, but is shocked when Hyōrinmaru effortlessly dissolves the seal into fragments of ice. As their struggle continues, Hyōrinmaru's tremendous power turns the whole sky black. Hitsugaya began to recall his past during his first meeting with Hyōrinmaru in order to convince him. Hitsugaya managed to activate Hyorinmaru's shikai so Hyorinmaru managed to convince that Hitsugaya was his master. Although Hitsugaya together with his Zanpakutō freezes and loses consciousness, he succeeds in convincing Hyōrinmaru of his identity. 240 "Byakuya's Treason"
Transcription: "Uragiri no Byakuya" (Japanese: 裏 切 り の 白 哉) October 6, 2009 (2009-10-06) February 12, 2012 Mayuri experiments with Gegetsuburi and discovers that the Zanpakutō can only regain control of their owners once they have been defeated by their owners. Rangiku and Momo send theirs Zanpakutō back to the barracks of the fourth division, but an unknown assailant attacks the car that is carrying them. Ichigo meets with Rangiku and Momo and then reaches Muramasa, who is struggling to use his abilities in his current body. Ichigo tries to attack Muramasa but is stopped by Senbonzakura. Ichigo battles Senbonzakura and gains the upper hand before Byakuya arrives. Byakuya reveals that he has joined Muramasa in pursuit of his inner desire to protect his pride and then disappears with Muramasa and Senbonzakura. 241 "For the sake of pride! Byakuya vs. Renji"
Transcription: "Hokori no Tame ni! Byakuya tai Renji" (Japanese: 誇 り の た め に! 哉 VS 恋 次) October 13, 2009 (2009-10-13) 19th February 2012 Ukitake, Kyōraku, Renji and Unohana discuss Byakuya's betrayal and discover that one Zanpakutō becomes unusable if it is killed by someone other than its owner. Byakuya returns to the hiding place of the Zanpakutō back and proves his loyalty by defeating Sode no Shirayuki and apparently killing him, so that Rukia gives her Zanpakutō no longer use can . Rukia and Renji investigate Byakuya's office, but Byakuya arrives with Senbonzakura and tosses the broken remains of hers to Rukia Zanpakutō too . Zabimaru comes to help Renji fight Byakuya and Senbonzakura, but they are overwhelmed. Tenken, Houzukimaru, Kazeshini, Ruri'iro Kujaku and Gonryomaru suddenly arrive. The second division surrounds the Zanpakutō , and their owners come out to fight them. 242 "Shinigami and Zanpakutō, Total Sortie"
Transcription: "Shinigami an Zanpakutō, Sōshutsugeki" (Japanese: 死神 & 斬 魄 刀 、 総 出 撃) October 20, 2009 (October 20, 2009) February 26, 2012 When Ichigo goes up against Byakuya, Senbonzakura intercepts him and they fight theirs Bankai against each other . Renji and Zabimaru move to prevent Byakuya from leaving. Kira begins fighting Kazeshini, suspecting that his personality is based on Hisagi's suppressed negative impulses. Suì-Fēng immediately fights Gonryomaru and Tenken, but is surprised by a smoke attack. Yumichika faces Ruri'iro Kujaku and the two exchange insults. While Ikkaku fights against Houzukimaru, Ikkaki can fight Houzukimaru Bankai break by attacking repeatedly, by attacking it repeatedly, withstanding its final attack and victory wins . The fourth division lieutenant, Isane Kotetsu, and the seventh division lieutenant, Tetsuzaemon Iba, are helping the wounded at the site of the battle when Ashisogi Jizō shows up. 243 "One-on-one fight! Ichigo versus Senbonzakura"
Transcription: "Ikkiuchi! Ichigo tai Senbonzakura" (Japanese: 一 騎 打 ち! 護 VS 千 ​​本 桜) October 27, 2009 (2009-10-27) March 4, 2012 Suì-Fēng continues her fight with Gonryomaru and Tenken, but then she appears Zanpakutō , Suzumebachi, and attack her. Ruri'iro Kujaku gains the advantage over Yumichika and begins to use his special skills on Yumichika. Isane and Iba attempt to withdraw from Ashisogi Jizō, but Haineko and Tobiume arrive and Ashisogi Jizō paralyzes Isane's legs. Rangiku and Momo then return to help them against their opponents. Byakuya manages to defeat Renji and Zabimaru. Kira manages to catch Kazeshini by telling him to do so brings to believe that he could be Zanpakutō still use to Kazeshini unsettling, but he will soon be of his own Zanpakutō , Wabisuke, attacked. Seeing this, Ichigo desperately fights his way past Senbonzakura to get to Kira, but that is until Kenpachi Zaraki arrives. 244 "The long awaited ... Kenpachi appears!"
Transcription: "Man o Moshite ... Kenpachi Tōjō!" (Japanese: 満 を 持 し て… 剣 八 登場!) November 3, 2009 (2009-11-03) March 11, 2012 Kenpachi appears just before Wabisuke wants to finish off Kira. Wabisuke turns and hits Kenpachi, but Kenpachi easily kills Wabisuke, leaving Kira to be Zanpakutō no more to use can. Yachiru Kusajishi also appears and tells everyone that she and Kenpachi were hunting caves and got lost on the way back, which explains their disappearance during the crisis. Senbonzakura takes on Kenpachi, but is overwhelmed by his enormous spiritual power, which destroys a wide radius around them. Byakuya intervenes and fights Kenpachi, while Senbonzakura continues his fight with Ichigo. Yumichika breaks out of Ruri'iro Kujaku's bondage and defeats him by being his Zanpakutō recaptured. 245 "Pursue Byakuya! The Confused Gotei Divisions"
Transcription: "Byakuya o Oe! Konran no Goteitai" (Japanese: 白 哉 を 追 え! 混乱 の 護 廷 隊) November 10, 2009 (November 10, 2009) March 18, 2012 Ichigo continues to fight Senbonzakura while Kenpachi fights Byakuya, but Ashisogi Jizō appears and uses his Bankai to spray poison gas over the battlefield and allow Senbonzakura and Byakuya to escape. Ashisogi Jizō is pursued by Yachiru and later captured by Kenpachi. Mayuri blows Ashisogi Jizo into the air who turned out to be Zanpakutō turns out whereby it returns to its sealed form and into pieces breaks . Suì-Fēng has difficulty meeting little Suzumebachi, but manages to defeat her, to which Yoruichi comes to congratulate her. Unohana comes to treat Ashisogi Jizo poisoning victims, including Rangiku, Momo, Isane, and Iba. Yoruichi meets with Ichigo and the captains present and reveals that she knows Yamamoto's location. Yamamoto is then held as a prisoner of the Zanpakutō shown , being Sōgyo no Kotowari, Katen Kyōkotsu and Minazuki, previously considered the group of Ryoka recognized him in a barrier lock in . 246 "Special Mission! Save Captain Commander Yamamoto!"
Transcription: "Tokumu! Yamamoto Sōtaichō o Kyūshutsu se yo!" (Japanese: 特務! 山 本 総 隊長 を 救出 せ よ!) November 17, 2009 (2009-11-17) March 25, 2012 Yoruichi discusses how they will save Yamamoto with Ukitake, Kyōraku and Kenpachi, knowing that they are on high class Zanpakutō will come across . Meanwhile, Kazeshini returns to hiding and faints from exhaustion. Ukitake, Kyōraku and Kenpachi go one way into the cave and Yoruichi and Ichigo go in another direction. Kyōraku and Ukitake meet their materialized ones Zanpakutō , Sōgyo no Kotowari and Katen Kyōkotsu, while Kenpachi and Yachiru, lost in the cave, encounter Gonryomaru and Tenken. In the meantime, Ichigo and Yoruichi meet Haineko and Tobiume, both of whom are defeated by Yoruichi. Ichigo continues and is led to Kazeshini by Minazuki. Ichigo defeats Kazeshini, causing him to break into pieces, and Ichigo moves on to find Yamamoto. 247 "Deceived Shinigami! The World Collapse Crisis"
Transcription: "Damasareta Shinigami! Sekai Hōkai no Kiki" (Japanese: 騙 さ れ た 危機! 世界 崩 壊 の 危機) November 24, 2009 (2009-11-24) April 1, 2012 Muramasa stands in the way of Ichigo's way of saving Yamamoto and urges him to unleash his hollow powers against him. Meanwhile, Yoruichi, Ukitake and Kyōraku discover that something is wrong and break away from their opponents. After Muramasa the Zanpakutō- Being used to Ichigos Distracting companions, he brings Ichigo decides to fire his most powerful Getsuga Tenshō at him, but diverts the attack on Yamamoto's barrier and smashes him when Yoruichi, Ukitake and Kyōraku arrive to prevent it. Muramasa reveals that Yamamoto has locked himself in the barrier to prevent him from stealing Ryūjin Jakka, but with Ichigo's hollow attack, Muramasa would allow Yamamoto Zanpakutō- Entity easy to obtain. When Muramasa says that he no longer needs the other beings, Katen Kyōkotsu and Sōgyo no Kotowari attack him, but in the end their physical forms are destroyed by Ryūjin Jakka. Muramasa makes his escape with Ryūjin Jakka, while Yamamoto reveals to the others that Muramasa intends to destroy the 13 squads of the court guard with Ryūjin Jakka. 248 "Dragon of ice and dragon of flame! The strongest showdown!"
Transcription: "Kōri no Ryū bis Honoo no Ryū! Saikyō Taiketsu!" (Japanese: 氷 の 龍 と 炎 の 龍! 最強 対 !!) December 1, 2009 (2009-12-01) April 8, 2012 Ichigo, Yoruichi, Ukitake, Kyōraku and Yamamoto are surrounded by a wall of flames created by Ryūjin Jakka. Yoruichi escapes underground through a crack she made with hers Shunko Tech opens, but Tobiume and Haineko use their fireball and sand attacks to break in behind Yoruichi and prevent the others from following him. Ichigo tries to escape by jumping over the wall of flames, but is unsuccessful despite his hollow powers. Yamamoto reveals that Muramasa's plan is to destroy the city of Karakura in order to free its owner, Kōga Kuchiki, who was sealed there. On arrival in the city of Karakura, Muramasa runs into Orihime Inoue and goes black. After Uryū Ishida and Yasutora "Chad" Sado wake up from recovery and ask Orihime who she is, they come to take out Muramasa. Ichigo makes one last attempt to jump over the wall of flames, and just before he is defeated and completely cloaked in fire, Hitsugaya and Hyōrinmaru arrive to save him. Hitsugaya and Hyōrinmaru both activate hers Bankai to get Ichigo out of the flames so he can go to Karakura Town to stop Muramasa. 249 "Senbonzakuras Bankai! Attack and Defense of the Living World"
Transcription: "Senbonzakura Bankai! Gensei no Kōbō" (Japanese: 千 本 桜 卍 解! 現世 の 攻防) December 8, 2009 (December 8, 2009) April 15, 2012 Kenpachi continues his fight against Tenken. Yoruichi outmaneuvers Haineko and Tobiume while trying to convince them that Muramasa betrayed them. Yamamoto, Ukitake, Kyōraku, Hitsugaya and Hyōrinmaru plan to defeat Ryūjin Jakka together. Uryū and Chad arrive to fight Muramasa, but he evades all their attacks and Senbonzakura comes to help him. Muramasa tries to use his skills in Chad and incapacitates him because he is not a soul reaper. Orihime asks Muramasa what his motive is and Muramasa reveals that he wants to be free from loneliness. Rukia arrives when Muramasa tries to escape to unseal Koga. Uryū continues to fight Senbonzakura and manages to beat him with Soul Tailor, but he can still fight on. Muramasa manages to unseal Koga when Ichigo approaches him. 250 "That man, for the sake of the Kuchiki"
Transcription: "Sono Otoko - Kuchiki-ke Yue ni" (Japanese: そ の 男 ・ 朽木 家 ゆ え に) December 15, 2009 (December 15, 2009) April 22, 2012 In a look back several centuries ago it is revealed that Kōga, as the son-in-law of Ginrei Kuchiki, was part of the Kuchiki clan and was in the abilities of his Zanpakutō felt cocky . He helped put down a Soul Reapers rebellion, but some became suspicious of his power and attacked him. He put down his attackers but was blamed for killing his own allies by a group of jealous high-ranking soul reapers. As a result, he was imprisoned, but escaped with Muramasa's help. In the present, Kōga wakes up, repels Ichigo and Rukia, and then suddenly stabs Muramasa. 251 "Dark History! The Worst Shinigami Is Born"
Transcription: "Yami no Rekishi! Saikyō no Shinigami, Tanjō" (Japanese: 闇 の 歴 史! 最 凶 の 死神 、 誕生) December 22, 2009 (2009-12-22) April 29, 2012 The flashback goes on and shows that Kōga killed the people who framed him, but after Ginrei confronted him he went insane and started killing anyone he perceived to be an enemy. Muramasa tried to reach Kōga but eventually could no longer hear his voice. Kōga was eventually defeated and sealed by Ginrei and Yamamoto when Kōga's call for Muramasa went unheard. In the present day, Muramasa asks why Koga stabbed him to death since he worked hard to get his return home, but Koga replies that Zanpakutō Are tools that obey the commands of their masters. He tries to finish off Muramasa, but Byakuya steps in and says that he is no longer worth being called a Soul Reaper. 252 "Byakuya, the truth behind his betrayal"
Transcription: "Byakuya, Uragiri ni Kakusareta Shinjitsu" (Japanese: 白 哉 、 裏 切 り に 隠 さ れ た 真 実) January 5, 2010 (January 5, 2010) May 6, 2012 Senbonzakura reveals that Byakuya swore to kill Kōga and looked for ways to unseal him, even if it meant risking his status as a soul reaper. Muramasa offers Kōga his power, but Kōga breaks Muramasa and declares that he does not need any help. Byakuya and Kōga fight, but Kōga gains the upper hand when he distorts Byakuya's senses. However, Senbonzakura helps dissipate the effect, and Byakuya manages Bankai on Kōga apply . When Byakuya discovers that Kōga's failure refused to meet his Zanpakutō or to trust someone else grab each other the two of them at each other. 253 "Muramasa's True Identity Revealed"
Transcription: "Akasareta Muramasa no Shōtai" (Japanese: 明 か ​​さ れ た 村 正 の 正 体) January 12, 2010 (January 12, 2010) May 13, 2012 After Kōga's defeat, Muramasa becomes unstable, having absorbed cavities to feed himself without a master. Many hollows gush out of his body and he transforms into a shape that resembles an arrancar. Orihime tries to reach him to save him from his grief, but he attacks the group. Ichigo manages to break through Muramasa, but he becomes even more unstable and transforms into a larger dome-shaped mass that Ichigo involves in the process. The formerly rebellious Zanpakutō return with their owners to help Ichigo and his friends in battle. 254 "Byakuya and Renji, the 6th Division returns"
Transcription: "Byakuya an Renji, Rokubantai Futatabi" (Japanese: 白 哉 と 恋 次 、 六 番 隊 再 び) January 19, 2010 (2010-01-19) May 20, 2012 The Zanpakutō , with Mayuris Help out of their brainwashing freed were and also the destroyed ones Zanpakto restored, fight the incoming Menos Grandes, but more come from a hole in the sky. Byakuya manages to seal the hole with spiritual energy that has been collected from all the other soul reapers. Despite her best efforts, Ichigo remains trapped in the dome, which keeps growing. 255 "Final Chapter - Zanpakutō The Alternative Story"
Transcription: "Shūshō - Zanpakutō Ibun Hen" (Japanese: 終 章 ・ 斬 魄 刀 異 聞 篇) January 26, 2010 (2010-01-26) May 27, 2012 As the dome becomes unstable and the Soul Reapers fight the Gillians outside, Ichigo battles Muramasa, who is slowly turning into a hollow, in Kōga's inner realm, which collapses from the resentment of the hollows he has used up to support himself . Ichigo questions Muramasa's devotion to Koga, despite his obvious motives, that Zanpakutō to free, and insists that he should know what is a true connection between a soul reaper and one Zanpakutō is. Ichigo defeats Muramasa and causes the two to leave his inner world. Muramasa dies after realizing the mistake of his ways, and Byakuya thanks Ichigo. 256 "The Angered Byakuya! The Collapse of the Kuchiki House"
Transcription: "Ikari no Byakuya! Kuchiki-ke Hōkai" (Japanese: 怒 り の 白 哉! 朽木 家 崩 壊) February 2, 2010 (02/02/2010) June 3, 2012 While Byakuya allows his squad to get one Hanami Holding in his mansion, two strange attackers arrive, one of whom is masked and the other resembles a satyr. However, the masked one is quickly followed by Sode no Shirayuki and Senbonzakura defeated since then among everyone Zanpakutō are rematerialized while the satyr escapes. Mayuri referred to these attackers as "sword animals", the Zanpakutō are whose masters were killed. Rukia and Sode no Shirayuki try to lure the satyr sword out with a drinking party, but fail. Soon Rukia and Sode no Shirayuki find the satyr sword beast attacking and finally defeat him together, take him prisoner and give him away for study. Ukitake and Kyōraku are concerned about this development and find that the Seireitei are still being rebuilt. 257 "A New Enemy! The True Nature of the Sword Animals"
Transcription: "Aratana Teki! Tōjū no Shōtai" (Japanese: 新 た な 敵! 刀 獣 の 正 体) February 9, 2010 (02/09/2010) June 10, 2012 In the real world, Ichigo encounters a sword animal and fights it. When Hitsugaya comes to help Ichigo, the sword animal withdraws. Ukitake and Kyōraku conclude that there are at least as many sword animals as the number of soul reapers lost in the war, and the two plan to stabilize the sword animals so that they revert to their sword forms despite Mayuri's lack of interest. The sword animal is attacked by a hollow, but it manages to connect to it. The hollow sword animal overwhelms Haineko when she tries to fight him, but Ichigo is able to disarm him. The hollow sword animal fires you Cero Blast off on Ichigo, but Hitsugaya manages to destroy it and notices that the sword animals are more dangerous than he thought. 258 "Stray snake, tortured monkey"
Transcription: "Maigo no Hebi, Junan no Saru" (Japanese: 迷 子 の 蛇 受難 の 猿) February 16, 2010 (February 16, 2010) 17th June 2012 Renji and Zabimaru come into the real world after a sword animal. Zabimaru's two halves, Saru and Hebi, split up to search. Although they quickly find a boomerang sword animal, it escapes. Hebi follows him and is convinced that it is better to be free. Hebi, having trouble doing something because he is not seen by the public, meets Karin Kurosaki and Yuzu Kurosaki, the former being the only one who can see him, both of whom bring him home. Meanwhile, in a park, Renji notices that Saru feels lonely without Hebi. Ichigo returns home at night only to find Hebi, who realizes Ichigo is a surrogate Soul Reaper. Hebi runs away to meet the boomerang sword animal again. While they fight each other, Hebi has the advantage until the boomerang sword animal catches Karin, who followed Hebi. Renji and Saru come to save Hebi and defeat the boomerang sword animal. Ichigo takes Karin home and convinces her that it was all a dream, even though she knew something else. After Hebi resolves his differences, he returns to Soul Society with Renji and Saru. 259 "Terror! The monster that lurks underground"
Transcription: "Kyōfu! Chika ni Hisomu Kaibutsu" (Japanese: 恐怖! 地下 に 潜 む 怪物) February 23, 2010 (02/23/2010) June 24, 2012 Ikkaku, Hanatarō Yamada, Nanao Ise, and Hōzukimaru are sent to investigate some thefts and pursue the perpetrator into the sewers. You are attacked by a large monster that manages to injure Ikkaku. The rest of them discover a white robot who has a stash of stolen items. The large monster that turns out to be a tentacle sword beast attacks the group again. The robot heals Ikkaku and fires a powerful explosion at the tentacle swordbeast, destroying it. It turns out that the robot is Hanatars Zanpakutō , Hisagomaru , who defied Muramasa's control for not resenting Hanatarō. The group returns the stolen items, but Hisagomaru was separated from the group. 260 "Conclusion !? Hisagi vs. Kazeshini"
Transcription: "Ketchaku !? Hisagi tai Kazeshini" (Japanese: 決 着!? 檜 佐 木 VS 風 死) March 2, 2010 (March 2, 2010) July 1, 2012 When Ikkaku, Iba, Kira and Hisagi go on missions to fight a gang of sword animals in the Rukongai, Kazeshini, despite being free from Muramasa's control, has a brief battle with Hisagi. After killing a sword animal, Kazeshini finds a dying man who asks him to take care of his child. Kazeshini is often angry about the child's behavior, but often expresses concern and gives up the opportunity to attack Hisagi if he hears him crying. After defeating another sword animal that attacks a woman who has come for the child, he leaves the child with the woman and goes to confront Hisagi. Kazeshini encounters Hisagi in a final fight, but is hampered by a back injury while protecting the child was suffered and is defeated whereby he returned to normal Zanpakutō will . 261 "The person with the unknown ability! Orihime is targeted"
Transcription: "Michinaru Nōryokusha! Nerawareta Orihime" (Japanese: 未知 な る 能力 者! 狙 わ れ た 姫 姫) March 9, 2010 (March 9, 2010) July 8, 2012 While Ichigo, Rukia, and Urahara investigate a sword animal that is attacking students, a girl named Kyōko Haida, who has the ability to predict the future and know things she would otherwise not know, transfers to Karakura High School. Orihime tries to befriend her, but learns that her best friend, Mai Suzuki, turned her down after learning of her skills. A mouthless sword animal merges with Kyōko and attempts to take over her body to kill Mai, but Ichigo, Rukia, and Orihime confront him. Orihime uses her healing powers to separate the mouthless sword animal from Kyōko, and Ichigo manages to defeat it with Getsuga Tenshō. Thereafter, Orihime and Kyōko become friends, Orihime accepting Kyōko's abilities. 262 "Haineko is crying! The tragic sword animal!"
Transcription: "Higeki no Tōjū! Haineko, Gōkyū!" (Japanese: 悲劇 の 刀 獣! 灰猫 、 号泣!) March 16, 2010 (2010-03-16) July 15, 2012 While on a mission with Rangiku to fight sword animals, Haineko meets someone named Narunosuke, whose master was a coward and who went with the others to get stronger. Haineko befriends Narunosuke and sneaks food and medicine into him, although he believes that the sword animals inevitably lose control of themselves. As feared, Narunosuke gradually loses control of his mind and body and Rangiku comes to take care of him. Haineko tries to stop her, but when Narunosuke becomes too dangerous, she is ultimately forced to destroy him. 263 "Imprisonment ?! Senbonzakura & Zabimaru"
Transcription: "Yūhei ?! Senbonzakura & Zabimaru" (Japanese: 幽閉?! 千 本 桜 & 蛇尾 丸) March 23, 2010 (2010-03-23) July 22, 2012 While Senbonzakura and Zabimaru are delivering a hammer sword to the 12th Division barracks, they are in the barracks intrusion protection system when the former is playing around with a remote control. According to Senbonzakura the showcase with his does not break shikai , much to Zabimaru's annoyance, Ashisogi Jizō goes through, but is unable to hear her being soundproof due to the display case. Ashisogi Jizō accidentally broke the remote control and prompted an irritated Senbonzakura to do his Bankai to to use to destroy the glass case using a locking mechanism triggers . Senbonzakura and Zabimaru run past the closing gates and lead them to a control room, which surprisingly monitors the perimeter of the Seireitei. Senbonzakura sets off explosions everywhere after playing around with all the buttons. When a crazy Ashisogi Jizō shows up, Senbonzakura and Zabimaru each use theirs Bankai and destroy the control room as well as the rest of the barracks. This catches the attention of the other Soul Reapers, especially Renji who is deeply disappointed. Later, when it is reported that Senbonzakura is leading a group to hunt a sword animal, Zabimaru goes after him to avoid writing apology letters. 264 "Fight of the women? Katen Kyōkotsu versus Nanao!"
Transcription: "Onna no Tatakai Katen Kyōkotsu tai Nanao ?!" (Japanese:?! 女 の 戦 い 花 天 狂 骨 VS 七 緒) March 30, 2010 (March 30, 2010) July 29, 2012 Kyōraku lets Nanao go with Katen Kyōkotsu's Kunoichi bodyguard to find a sword animal, while Katen Kyōkotsu's lover sips sake with Kyōraku. Nanao later discovers the Kunoichi bodyguard fighting a bearded sword animal, but she plays with him instead of trying to defeat him, causing Nanao to be very anxious about holding her back. Later, with the help of Rangiku, Nanao tries to connect with the Kunoichi bodyguard. After many methods of opening up to her ultimately fail, Nanao plans a party for the Kunoichi bodyguard under the cherry blossoms. Nanao realizes that the Kunoichi bodyguard is interested in cherry blossoms and puts one on her hair. Shortly afterwards, the bearded sword animal returns and cuts Nanao's arm. When she remembers putting her gun down near a cherry blossom tree, the Kunoichi bodyguard is defenseless, although she still has the determination to fight back. When the bearded sword beast kicks the Kunoichi bodyguard against a wall, he tries to finish off Nanao until Kyōraku shows up and defeats him. During the party, the Kunoichi bodyguard returns the favor by pinning a cherry blossom on Nanao's hair. 265 "Evolution ?! The threat posed by the last sword animal"
Transcription: "Shinka ?! Saigo no Tōjū no Kyōi" (Japanese: 進化!? 最後 の 刀 獣 の 脅) April 6, 2010 (April 6, 2010) 5th August 2012 Kazeshini attacks a cleaver sword animal cornered by the Ninth Division, but the cleaver sword animal reverts to sword form before Kazeshini prepares for a fatal blow and confuses him. Kazeshini, Zabimaru, Hōzukimaru, and Ruri'iro Kujaku gather to discuss that an unknown sword animal is absorbing the spiritual energies of other sword animals and causing them to reverse their sword shapes. The unknown sword animal is shown to have done this to a yōkai sword animal. The next day, the unknown sword animal attacks a lion sword animal, a facial sword animal and a monkey sword animal in the streets of Rukongai and absorbs each of their spiritual energies. All Zanpakutō decide to face this sword animal, recognized as kirikaze, without their owners. They quickly realize that Kirikaze's attacks are unable to match their ability to turn into mist. Their owners come and convince them that Soul Reapers and Zanpakutō as one must fight to win the battle. All Zanpakutō give Renji the little spiritual energy they have left. This can then be his Bankai activate and kill Kirikaze once and for all. Although the Zanpakutō Returning to their sword forms, the soul reapers notice they still have the presence of theirs Zanpakutō can feel .