What challenges do private investigators face?

Detective agency Berlin observation team

about us

In the spring of 1990 the current managing partners Mr. Baier and Mr. John granted a business license as a private detective by the Berlin-Lichtenberg trade office.

In the following year, the then shareholders set up an investigation office for Berlin and Brandenburg.

A specialist study in the criminal and legal field and several years of experience in the police and security authorities provided the founders with a solid basis for private criminal investigations in the economy.

In the past few years, the agency's investigators, consultants and technology specialists have worked for several hundred clients (history) and can refer to numerous references from private individuals and nationally and internationally known companies.

Over 50 percent of the orders for the investigation specialists are placed by regular customers. A sign of serious investigations and partnership-based cooperation.

  • more than 3,200 mandates to conduct investigations in 27 years
  • over 800 clients from all industries
  • own investigations in 29 countries (Europe, North America, South America, Asia)
  • Proven damage reduction and defense against damage of more than 20 million EURO

Discretion and confidentiality are requirements for the daily work of private investigators.

The 8 investigators in the Berlin office work regularly throughout Germany and in neighboring European countries. During their foreign missions, the Berlin investigators are supported by experienced private detectives and business investigators at home and abroad.

The requirement profile for private detectives is taken into account in the regular training of detectives.

The personal support of the customer and a cooperative partnership are in the foreground in all phases of the projects and studies.

Discretion and confidentiality are requirements for the daily work of private investigators.

The networking of private detectives in numerous regions and countries enables quick access to the information and specialists required on site.

Outlook and perspective

After a change in the detective industry in the 1990s, private investigators in Germany are facing new challenges. Globalization and increasing crime confront all industries with risks and criminal attacks. Private investigative services to enforce legitimate interests or to defend against criminal acts against economic institutions or private areas of life will be indispensable in the future.

Social change confronts detectives (private investigators) with new demands. In addition to the interdisciplinary orientation of the investigative teams, constant qualification of the individual detective is a basic requirement for private detectives to work in the field of business.

The dynamism in the development of the legal system on German and European standards requires consistent implementation and compliance with legal norms. Data protection, employee and personal rights set standards and framework conditions for the practice of private detectives.

The hiring of a detective is in some cases an alternative to the involvement of the police or the public prosecutor's office. Detectives are hired if the employer is not interested in the involvement of state institutions, initially only wants to gain knowledge in order to later decide on such involvement or to change it assist official law enforcement agencies (Wikipedia, 2010). . .