Where do people find validation

Validation - how does it work?

The American gerontologist Naomi Feil is the founder of Validation®. She found that in the disorientation very old people express needs and feelings associated with a long life with a multitude of losses that could not be coped with.

Due to the loss of short-term memory and other age-related impairments, they lose control of the repressed life and, symbolically speaking, return to their past.

At the end of their lives, disoriented people try to resolve unresolved conflicts, needs, and life crises from the past in order to be able to die in peace. They want to escape the painful reality of old age in order to regain their dignity.

If you step into the other person's shoes with empathy and special verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, you can experience and understand the reasons for the sometimes incomprehensible behavior of old people.

In doing so, one follows the principle that feelings that are accepted without judgment by a trusted person can become weaker. On the other hand, feelings that are suppressed and ignored can be intensified.

With continuous support with Validation®, disoriented, very old people find their inner balance, even if they do not return to reality. They can work through part of their unresolved life tasks and thus find inner peace. This satisfaction makes it easier to deal with and coexist with people who are affected by disorientation.

Validation® takes place in individual steps: