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Indian states are stopping vaccinations for under 40s due to depleted supplies. According to the study, the funds from Pfizer / Biontech and Astrazeneca protect well against disease caused by the "Indian virus mutant". Health Minister Spahn promises far-reaching easing for an incidence below 20. Further developments in the news blog.

Sunday 23rd May

+++ Several Indian states have temporarily suspended their vaccinations against Covid-19 for 18- to 40-year-olds due to running out of supplies.

The responsible authorities announced this on Sunday. The states are considered particularly badly affected by the second corona wave in the South Asian country. However, in some areas, people 45 years of age or older also had problems getting their second dose of vaccine. In cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, some vaccination centers remained closed. On the notice board it was read that the Supplies used up be.

+++ The Brazilian President Bolsonaro Has again disregarded health regulations and yourself Let numerous people celebrate without a mask.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro can be celebrated by supporters. (Bruna Prado / AP / dpa)

The right-wing head of state took part in a motorcycle tour through the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro without mouth and nose protection and gave a speech to his supporters. In doing so, he violated the local regulations in the fight against the pandemic, as the news portal G1 reported. It wasn't until Friday that the Maranhão state government fined Bolsonarobecause he has one in the village of Açailândia Mass crowd of his followers provoked and contrary to the law, did not wear a mask would have.

+++ The Former British government advisor Cummings accuses Prime Minister Johnson's administration of lying about its original strategy to fight the pandemic.

Dominic Cummings in front of the Prime Minister's seat of government, 10 Downing Street in London (imago / Mark Thomas)

In reality, it was in early 2020 initially intended, due to the spread of the coronavirus in the population until September of the year To achieve herd immunitysaid Cummings on Twitter. It was only after the government had been made clear from several quarters that this plan would lead to disaster that this strategy was changed. Downing Street disagreed with the allegations.

+++ In the Czech Republic there are signs of further easing of the corona measures for the catering industry.

Prime Minister Babis reported on plans, the Catering for guests from June 14th also indoors to allow. Currently, outdoor catering is only allowed in the EU country. Babis wrote that the easing plans would be discussed further on Monday.

+++ In Heidelberg have on Sunday night Hundreds of people celebrated. It came about Rioting and attacks on the police.

In the old town of the Baden-Württemberg city around 400 and on the Neckarwiese up to 1,000 mostly young people came to celebrate, the police said. In the late evening, the initially calm mood changed and people were increasingly drunk and verbally aggressive. When the police intervened because of a music system, they were Officials were pelted with bottles by strangers been. Three police officers were reportedly injured and eight police cars were damaged. Around 300 people also cheered the rioters loudly. The police have set up an online portal for information about the perpetrators. Run it Investigations into serious breach of the peace.

+++ Hungary is relaxing the corona precautionary measures after the country on Saturday at the First vaccinations passed the five million mark Has.

As the German Press Agency writes, the mask requirement in the open air and the nocturnal exit restrictions have been abolished. Mouth and nose protection only needs to be worn in closed public spaces such as shops or public transport. However, tourist trips to Hungary are generally not yet possible - except for people who have been vaccinated in a country whose vaccination certificates are recognized by Hungary.

+++ Has the state gone too far with the corona measures? Partly yes, says constitutional lawyer Alexander Thiele. In essence, however, the restrictions imposed so far have been proportionate, and the temporary loss of freedom may even have a benefit.

In the course of the corona pandemic, there were individual decisions in which the state "went too far" and went too far, Thiele said on Deutschlandfunk. However, this was done out of a "comprehensible need", to ensure the protection of citizens.

+++ Singles suffer in the corona pandemic after a new poll stronger under emotional stress than tightly bound people. According to this, 62 percent of the singles complain of psychological stress, in the 18 to 29 year old singles it was even 74 percent, as the survey institute Yougov has determined.

+++ Former Federal President Gauck has called for more tolerance for so-called lateral thinkers and vaccine opponents.

As the German Federal President, Joachim Gauck was the first East German, the first non-party - and the first with a partner. (imago / photothek / Thomas Trutschel)

The dimensions, the transverse front from the left to the right and the esoteric scare off, Gauck told the "Tagesspiegel". But not everyone who went there was a threat to democracy. One cannot exclude everyone who is dissatisfied with the corona policy.

+++ The Corona vaccines from Pfizer / Biontech and Astrazeneca offer one, according to a study from the UK quite high protection against illness with the virus variant B.1.617.2, which first appeared in India. After two vaccinations, the two preparations protect almost as effectively against a corona disease caused by this variant as against one caused by the British variant B.1.1.7. According to the British news agency PA, this is the result of a study by the government agency Public Health England (PHE).

+++ Since midnight, entry from Great Britain to Germany has been much more difficult. The background is that the federal government had declared Great Britain a so-called corona virus variant area. Airlines, bus and train companies are therefore no longer allowed to transport travelers from Great Britain to Germany - unless they are German citizens or people who live in Germany and are registered here. In addition, travelers who come to Germany from the UK must be quarantined for two weeks. This cannot be shortened by a negative corona test result.

+++ India's government is taking action against the designation "Indian variant" for the current coronavirus mutant that was first discovered there. Internet platforms were asked to delete all content with the term. The reason given was that the World Health Organization did not associate variant B.1.617 with a specific country. It is therefore completely wrong for content to circulate that allegedly an "Indian variant" is spreading in other countries.

In India, many Covid-19 sufferers are also infected with a fungus that causes severe symptoms and often leads to death. The reason for infections with mucormycosis, also known as black fungus, could be incorrectly dosed cortisone. India's Prime Minister Modi warned the population of the disease. Read more here.

+++ Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn Has far-reaching easing of the corona restrictions on a Incidence below 20 provided in promising.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) (dpa / Kay Nietfeld)

For a carefree summer, the seven-day incidence must be further reduced, said the CDU politician of "Bild am Sonntag". Last year in the summer the value was below 20, this should be strived for again.

The European Medicines Agency wants to approve the corona vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer for children and adolescents from the age of twelve at the end of May / beginning of June.

+++ So that the schools can reopen, pleads Spahn for this, Biontech vaccination doses for schoolchildren to reserve. One way to get regular classes after the summer break is to vaccinate teenagers, he said. All students should A vaccination offer until the end of August to get.

The prioritization for corona vaccinations in the medical practices of several federal states has already been lifted. As of June 7th, it will also disappear nationwide. Vaccination appointments have not only been rare since then. The telephones no longer stand still in the doctor's surgeries and the vaccination centers are fully booked in many places. Numerous online portals should help with the appointment search.

+++ The number of confirmed New infections with the coronavirus continues to decline in Germany. The health authorities have the Robert Koch Institute from yesterday to today 6,714 cases reported. A week ago it was around 8,500. Also the more informative for easing and the overall development Incidence number has continued to decrease - on 64,5. Yesterday it was 66.8. The number of cases reported by the RKI is usually lower on Sundays because, for example, fewer tests are carried out.

Read all the relevant figures from the RKI here.

Saturday May 22nd

+++ After a Bath in the crowd without a mask is against theBrazilian President Bolsonaro a Fine for violating the Corona requirements has been imposed. "The law applies equally to everyone," said left-wing governor of Maranhão state, Dino, on Twitter. Gatherings of more than a hundred people are prohibited in the state and masks are compulsory. The president is now threatened with one Fine between the equivalent of 300 and 230,000 euros.

+++ The US corporations Moderna and Novavax want their vaccine in the future too South Korea produce. Both companies agree on a corresponding agreement with the government in Seoul. South Korean President Moon Jae-in is under pressure to have vaccine available in the country faster. On Friday, Moon and US President Joe Biden concluded a comprehensive partnership between the two countries for Covid-19 vaccines.

+++ In the case of the quarantined The Indian coronavirus variant has been detected in seven families residents of two high-rise buildings in Velbert in North Rhine-Westphalia. This was announced by the Mettmann district after sequencing the samples from a total of 26 infected people. The outbreak also entails further tests in the vicinity of another family in Ratingen after the health department had determined that there was contact between a family infected there and those affected in Velbert. Further investigations would have to show whether the Indian variant was also present here, it said.

+++ With a new one Travel ban tries the government in Sri Lanka to take countermeasures in view of the increasing number of corona cases. Since Friday evening are no longer allowed to drive passenger trains and buses, the measure applies until Tuesday morning. Only workers and specialists in systemically important services such as health care, the food and energy industries and those who need medical treatment are allowed to be on the move.

+++ Before the start of the tourism season in Turkey said the Turkish Minister of Tourism Nuri Ersoy warned of "unnecessary" criticism of the country's corona vaccination campaign. Ersoy reiterated the government's announcement that it intends to vaccinate all people in Turkey over the age of 20 by the end of June. The country has the infrastructure to do that, he said in Antalya. The vaccination campaign in Turkey started at a fast pace, but is now slow. Almost 19 percent of the population have received the first dose of vaccine so far.

The Turkish Minister of Health Koca is vaccinated against the corona virus in Ankara. (Turkish Health Ministry via AP)

+++ In view of the worldwide fear of the coronavirus mutant, which was first discovered in India New Delhi takes action against the spread of the term "Indian variant" in the online media: The Indian government asked online platforms to delete all content with the term "Indian variant". It is "completely wrong" when content circulates that an "Indian variant" is spreading in other countries. The reason given was that the World Health Organization (WHO) did not associate variant B.1.617 with a specific country.

+++ In Parts of Indiawhich is particularly affected by the pandemic, According to official information, the situation is stabilizing. However, it is still too early to give the all-clear, said a member of the Indian government's Corona crisis team: "While it has stabilized in many parts of the country and the overall burden has decreased, we still have a long way to go with this wave . "

+++ With one Corona outbreak on Mount Everest have according to a climbing guide at least 100 climbers and supporters infected. Austrian Lukas Furtenbach said one of his foreign leaders and six Nepalese Sherpas were infected. The official Nepalese side disputed the corona stove on the highest mountain in the world. Furtenbach reported to the AP news agency in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu that he was aware of corona cases that had been confirmed by rescue pilots, insurance companies, doctors and expedition leaders. He has positive tests and can prove it. "We have at least 100 Covid-positive people in the base camp", he said. The number could be 150 or 200.

+++ Despite the ban on several demonstrations have themselves in Berlin gathered numerous critics of the corona policy in different places in the city. Again and again there were large gatherings of groups of people and violations of hygiene regulations. Until the early afternoon are scarce 100 people were temporarily arrested, among other things for personal checks and to enforce dismissals, the police announced via Twitter.

The Berlin police are on duty because of several demonstrations. (dpa / Annette Riedl)

+++ Regardless again increasing number of corona infections want the Russian city of St. Petersburg at the upcoming European Football Championship of plans for the Admission to hold spectators in their stadium. This was confirmed by the local EM organizer Sorokin at a press conference. "We are sure that we can ensure all necessary security measures, said Sorokin." We are not afraid.

+++ Despite the historical Corona economic crisis According to their own statements, the EU states are confident about the future. "There is good prospect for the economy to recover this year and next," said Portugal's Finance Minister João Leão after a meeting of EU economics and finance ministers in Lisbon. Many ministers have said that they expected growth to be even greater than in the latest forecast. Let it be one Time of hope and optimism.

+++ In the fight against a rare Corona variant want the French city of Bordeaux the population of the affected district of Bacalan vaccinate at high speed. In the district, almost 50 people tested positive for a "very rare" Covid-19 variant, the health authorities said. All adult residents of Bacalan therefore received "unconditional" access to vaccinations and should be vaccinated this weekend or early next week at the latest, it said.

+++ From the available corona vaccine quantities currently used more for second vaccinations than for the first injection. That was the case in the past two days, as Federal Health Minister Spahn (CDU) announced on Twitter. There he also wrote: "An expected but new development". According to the Robert Koch Institute, 797,359 people were immunized on Friday, 406,455 of them received their second dose. This means that the proportion of second vaccinations was more than half.

+++ There is between Federal Health Minister Spahn and the Baden-Württemberg head of department Lucha Dispute over vaccine distribution. The Green politician Lucha declared in Stuttgart, of course there is no vaccine lying around in his stateas Spahn suggested. Rather, the drugs are distributed specifically to the vaccination centers that need them most, and they are also used for mobile teams in socially disadvantaged neighborhoods.

+++ The German family doctors are calling for the vaccines to be distributed fairly in Germany.The chairman of the family doctors' association, Weigeldt, told the NDR that one could not accept that other structures would be favored. "If not all can be supplied, you have to at least distribute it evenly". In addition, he warned once again that the announced end of the vaccination priority on June 7th could lead to a massive rush on the practices.

+++ The virologist Jürgen Rissland has In view of the increasing corona incidences in some cases, warned to continue to exercise caution. The doctor from the Saarland University Clinic in Homburg told SR radio that one should not give full throttle again. In Saarland, the incidence rose to over 83 today. In the Saarlouis district, it passed the 100 mark again. The Saarbrücken regional association is just below that.

In India, many Covid 19 sufferers also get infected with one Fungus that causes severe discomfort and often leads to death. Reason for the infections with Mucormycosis, also known as black fungus called, could be wrongly dosed cortisone. India's Prime Minister Modi warned the population of the disease. We explain here why Covid 19 patients are particularly susceptible to the disease in India

+++ The chairman of the board of the German Kinderturn-Stiftung, Holze, has warned that the Lack of exercise due to the corona restrictions endanger the healthy physical and mental development of children could. The pediatrician told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that there is "a golden age of learning" for learning the basics of motor skills. If children didn't learn complex movements, they would later do more difficult with complex thought processes and difficult contexts.

Movement and balance exercises also help children in other contexts than in sport. (picture alliance / JOKER / Petra Steuer)

+++ At today's Despite the corona pandemic, the final of the Eurovision Song Contest has 3,500 spectators authorized. The organizers refer to a strict hygiene concept: All viewers are tested, the shows are scientifically supported as a model project. The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach, however, criticizes the undertaking. He said on ZDF: "We can't afford concerts with 3,500 spectators yet, it's still too early for that". TV broadcasts with so many viewers painted "the wrong picture" about the current state of the pandemic.

+++ The German Association of Towns and Municipalities fears that Due to the corona pandemic, more than 100,000 retail stores are closing permanently have to. That would stand up to 500,000 jobs at stake, said chief executive Landsberg of the "Rheinische Post". Basically, the situation as it was before the pandemic is not coming back. The people got to know and used the advantages of online trading.

While many local retailers are suffering severely from the current corona crisis, online retailers are doing brilliant business. The crisis is not only distorting competition in retail. Market power is also shifting in other sectors. State aid can only partially cushion this. Read here how Corona is changing competition and market opportunities.

+++ The health authorities have the Robert Koch Institute 7,082 new corona infections within one day reported. That is a good 800 less than a week earlier. The 7-day incidence decreased from 67.3 to 66.8 compared to the previous day. The number of deaths related to infection was 170, bringing it to a total of 87,298.

More current figures around the Development of new corona infections, but also vaccinations against the virus, see here.

+++ Two Large demonstrations in Berlin against the corona policy remain forbidden. The organizers had planned it for this weekend with 16,000 participants each. But now, after the administrative court, that too Higher Administrative Court Berlin-Brandenburg confirmed the ban. The reason given was that it was feared that the necessary hygiene measures not observed would. The negative experiences from the recent past with the expected group of participants from the so-called lateral thinker scene justify this assumption, according to the Higher Administrative Court.

The Berlin police are often involved in demonstrations - now they are preparing for the weekend of Pentecost (dpa-Zentralbild)

+++ The federal government wants that Extend financial aid for short-time work due to the corona pandemic. Labor Minister Heil announced that the relevant ordinance should initially apply until the end of September. The SPD politician told the editorial network Germany that this would cost an additional 2.6 billion euros and even beyond September if necessary be extended. Actually, the regulation should end at the end of June

+++ The federal government has the Classification of the UK as a coronavirus variant area defended. This step is tough for Great Britain, but it is necessary to prevent the rapid spread of the Indian variant in Germany, the Federal Ministry of Health said. The classification has been in effect since midnight. The classification as a virus variant area means, among other things, that the Entry from Great Britain to Germany difficult becomes.

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