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Translation of "passion" in English

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Business administration isn't getting out Passion educated.
Business administration is not always studied out of a passion for the subject.
That creates social change Passion Single.
All social change comes from the passion of individuals.
Bill's interest in archeology, Marys Passion for sport and social issues.
Bill's interest in archeology, Mary's passion for sport and philanthropy.
Music and rhythm: Latin American Passion in top form.
Music and rhythm: Latin American passion in top shape.
Magura helps develop innovative products Passion and a lot of experience.
Magura develops innovative products with passion and a considerable amount of experience.
Trust in many years of experience, Passion and expertise.
Trust their many years of experience, passion and expertise.
All the Passion and long fingers at the same time.
All that passion and light-fingered at the same time.
His music expresses our longing Passion out.
His music expresses our need for passion and romantic love.
Fortunately, this madman shared Gary's Passion for cars.
Fortunately, just the right nutcase happened to share Gary's passion for cars.
He lives for desire and Passion.
He's a man who embraces desire, lives by his passion.
You can use ours Passion never understand.
You could never understand the passion we have.
Lily coffin Passion buried for something / someone; suppress physical pleasure.
Lily-Coffin To bury one's passion about something / someone; to suppress physical pleasure.
And its great Passion: International Pug Rescue.
And of course, his great passion, International Pug Rescue.
This is Stone's new one Passion, Cattle breeding.
It's Stone's new passion, raising cattle.
Crime out Passion makes me more human.
I guess a crime of passion just makes me seem more human.
Because the French speak more fully Passion and in a deep voice.
'Cause French people, they talk with the passion and the deep voice.
Except for our burning ones Passion Naturally.
Apart from our torrid passion, of course.
Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Passion are the main ingredients of its success.
Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes and passion are the main ingredients of its success.
His Passion the 76-year-old passed on for the mountains.
The 76-year-old has passed on his passion for the mountains to his children.
Passion, Commitment and creativity are character values.
passion, commitment and creativity are values ​​of character.
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