Parents should advise children who do not belong to them

What is parenting advice?

Children, adolescents, parents and other legal guardians can turn to parenting and family counseling centers if they have any questions about parenting and if they have personal or family-related problems. The employees of these institutions have the task of clarifying their problems together with those seeking advice and looking for solutions to their questions. With their broad specialist knowledge, the counselors help children, young people and parents to cope with their difficulties. The educational and family counseling centers also offer all family members their professional help with questions and conflicts in connection with separations and divorces.

A wide variety of problems can be the reason to go to an education and family counseling center

Depending on the age of the child or adolescent, for example, sleep disorders, developmental delays, eating disorders or fears can be reasons for parents to contact an education and family counseling center. In kindergarten age, separation and contact difficulties, language disorders, wetting, defecation or other psychosomatic complaints are reasons to go to a counseling center. In school age, performance and behavior problems are often the focus of concern for parents and teachers.

The detachment from the parental home that begins with puberty then brings new burdens for the young people and their families. For young people in particular, it is important to know that you can go to a counseling center without your parents.

The difficulties have different causes

The various problems and abnormalities are an expression of impairments that children and adolescents apparently cannot cope with adequately. There can be different areas of conflict in a family. Parents often have long-standing and sometimes denied relationship difficulties as a couple. Or the parents want to split up, or have just split up. Parents often feel overwhelmed with the upbringing tasks in general. Family life can be severely stressed if the father or mother is unemployed or has financial difficulties. Tensions from the influence of different cultures and values ​​can also be the cause of serious conflicts and problems in families.

But it is not just difficulties in the coexistence of children and parents that affect children and young people. Children who stand out in kindergarten or school can use it to express problems in the family and / or their discomfort, their dissatisfaction with the institution in question. They may feel that they are not accepted by the teacher or they are overwhelmed.

The advice centers offer a wide range of help

The wide range of help offered by parenting and family counseling centers corresponds to the different occasions for advice and the very different conditions in which the problems of children, adolescents and parents arise. Even if the working methods of the counseling centers differ in detail, the parents or the whole family are usually invited to an initial interview. The purpose of this first meeting is for the counselor to get to know the problems better. Possible causes can already be discussed. The counselors try to understand the difficulties. A way of solving the questions and coping with the problems is then sought together with those affected. After the initial consultation, a psychological examination of the child can follow, for example as part of a detailed diagnosis. The parents or the whole family are given advice. The offers depend on the specific problem. There are also special therapeutic offers for children and adolescents. In many places, for example, advice centers offer groups for children whose parents have separated.

The counselors are bound by confidentiality

A trusting relationship must be able to develop between those seeking advice and counselors, because very personal experiences and feelings should be discussed. Therefore consultants are subject to the legal obligation to protect the private secrecy of their clients. That means the conversations are confidential. People outside the counseling center or employees of other institutions who also deal with the problem in question, such as school, youth welfare office or kindergarten, can only find out about the content of the counseling with the consent of the person concerned. So if discussions with these institutions are useful and necessary, they will only be accepted by the counseling center at the request of the parents or with their express consent.

The advice is free of charge

Parents and other legal guardians have a legal right to parenting advice. This is regulated in the Child and Youth Welfare Act. The necessary discussions, examinations, counseling and therapeutic offers are in any case free of charge for those seeking advice.

Qualified specialists work in a team

A team of experts from different professions works together in an education and family counseling center. As a rule, the employees of the counseling centers are psychologists, social workers / social pedagogues, child and adolescent psychotherapists and doctors. But there are also educators, speech therapists and other specialists. They often have special additional training, for example in behavior therapy, family therapy, conversation psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. In addition, they have dealt in depth with topics that are repeatedly important on the most varied of occasions for advice, and they receive regular further training. The subjects of the training courses are, for example, the problems of single parents and those of foster families or step families. Many counselors also have additional qualifications in the area of ​​separation and divorce counseling or for help in the event of sexual abuse.

In addition to working directly with children, adolescents, parents and families, many counseling centers offer other institutions in the educational system, schools and kindergartens, in particular supervision, i.e. reflection on practice for their work. This means that specialists from these other areas that are important for the children's development are also given technical support in solving difficulties.

The advice centers have different providers

The educational and family counseling centers are differently sponsored. They are maintained by cities or districts, which are the public sponsors, and by recognized independent sponsors. This includes:
Those seeking advice have the right to use an advice center of their choice.

a call is enough

To make an appointment for an initial meeting, all you need to do is call one at a time Education and family counseling center of your choice. Short-term discussions are often also possible in open consultation hours. The best way to find out when to do this is by phone!