Are exotic supercars really worth that much

Honda NSX: engine, performance, price, used

Hybrid is boring? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Honda recreated the iconic NSX in 2015 after many years and sent it into the race as a hybrid sports car. The result is a hot two-seater that generates a maximum of 581 hp at 645 Newton meters of torque with four engines. The NSX, which was first delivered in Germany in 2016, cost at least 180,000 euros. Is the rare hybrid racer worthwhile as a used one?

Only 3500 kilometers on the clock

The aerodynamics of the NSX was worked on for a long time, but it is quite heavy at just under 1.8 kilos.

The bad news first: Many NSX (stands for New Sports eXperience) are not on the used car market. In addition, the few available copies are usually not cheap either, costing up to 220,000 euros. All the more gratifying when you find an NSX that is well equipped, has not run much, but is not above average expensive. Our discovered vehicle has only been driven 3,500 kilometers since it was registered in July 2019. Under the chic sheet metal of the very young and silk-matt white foiled two-door, an engine quartet works that is certainly one of the most elaborate drive trains in this class. The centerpiece is the V6 turbo, which delivers a whopping 507 hp. This is supported by an electric motor.There are two more electric motors on the front axle that drive the front wheels. Overall, the 1.8 ton Japanese athlete has a system output of 581 hp.

The NSX is exotic for the fast lane

Entering the NSX is easy thanks to the wide-opening doors.

For a perfect driving experience, the new owner of the Honda NSX can expect a narrow but comfortable interior with sports seats made of a leather-Alcantara material mix and a multifunction steering wheel with a flattened bottom. The vehicle also has many extras on board that the first owner has optionally ordered for a lot of money. There is also an interior sports package with, among other things, sports pedals and polished aluminum footrests. An engine cover made of carbon and brake discs made of carbon-ceramic including red brake calipers are also on board. With a price of 169,900 euros, the advertised Honda NSX is currently one of the cheapest offers. That is of course a lot of money, but you get an exotic super sports car with an extraordinary drive concept.