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Jean-Luc Picard

Jean-Luc Picard is one of the most outstanding captains of Starfleet of the 24th century. He becomes famous as the captain of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) and USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E).

Jean-Luc Picard


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Youth [edit | Edit source]

Picard was born on July 13, 2305 in the earthly La Barre, France, to Maurice Picard and Yvette Picard, née Gessard. (TNG:Secret Mission on Celtris Three, Part I., Secret Mission on Celtris Three, Part II, Mission without memory)

Even as a child he dreams of exploring space. As a child, Jean-Luc built so-called ships in bottles, among other things. His collection includes a legendary Promellian battle cruiser, a ship that he later bought during one of his voyages with the Enterprise enters itself. (TNG:The energy trap) So he leaves his parents' vineyard in 2322 at the age of 17 and wants to be accepted into the Star Fleet Academy. However, he does not pass the entrance exam at the first attempt. Nevertheless, he tries again the following year, manages to do so and enrolls at the Starfleet Academy in 2323. (TNG:A failed maneuver)

Picard knows no carefree youth, as he is working towards joining Starfleet and this leads to a conflict between him and his traditional father. (TNG:Endar's son)

He learns to play the piano, but soon gives up. He's not good enough, in his opinion, but his mother likes it. (TNG:A hopeless romance)

Career Edit source]

Academy and early career Edit source]

As a cadet, Picard takes part in the Starfleet Academy's annual marathon and wins it to the astonishment of all those present, as no cadet has managed this in the first year. Here he befriends the future Admiral Hanson.

He made a reputation for himself as a heartthrob and made numerous conquests. When he once saw the initials "A.F." carving in the award-winning elm tree by the gardener Boothby, Picard is caught by the latter, which leads to his failure in the field of organic chemistry.

During his training he is sent to Morikin VII, near an asteroid that has a Nausicaan outpost. There is a confrontation with Nausicaans. (TNG:Welcome to the afterlife)

After graduating from the academy, Jean-Luc Johnny Picard, along with Marta Batanides and Cortin Zweller, are transferred to the Earhart starbase to be assigned to the first mission in space. In a bar near the base he is stabbed by a Nausicaaner because he cheated on Zweller in the Dom-Jot. He receives an artificial heart. (TNG:Mission without memory, A captain's heart, Welcome to the afterlife)

Picard serves as ensign aboard the USS Reliant (PIC:Fragments)

As a young lieutenant, Jean-Luc meets the Vulcan ambassador Sarek at the wedding of his son (TNG:Ambassador Sarek).

He later leads an away team on the planet Milika III and rescues an ambassador. (TNG:Welcome to the afterlife)

The first command [edit | Edit source]

Picard is on the USS Stargazer transferred to take over the post of pilot there. In 2333 he took over provisional command with the rank of Lieutenant Commander, with this he also his friend Jack Crusher, who is the husband of Beverly Crusher. After the ship's captain is killed. Starfleet later officially names him in command of the Stargazer making him one of the youngest commanders in the fleet.

2355 visited the Stargazer the Maxia-Zeta-System during a routine reconnaissance mission and is attacked by a Ferengi ship near Maxia Zeta IV. Although Picard succeeds in destroying the attacking ship with a maneuver that will later go down in textbooks as the Picard maneuver, the Stargazer so badly damaged in the battle that she had to be abandoned. For this incident Picard has to answer before the court martial, but is acquitted. (TNG:The battle of Maxia)

Captain of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) [edit | Edit source]

2364 [edit | Edit source]

In 2364 (stardate 41124) Picard takes command of the USS which has just been put into service Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), a spaceship of the new Galaxy-Class. On the way to the Farpoint station, the crew has their first contact with being Q, who is bringing humanity to justice. Over the next few months and years, the ship's crew will undergo a number of tests that will assess the maturity of humanity. Despite all the adversities, Picard finally succeeds in being left alone by Q with the help of his crew by making Q promise never to die again Enterprise to enter. (TNG:The powerful, Riker's temptation)

That same year, Picard's command staff and recent actions are checked by his friend AdmiralGregory Quinn and his aide CommanderDexter Remmick. Remmick questions all bridge officers and investigates any oddities in the captain's behavior. However, these investigations are inconclusive, whereupon Quinn offers his friend a position as head of the Academy of Starfleet, which Picard refuses.

Picard and his team later solve a time loop crisis that was involuntarily caused by an experiment by Paul Manheim. He has the opportunity to make peace with Jenice Manheim, a woman he loved before she knew Paul Manheim and vice versa, and whom he left behind without explanation because of career fears. (TNG:Encounter with the past)

Towards the end of the year, Picard received a message from another long-time friend, Captain Walker Keel, who said that a conspiracy was going on within the Federation. After meeting him, his ship is completely destroyed by an act of sabotage, which is why Picard with the Enterprise returns to Earth for further investigation while he lets Data investigate what's going on inside Starfleet. Together with Riker and DoktorCrusher, he succeeds in uncovering the reasons for the restructuring that Data has been able to identify over the past few months. Neural parasites have infiltrated Starfleet Command. Together with Riker he succeeds in stopping the parasites, but only by killing the Admirals Savar and Aaron, as well as Captain Scott, Commander Remmick and some security officers. (TNG:exams, The Conspiracy)

2365 [edit | Edit source]

In the second year of his mission on the Enterprise Picard is working as the defender of Data, who was posted by Admiral Nakamura to the Daystrom Institute to be dismantled and examined more closely in order to possibly manufacture more androids. The officer initially refuses unsuccessfully, and the resignation of his officer's license is refused because in Commander Maddox's eyes he is the property of Starfleet. In a hearing, Picard represents his second mate and fights in front of Captain Louvois Data's right to self-determination, who then refuses to undertake the experiments. (TNG:Who Owns Data?)

During a routine mission, Picard is kidnapped by Q on a shuttle, where he asks him to take the Enterprise Picard had wrested an agreement from him in which Q would never board the ship again. To Picard's amazement, Q offers him to join his ship as an officer. However, the captain categorically rules out this, which is why Q then throws the ship close to the J-25 system, which is 7,000 light years away.

After Q disappears again, Picard does not let the ship turn back despite Guinan's warning and decides to explore the unknown region. After a short time, the sensors discover an unknown ship that the Enterprise approaches, and shortly afterwards a cube-shaped ship is visible that Guinan identifies as a Borg. The initial contact confirms Guinan's opinion that the Borg are exceptionally aggressive and cannot be negotiated with them. First of all, you can fight off the ship that the Enterprise with a tractor beam and cut out part of the ship, but escape is out of the question. The ship not only regenerates, but is also technologically far beyond the capabilities of the Enterprise think so that Picard has to ask Q to help him, who then moves the ship back to its original position. Picard knows that the Borg are to be expected in the long run. (TNG:Riker's temptation, Jump in time with Q)

2366 [edit | Edit source]

In the third year Picard meets Q again, whose powers have been suppressed by the continuum and who are in the form of an ordinary person on the Enterprise banished. The Enterprise however, is on a mission to save the inhabitants of the planet Bre'el IV from disaster. Despite all efforts, the crew is not able to correct the orbit of the moon crashing on the planet, which is mainly hindered by the Calamarain, who want to take revenge on Q. Only when Q regains his powers through a selfless act does he move the moon into its original orbit around the planet. (TNG:Q again)

Picard defends a crew member again when Lieutenant Worf's father Mogh is accused of high treason. When Worf contests the claim before the Klingon High Council, he takes the place of Worfs cha'DIch after his brother Kurn is wounded in an ambush on Qo'noS and is receiving medical treatment on board the Enterprise must remain. Both reveal that Duras' father Ja'rod committed the betrayal. (TNG:The sins of the father)

As the Enterprise Rushing to the aid of the ethnological observation post on Mintaka III, Picard is briefly regarded as a deity by a local group of Mintakans, a pre-warp culture, when Liko, who is being cared for by Doctor Crusher in the infirmary, wakes up for a short time. However, he manages to clear up the misunderstanding by having the leader of the Nuria group on board the Enterprisebeam and explain the situation. (TNG:The god of the Mintakans)

At the end of the year, the Enterprise ordered to the New Providence Colony, with which contact has suddenly been broken off. The examinations and a report on a USS emergency call Lalo suggest the Borg have reached Federation territory and preparations for an invasion have begun. The Enterprise finally encounters the Borg cube, can briefly find shelter in the Paulson Nebula and hide from the Borg. When the ship has to flee again because the Borg are firing into the fog, the ship is boarded and Picard kidnapped, who is assimilated on board the Borg ship. As a locutus, he gives his former first officer William T. Riker the order to surrender, otherwise he is threatened Enterprise the destruction. (TNG:In the hands of the Borg)

2367 [edit | Edit source]

At the beginning of 2367 Picard is now Locutus - a Borg - and gives orders to the collective on behalf of the collective Enterprise. Riker gives the order to damage the Borg cube using a modified deflector beam. The occupation of the Enterprise. In the battle that follows, Riker uses a successful strategy to infiltrate the cube, which also provides for Locutus on board the Enterprise pick up. Locutus is hard-hearted towards his crew. Data, Beverly and Troi can establish a connection with Locutus in the cybernetics laboratory, gain access to the Borg consciousness and thus control over the regeneration cycle of the Borg cube. When the cube above the earth is destroyed by a self-destruction, Locutus' connection to the Borg is also severed, causing Picard to return. As a result of the Battle of Wolf 359, Picard feels jointly responsible for the deaths of 11,000 Starfleet members. Commander Benjamin Sisko also painfully reminds him of it when he takes command of the Deep Space 9 space station. (TNG:Target earth; DS9:The envoy, part I., The envoy, part II)

After the Borg incident, Picard is on vacation on earth in his homeland, where the conflict is discussed with his older brother. (TNG:Family meeting)

At the turn of the year he was appointed by K'mpec to monitor the successor rite of the Klingon Chancellor. When the civil war broke out in the Klingon Empire, in which the Romulans also had their hands in the game, Picard made the decision, as the representative of the Federation, not to interfere directly in the war. (TNG:The Battle for the Klingon Empire, Part I.)

2368 [edit | Edit source]

In 2368 Picard is apparently attacked by a probe and transferred into a kind of other world in which he experiences a whole second life in just 25 minutes. Since that experience with the second life he has been playing a ressican flute. (TNG:the second Life)

In the same year, Picard makes an unwilling encounter with his unpleasant past last year: He meets a group of Borg whose small Borg ship has crashed. One borg is still active and Doctor Beverly Crusher is forced to take her Hippocratic oath to treat the damaged borg. Against Picard's resistance, she has the Borg beamed on board. The Borg, to whom Beverly and Geordi later give the name Hugh, apparently develops more and more individual traits of life in his cybernetic nature.

Despite this development, Jean-Luc Picard is still of the opinion that the Borg is a danger and that the Federation is at war with the Borg collective. Jean-Luc Picard even has the idea of ​​using a virus in the Borg to paralyze the entire Borg collective. Only after an in-depth conversation with Guinan and the Borg himself does Picard realize that there is a being with individual strength before him. Geordi and Picard finally ask Hugh where he wants to be and what he wants for the future. Hugh would like to board the Enterprise stay, but the collective will certainly want to look for him and take him with them, which is why he decides to follow the collective. (TNG:I am hugh)

2369 [edit | Edit source]

In 2369, Picard was kidnapped and tortured by the Cardassians in order to get information from him. Although he was able to withstand the torture, he is traumatized because of the events. (TNG:Secret Mission on Celtris Three, Part I., Secret Mission on Celtris Three, Part II)

Later Picard's artificial heart fails and he is clinically dead. Q then appears in a kind of heavenly world in God's robe and tells him that he has died. Q makes him an extraordinary offer: He can prevent the incident with the Nausicaans and thus erase his death from the time. In the past, when Picard was a junior officer, he met his childhood sweetheart Marta and his friend Cortin. In the fateful event Picard gives in and does not get involved in a duel with the Nausicaans, to which Picard's friends react negatively because he is so different has become. Q sees Picard's change as passed and sets it back to the present. In this presence, however, he is no longer a captain, but a lieutenant junior grade and wears a science uniform in blue. Since he does not have a special function in this present and will not have any special functions for him in the future from his old commanding officers, who are now his superiors, he makes the decision to lead his old life with the artificial heart instead of continuing this dull life. (TNG:Welcome to the afterlife)

Picard also gets to know the Commander Nella Daren, with whom he plays in the Jefferies tube and with whom he ultimately falls in love. (TNG:The firestorm)

It also covers a trilithium theft during a baryon purge Enterprise and prevents the weapon-grade trilithium from falling into the wrong hands. (TNG:In the hands of terrorists)

2370 [edit | Edit source]

In 2370 Picard meets Ensign Ro Laren again. He has made an official recommendation for some serious tactical training for them. He wants to make sure that she is worthy of the recommendation. In executing the plan - to infiltrate the maquis - she decides to switch sides and joins the maquis. She regrets disappointing Picard. (TNG:The return of Ro Laren)

2371 [edit | Edit source