I can see who is seeing my tweet

Internet How does Twitter work?


Twitter was launched in 2006 and is now known to almost everyone. Also because many better-known people use the platform with the blue bird to give their fans an insight into their lives. Incidentally, Twitter is available both as a website at www.twitter.com and as an app for smartphones and tablets.


A single post on Twitter is up to 280 characters long and is called "Tweet" designated.

As a Twitter user, you have two main pages that display tweets: The Twitter home page (Your so-called home feed) and you profile (also known as the Me page). The Twitter homepage displays any tweets that you write and that you see from other people you follow. On your personal profile there is a list of all the things that you have ever posted.

By the way: Of course, once you have written tweets, you can simply delete them.


Every single user has one Accountthat starts with @. This is followed by the actual username - for example @heiseonline. In this way, the user can be addressed directly in a post.

If you find a Twitter user particularly interesting, you can give this "consequencesThis means that this person's posts are displayed on their own Twitter start page.

If you have a tweet direct to another person start your tweet with @username. This is how this person receives a notification. The tweet will be shown to anyone who follows both you and @username. People who only follow you will see the tweet on their home feed.

If you want your Tweet read by all of your followers , but is still aimed at a specific person, you must not put @username at the beginning of the tweet. It doesn't matter whether you write something like "Super great weather today. Isn't that right @username?"or whether you just put a period in front of the @ tag - like here:". @ Username agrees that the weather is great today."


At the sign # it is a so-called hashtag. This is how you sort your tweet category to. A hashtag is always linked to a keyword, such as #heisetipp or something similar. If you are particularly interested in a hashtag, you can click on it or simply search for it. How to find more tweets on the topic.

Replies and retweets


By clicking on "Reply"or on the small speech bubble below a tweet you can easily click on it reply. Entire discussions can be held that anyone can view with a click on the original tweet. You can also use the Heart symbol Like, show the publisher that you like it. About the Letter icon you can send private messages. More on this below.

Meanwhile, Twitter has the "Retweet" about the Arrows icon simplified. This makes it easy to share with your followers something that someone else tweeted. The original tweeter is also noted directly in your retweet. This used to not be the case, so users retweets one RT have written before. So it could be shown that the post did not come from them themselves.


In addition to the tweets, which are always public in one form or another, there are also the direct ones news (often abbreviated as DM for Direct Message or PM for Private Message). So you can talk privately with another Twitter user without the conversation being read by all of the world.