Why did Hitler have a little mustache?

Lecture: F├╝hrerbart and Volksk├Ârper or Hitler as nobody knows him

When the NSDAP began its rise under Hitler's leadership in the early 1920s, one of the prerequisites for success was a strategy of becoming visible.
Instead of agitating in the back rooms of Beiseln, as before, people occupied the public space with violent demonstrations, instead of appearing as an amorphous crowd, they began to uniform themselves and steal their signal colors from the political opponent, and instead of the similar physiognomies of the politicians only one To add more, Hitler designed his face in these years to be unmistakably unmistakable - with a small square beard.

Hitler did not invent this beard; but over the years it practically erased all other connotations. When the beard became popular again in the early 30s, against all fashionable trends, most wearers in Germany will have known who they were matching with it; and countless photographs from private albums after 1933 show men who proudly pose in uniforms of all kinds and with beards.

The lecture will investigate why Hitler wore this beard; what role he played in Hitler's productions; and what it meant for other men to acquire this beard and so double Hitler's body.

Dr. Friedrich Tietjen lives and works as a photo and cultural historian in Leipzig.