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Social fund

Social fund

The Social fund of VG WORT GmbH according to the statutes, grants aid for word authors, publishers or their surviving dependents in need. It supports people who are in need in terms of tax law. It exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes (ยงยง 51 ff. AO).

Scholarships are not granted.

The social fund is financed in accordance with the Articles of Association (Section 10 of the Articles of Association of VG WORT) from all income areas of VG WORT.


In order to apply, information on income and financial position is required, which will be treated confidentially.

The advisory board, which is composed of authors and publishers, advises and decides on the applications. The meetings of the advisory board take place at least three times per calendar year. The basis of the decisions are the guidelines of the social fund. Depending on the individual situation of the applicant, ongoing monthly or one-time grants or interest-free loans are approved.

CORONA pandemic

Support from the social fund

In the context of the current situation caused by the effects of the CORONA pandemic, word authors and publishers in need can contact usInterest-free loan up to a maximum of EUR 1,000 apply for.

Means test

However, the social fund is obliged to pursue charitable purposes exclusively and directly. When processing the application, the means test based on evidence is therefore necessary. This also applies to applications made due to the effects of the CORONA pandemic. However, the resolution of these motions is preferred in order to enable a short-term bridging.

Please contact us for sending the relevant application forms and also for advice on how to apply

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