Why carburetors are thrown away from vehicles

Re: PWK Stage6 28mm; Powerjet?

# 19Post from DMT Racing »11 Nov 2015 3:40 pm

I had stuttering or staying away in front of the resol or in the resol hole in VM 26. There was simply the wrong needle installed. I looked almost dead to find the problem, but just checking the name of the needle wasn't my turn until the end.
After the original needle was re-installed, it was like a different carburetor. All problems completely gone.

First of all, it is important that the overflow hoses are all free and that any gasoline can drain off. The soups there often, but the problem has to be fixed.
Then it is important that the spray supply works properly and is sufficient.
Once these points have been made, the LLD is adjusted. This can be selected so lean that when you unscrew the mixture screw by 1 turn, the engine revs cleanly and does not re-clock. He should then also keep idle speed reasonably.
Then you take an HD that could fit. Most of the time, the original built-in value is a good starting point.
On the subject of needles ... That is probably the most difficult subject. You can only try it there. If it stays away in the resol hole at full throttle and only causes a misfire, a thinner needle must be installed, i.e. the one that is more or less fatter. I just keep in mind that many people might install a needle that is too lean and a really large nozzle instead. Both effects can cancel each other out. Because the needle also definitely plays a role in the mixture formation at full throttle.