How does a Spitronics device work

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The perfect vehicle companion app for road trips, street and racetracks. Or just having fun with your favorite racing simulator.
★ Pixel Perfect ™ customization of the dashboards. Limited only by imagination.
★ Super high quality visual and animated lessons.
★ Gallery of downloadable free and high quality dashboards and gizmos.
★ Read and clear vehicle fault codes
★ Map and speed limit display.
★ Immediate and medium fuel consumption.
★ Performance Meters 0-60, 0-100, 0-200, 60 feet, 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, and mile.
★ Measure power and torque.
★ A powerful trigger & gt; Action system.
★ Create alarms and visual effects based on configurable triggers.
★ A lap timer with dozens of automatically recognized race tracks.
Supported ECUs:
★ Ecumaster EMU series
★ MaxxECU
★ Megasquirt 1,2,3 / Microsquirt
★ OBD2 via ELM327 adapter
★ Spitronics ECU & amp; TCU
★ SPLeinonen PDSX-1 & amp; DashBox
★ VEMS v3
Supported racing games:
★ Assetto Corsa
★ Dirt rally
★ Grid 2
★ Live for speed
★ project car
RealDash can be used without being connected to the ECU. Then GPS and device-internal sensors are available:
★ Vehicle speed. ★ Your current location on the map.
★ Current speed limit.
★ Lap timer.
★ speeding info.
★ Performance measurements (with limited accuracy).
We hope you enjoy RealDash. Have fun!

What's new in this version:

Fixed WiFi OBD2 adapter random timeout when connecting Fixed crash when removing global triggers