How much does the power steering service cost

Power steering service

I don't know what specific fluid VW uses for power steering, but a lot of manufacturers use automatic transmission fluid or something closely related.

In contrast to the engine and transmission, the power steering pump does not heat its fluid to the extreme. The only significant heat the fluid receives is in the engine compartment.

Therefore, it takes years for the power steering fluid to decompose mainly through oxidation. Read it like any other liquid, look out for a dark color or a burnt odor.

It is easy to rinse. If you are not sure, just give it a try. On most vehicles, you simply pull on one of the lines, drain it, and refill it. Steer left and right so that the liquid reaches all points. If you don't want to pull a line or if it's inaccessible, steal a turkey baster from the kitchen (DO NOT put it back when you're done, just make up a believable story) and just suck the liquid out of the reservoir. Refill it, drive around a little and repeat the process until the liquid looks good.


+1 for turkey baster story ... So based on the second paragraph, what does this mean or what to look out for if the liquid is dark or has a burnt odor?


Probably oxidation (contact with air) or your power steering pump giving off heat (maybe it's starting to bind) or steering you like it's going out of style. The fluid is fluid, as long as the power steering is still working normally I would not read too much into the fluid, which is dark and smells burnt unless you could use a new fluid. The old fluid will not harm the pump.