TNT blasts away other TNT


Survival Test0.26
  • TNT added, with a right click it is ignited, making it a gravity-dependent object.
  • Hit twice to stop the countdown, turning the TNT into a drop that you can pick up again.
IndevAlpha1.0.1Beta1.7Beta 1.8(Beta 1.8-pre1)Full version 1.0(1.0-rc1)
  • New explosion sound for TNT and also for creepers.
Full version 1.2.5(1.2.5-pre)
  • Left click with a lighter in hand on a TNT block dismantles it and right click ignites the TNT.
Full version 1.3Full version 1.4(12w34a)
  • TNT can be activated by arrows on fire.
Full version 1.5(13w02a)Full version 1.7(13w37a)
  • Metadata 1 was used to generate a TNT block that explodes immediately when it is dismantled.
Full version 1.8
  • The block model of TNT is rotated alternately in the world.
  • Detected TNT is carried away by water.
  • TNT's explosion is adjusted.
Full version 1.11(16w32a)
  • The object ID of the ignited TNT is changed from "PrimedTnt" to "tnt".
Full version 1.13(17w47a)
  • Metadata removal: The previously unused block state, with which you could generate TNT, which explodes when it is dismantled, is no longer applicable.
Full version 1.13.1(18w30a)
  • The instantly exploding TNT is added back in, called the block state.
Full version 1.14
  • Texture of in changed.
  • The chance that blocks blown away by TNT will be dropped as a drop (according to their loot table) has been increased to 100%.
Full version 1.16(20w11a)
  • TNT can be ignited by any burning projectile.