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Russian T-34 tank in World War 2

Was the Russian T-34 tank superior to the German tanks and was it actually the best tank of WWII?
Quote: In addition, the Soviet designers took into account the climatic conditions in the Soviet Union. The T-34 got significantly wider tracks, so that it was clearly superior to the German models in deep snow. The armament of the first models was the reliable 76.2 mm F-34 cannon. Armed and armored in this way, the T-34 was superior to the German tanks III and IV. However, the T-34 also had to go through developments, which is why it was constantly improved. The last variant was the T-34/85 with a much more powerful weapon. [Quote end]
Who wants to say that exactly? The T-34 was superior to the German tanks in 1941. After that, the Germans had 2 improved tank models that were superior to the T-34. Subsequently, the T-34 was improved again.
But what I haven't found anywhere is a comparison between the T-34 and the best British and American tanks at the time.
Before one wants to make the statement "best tanks" of World War II, one would have to refer to it as well.
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The T34 tank was certainly an unpleasant surprise for Wehmacht in 1941. It was superior to the Panzer III and Panzer IV. Even the standard PaK 36 - 3.7 cm was unable to cause serious damage to the T34. As is always the case in such cases, it was upgraded accordingly. The Panzer IV was upgraded and the Panzer V (Panther) and VI (Tiger) were newly developed and were quite a match for the T34. However, they could never be built in nearly the same number as the T34. That is one of the many reasons that the Nazi spook ended in 1945. As for the question: Was the T34 the best tank of World War II? Probably not. Was it the most efficient tank weapon of WWII? Probably yes.
What does it look like when you compare more recent models, e.g. the Russian T72 with the Leopard2?
Wikipedia says that the T72 built from 1972 onwards corresponds technically to the Leopard I. I mean it doesn't matter because both of them are capable of killing people.
Dear experts: maybe someone can answer here whether the T-80 or the T-90 is better. The T-72 was the cheap mass model alongside the complex and expensive T-64. Then came the T-80 as the successor to the T-64. Now is the T-90 just a T-72 with components from the T-80, or is it better than the T-80?
Auto-Motor-Sport magazine tested it, but unfortunately I no longer have the magazine.
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The T-34 allegedly had superior armor, which was one of the decisive factors in the Red Army's victory over the Wehrmacht. The armor of the T-34 was very hard, which had enormous advantages in the fight against German anti-tank weapons. However, this armor was not always of the best quality. This led to material fatigue and failures even if no anti-tank bullets were used by the enemy in the battle.