Is this homunculus experiment real

What is the homunculus about?


My girlfriend and I recently leased a piece of garden land that has been run down for the past 10 years by not very attentive citizens. Among other things, there is a rather desolate garden shed, one of the walls of which has already collapsed. The roof is leaking, which is why it is moldy inside. We have already moved the said panels of this wall to the side, but haven't really dealt with them yet because there are more urgent things to do. But now a friend who was visiting said that the hut was probably made of Eternit. I think the idea is extremely unpleasant, as the hut - as I said - is in a rather desolate condition.

Now I want to take care of it as soon as possible, so find out

a) whether this is Eternit

b) what to do in that case

Unfortunately, I don't know any professional who knows something like that. I read on the Internet that Eternit could not be determined for laypeople, a specialist would have to come who would take a correspondingly large amount of money for it. In the event that it is Eternit, disposal would be quite expensive.

Quite apart from the fact that it doesn't look so great for me financially, there is a bit of an aggravation here: we lease the property "on the spot" from another tenant, who takes the property from the property office of the city of Frankfurt. The actual tenant himself has no idea what the hut is made of and probably didn't bother about it when he was still using the garden himself. That's why it's hard for me to inspire him to take on this matter and he probably doesn't have to either. My main question now is: does the City of Frankfurt / Property Office have any responsibility in this regard? They didn't build the hut, of course, but it stands on their property and is leased together with them. If it is Eternit and this hut presents a clear health risk, it might at least be in the interest of the city to take care of it, right? Perhaps they are even obliged to do so?

I would appreciate advice.

Best wishes