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Julian Hamann

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Who or what are the humanities? What is your story derived from, what is your future like? The discursive education of the humanities takes place in answering these and other questions. Through permanent, sometimes conflicting, interrelated self-understanding, humanities scholars construct constructions of what the humanities are and what they are not, from what their identity is historically derived and what it should be based on in the future, what they achieve and what they cannot achieve or what form their relationship to society as well as to other disciplinary groups such as the natural and social sciences. For (scientific) sociology this field of research is largely uncharted territory. The project reconstructs the process of discursive education in the “humanities” based on the humanities discourse on “education” from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day. With a combination of discourse and field analysis, it can be shown how the transformation of humanities educational concepts takes place, how this change is related to the far-reaching changes in the field context and what the identity core of the humanities, which has remained stable for more than 200 years despite these changes is.


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