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Credit card for Singapore

Do I need a credit card to travel to Singapore? If so, which is the best?

Singapore is a very modern travel destination that has always been famous as a trading center. Of course, you can pay with credit cards almost everywhere here. Tourists who have not yet used credit cards often wonder whether such a cash substitute makes sense and what the costs are.

In particular, high annual fees and fees for withdrawals from ATMs initially put off many customers. But it is also much easier and cheaper.

Best credit card: Santander 1plus Visa Card

Many free credit cards advertise that you can withdraw money free of charge worldwide. This always applies in principle, unless there are fees that are charged by the machine operator. The card issuer has no influence on this. This can happen in Singapore too.

However, if you have a free 1plus Visa Card from the Santander Consumer Bank in your pocket, you can have such operator fees reimbursed later. However, this only happens on request. Cashless payments, e.g. when shopping, are also free of charge worldwide.

In addition, the 1plus Visa Card naturally offers the full functionality of all Visa credit cards and is accepted by over 37 million acceptance points worldwide. Shopping in Singapore is therefore much easier and more convenient than just using cash.

The other additional services that are exceptional for a free credit card are very interesting. The omission of an annual fee is a matter of course.

It is less of a matter of course that when you refuel with the 1plus Visa Card, you get one percent of the fuel turnover (maximum sales of EUR 400 / month) is credited as a discount. Some credit cards can only guarantee this at certain petrol stations, the 1plus Visa credit card can do this worldwide, regardless of the operator.

The reimbursement of 5 percent on all travel bookings made with a cooperation partner using the free credit card is just as cheap. If desired, additional services can also be booked in a security package.

Conclusion on the comparison of the 1plus Visa Card credit card

All of this makes the 1plus Visa credit card from Santander Consumer Bank a very attractive credit card in the free segment. Of course, when settling the bill, you have the choice between immediate payment of the full amount or flexible repayment via the partial payment option. For us the best credit card for a trip to Singapore in a credit card comparison.

Barclaycard New Visa credit card for Singapore

You can withdraw money worldwide with the Barclaycard New Visa. Cash withdrawals from euros within the euro zone are free of charge. Only a foreign currency fee can apply in countries within the euro zone. However, this is usually below the fees for using an EC card or the fees for exchanging cash.

The invoice can be paid conveniently within six weeks of receipt. In this case, no interest will be charged for card transactions! Only after the six weeks have elapsed does the sales really turn into a "Credit", which is charged with the usual bank interest. Even that is usually no more expensive than using an overdraft facility, especially since the credit card transactions do not immediately debit the bank account.

When it comes to security, you also have advantages, as you can check the invoices in peace and, if necessary, lodge an appeal. There is also no annual fee for the Barclaycard New Visa.

Conclusion on the comparison of the Barclaycard New Visa credit card

For those who just want to carry a credit card with them for security, the Barclaycard New Visa is a perfect secondary means of payment, which is perfect for traveling to Singapore thanks to the inexpensive option to withdraw cash.

Eurowings Gold credit card for Singapore

In Singapore in particular, using a rental car is not easy for Central Europeans due to the left-hand traffic. One should pay attention to the conclusion of a rental car fully comprehensive insurance.

This one (and other important benefits such as international health insurance) Are part of the contractual services of a Eurowings Gold credit card, their use can quickly pay for itself despite the annual fee, because you can save yourself additional insurance.

As a Eurowings customer, you also benefit from collecting the bonus miles that accrue with every transaction. Well worth considering for frequent flyers and business travelers.

Conclusion on the comparison of the Eurowings Gold credit card

The Eurowings Gold credit card is free of charge worldwide thanks to cash withdrawals (not within Germany) and the free use abroad a real alternative to the Barclaycard New Visa already presented.

Credit card advantages for Singapore in direct comparison

Below you will find the advantages of the individual credit cards listed again in note form. Use this direct comparison and choose the best credit card for your upcoming Singapore trip.

Advantages of the Barclaycard New Visa:
  • 0 € annual fees for a lifetime
  • € 0 fees for cash withdrawals in euro currency (by Barclaycard)
  • 0 € foreign transaction fee within the euro zone (outside 1.99%)
  • 0 € interest up to 2 months
  • Account balancing with flexible repayment
  • Including Maestro card for € 0 a year
  • Optionally with a partner card
  • Including 5-star security
  • Opt. Account security in the event of payment defaults
  • Includes ATM robbery insurance
  • Including contactless payment function

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Advantages of Eurowings Gold:
  • 0 € annual fees in the 1st year
  • 0 € cash withdrawal outside DE
  • 0 € international assignment fee worldwide
  • More miles per flight booking
  • 2,500 miles to greet you
  • No more miles lost
  • Discounted use of the lounge
  • Payment break of up to 2 months
  • Flexible repayment
  • Insurance package included

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Singapore travel guide - the most important things at a glance

It is the smallest state in Southeast Asia and at the same time a city-state located on an island. One might believe that Singapore has little economic development potential due to its small size, but it really does Singapore is one of the greats in the Asian economic structure.

As early as the 3rd century, the Chinese used the conveniently located island as a trading post, and this began an ascent that has continued into modern times. Singapore is also phenomenal for other reasons, as there are many contrasts here.

The population is made up of people of different religions and origins and yet lives completely peacefully next to each other. Anyone who thinks that Singapore could become easy prey for its neighbors Malaysia, Indonesia or China is also wrong. Singapore sees itself as a very defensive nation and has a very modern and, considering its size, quite considerable armed force.

The town Singapore is one of the most architecturally modern cities in the world and at the same time one of the cleanest. Almost every tourist is amazed at how well-kept everything is. This is achieved through a very tough deterrent policy. The laws are very strict and sometimes provide draconian penalties even for minor offenses.

Chewing gum was completely banned until a few years ago; there are exceptions for medicinal chewing gum. Throwing a cigarette butt on the street is at least very expensive and harms your own Credit card credit limit, but can even be painful, because the law also allows corporal punishment in the form of beatings, although this punishment is rarely used.

The gun and drug laws are also extremely tough; even minor violations lead to the death penalty, which often leads to diplomatic entanglements for tourists. Every traveler must note that ignorance does not protect against punishment.

Entry requirements for Singapore

In Singapore there are similar entry requirements for Germans as in many other countries in the region. As an EU citizen and therefore also as a German, you need one (at least six more months) valid passport. A visa is not required for stays of up to thirty days.

Children can enter the country with their own passport, but children's passports or ID cards with a photo are also currently accepted. Pregnant women must submit a special entry application to the Singapore diplomatic mission from the 6th month onwards.

Very important for customs and duty-free allowances:
There are no duty-free allowances in Singapore. This means that you have to declare all cigarettes and tobacco products you bring with you to customs! All cigarettes available in Singapore have a special customs stamp. If you are caught without this stamp, the fine is around 250 euros per box. If you have registered cigarettes with customs, you should take the receipt with you so that it can be shown during controls.

An important trading center for many centuries

Singapore is considered to be Transhipment point for many goods and goodsfrom which the city-state derives its wealth. In addition, for several years it has also been a central transfer point for long-distance travelers whose flights from Europe or America make stopovers here.

Singapore Airlines is now one of the leading airlines in the world and has one of the most modern fleets. Many traces of the British colonial era can be found in Singapore (such as left-hand traffic)which lasted from 1867 until the Second World War. Then Japanese occupation troops moved in. After the end of World War II, British rule returned, with the end already in sight. In 1963, Great Britain granted Singapore independence.

At first, the coexistence of the different population groups was not necessarily peaceful, but an intelligent policy has ensured that ghettos have been avoided in recent decades. The intelligent mix of residential complexes with different religions and nationalities did not result in subcultures, but a separate Singapore identity, which is lived and valued by most of the citizens.

The modern city attracts millions of tourists annually. Sights and shopping centers are the highlight of the metropolis. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.

More sights than expected

Although Singapore is a city-state, there are areas on the island that are definitely worth seeing. Medical care can be compared with that of other industrialized countries and is of a high standard.

Tip for international health insurance:
As a long-distance or business traveler, you should always take out a foreign health insurance that includes the uncomplicated return transport to Germany free of charge. Such insurance is sometimes included with credit cards. Automobile clubs also offer such policies.

Sights in Singapore:

  • Singapore has been part of the racing circuit for a number of years. Every year the Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​driven on a specially constructed track.
  • In Singapore itself, the colonial district with its historical architecture is just as worth seeing as Chinatown, Little India or Fort Canning Park.
  • The city's zoos are very impressive. The zoo and night zoo are among the best of their kind in the world and are particularly interesting for families.
  • You can shop to your heart's content on Orchard Road. However, you should always observe the customs regulations that must be observed on the return journey.

Many of these sights in Singapore can already be booked and organized from Germany through special tour operators. These tours and trips can then be paid for via PayPal, bank transfer or credit card.

Credit card or cash? Singapore and the money

The official currency in Singapore is the Singapore dollar(SGD). Since Singapore is very international, you can change money not only in banks, but also in most hotels and many shops.

Here, however, the exchange rates are usually not particularly attractive, which is why licensed money changer are often the better alternative in the city. You are on "Licensed Money Changer"Icon can be recognized and found in shopping malls and busy shopping streets of Singapore. Apart from these possibilities, you shouldn't change money, because of course fraudsters are also up to mischief.

Alternatively, you can exchange cash in Germany before you start your journey. It always makes sense to have some cash in your pocket, for example to buy things in small shops or to be able to tip.

In general, credit cards are accepted as a means of payment in the modern metropolis of Singapore. Cashless payment has its advantages, because if credit cards are stolen or lost, you can get a replacement very quickly. In this case, however, the respective blocked numbers should be known, which can be used to initiate the blocking.

Major credit cards such as VISA or Mastercard, but also American Express and a few others are accepted. Withdrawing cash from ATMs is now possible with most credit cards (PIN required). It is very gratifying for European tourists that the EC card can also be used to obtain cash at the machine, provided it has the Maestro symbol.

Paying in the supermarket is not always possible with a credit card, but a rental car can easily be booked cashless with a credit card from the big chains. In this regard, however, mainland Europeans should first familiarize themselves with the particularities of left-hand traffic in Singapore. As a rule, it is less stressful to use public transport, which has a very good infrastructure here and is considered safe and clean.

Credit cards and travelers checks as a security reserve

Although cash is arguably used for payment in most cases, in Singapore credit cards as a means of payment in restaurants and hotels and of course for obtaining cash.

Since the fees for international withdrawals can be very high, both for EC cards and credit cards, you should find out about the fees at your house bank or the bank that issues the credit card before you travel. In addition to the basic fees, there is sometimes an additional fee, which is calculated as a percentage of the payout amount.

Some credit cards offer free cash procurement worldwide - such cards should be preferred if necessary. One such credit card is Eurowings Gold, for example.

Despite the increasing digitalization of travel payment transactions, the traditional traveler's check is (also known as traveler check) a useful addition to the means of payment. Travelers checks are issued by the house bank or another bank prior to departure. Their equivalent value corresponds to the face value.

Travelers checks can easily be used for payment in exchange offices and in many other shops. Since remaining money is always paid out in cash, they are not only suitable for paying the hotel bill, but also for obtaining cash. Travelers checks are considered very secure because if lost, they can be replaced easily and usually extremely quickly.

So you don't necessarily have to pay cashless to settle your bills in Singapore, but a reserve in the form of credit cards or travelers checks is definitely recommended.

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