Robin is the wild card of the suicide squad

The Joker's finest clothes: Jared Leto with a new look

No tattoos, long hair: In order to become part of the “Justice League” in the new Snyder cut, Jared Leto's Joker was visually redesigned. Now the director has published the first pictures.

It should be no secret that the general public has little to no use David Ayers "Suicide Squad" was satisfied. Above all Jared Letos punk joker, who came along with a biting green gel hairstyle, face tattoos and a studded outfit, has been blamed for the failure again and again since then. While Leto, with his maximum of 10 minutes of screen time, is probably the last link in this chain, a few months ago he was also a director Zack Snyder concerned.

In order to restore Jared Leto's prestige and save the iconic character of the Joker in the DC Extended Universe, Snyder said he wanted to bring back the iconic Batman villain as part of his planned Justice League Director's Cut. Before the heavily revised version of the annoying DC flop from 2017 is published in the USA on March 18 - there is still no German start - Zack Snyder published some first impressions of his new Joker via Vanity Fair.

The influences are clearly recognizable: With his very own version of the Joker, Snyder tends to go the more classic way, giving him a stranded long hairstyle and matching Harlequin make-up. It is still unclear whether the Joker will do without tattoos or if they will just hide under the white mask. Should Snyder go all the way and take the tattoos from the Joker, who had long been identified as ex-Robin Jason Todd, he would completely subvert the straightforwardness and coherence of the DCEU - together with the upcoming "The Suicide Squad" of James Gunn Ayer's DC Suicide Squad would be completely erased from the history books.

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