What was your biggest career change?

job interviewFrequent questions and good answers

Briefly describe your career.

Don't get lost in details here! Don't start with elementary school or the beginning of your career, focus on the last one or two positions.

Tell us something about the most important aspects of your work so far.

Select one or two concise aspects and briefly describe the development or the success.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in the past two years?

Think in advance which exciting situations you can describe.

In your opinion, what makes a good manager?

One answer can be: “A good manager is characterized by the fact that he does not practice micromanagement. It is also crucial that she stands in front of and not behind her team. The manager does not pass on his own pressure one-to-one and listens. "

What distinguishes a good employee?

Answer, for example: "Good employees are characterized by team spirit and loyalty."

Have you ever experienced that working in a group does not work and was therefore not very effective? How did you behave?

Describe what you did individually. Explain how you managed to accept what you cannot change. How you changed what you could change through your behavior.

What successes have you recently celebrated?

Prepare yourself well for this question! List your degrees and achievements over the past twelve months. What were you successful with? Why did you score?

Describe your personal strengths and weaknesses to us.

Mostly focus on your strengths. Your goal is not to eliminate the weaknesses, but to make the strengths even stronger.

We would like to get to know you, tell a little about yourself.

Stick to business as a priority. Let your private life flow in for a moment. Concentrate on your social commitment.

Where do you want to be professionally in five years?

Refer to the vacancy. Show that you are interested in further development. However, your ideas should also match the opportunities in the company.

What are your goals?

Don't focus solely on professional success. Also mention personal life goals like contentment and balance.

How do you achieve your goals?

Say you have made a plan and set out your goals in writing.

Why should we offer you a job in particular?

Say: "Because in the past I have met the requirements you placed on this vacancy several times very successfully." Give examples of your individual qualifications and successes.

How have our business figures changed in the last three years?

Give the business figures in a concrete representation.