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Best friends: Straight women like gay men

Arlington (USA) - For a purely friendly relationship, many straight women prefer gay men. They trust them more than heterosexual men or women, especially when it comes to relationships, from whom they are more likely to fear lies and intrigues. Two studies by American psychologists show that the more attractive a woman is, the greater the risk of being viewed by a man only as a sexual object or of being deceived by a competitor. Accordingly, good-looking women are also more interested in friendship with a gay than others. In addition, these heterosexual women are convinced that homosexual men are more helpful to them when looking for a partner, as they give them honest information without selfish ulterior motives, the scientists report in the journal “Personality and Individual Differences”.

"Our results show which factors influence the close relationships between heterosexual women and gay men," write the researchers working with Eric Russell from the University of Texas at Arlington. A major factor is apparently the physical attractiveness of women. Those who look very good often have to expect to be seduced by a straight man or to be treated unfairly by a straight woman out of envy.

This was confirmed by one of the two studies in which 103 heterosexual women and men with an average age of 21 took part. All test subjects looked at photographs of 68 women, also around 21 years old, whose attractiveness had previously been assessed by ten independent people using a point scale from 1 to 10. Each subject should imagine meeting the woman shown at a party. Every man estimated the likelihood that he would try to persuade her to have sex, including through flattery and lies. Each woman assessed the probability with which she would perceive the person presented as a competitor in her own search for a partner and would react accordingly hostile to this woman. As expected, the physical attractiveness of women intensified the attempts of men to seduce them by all means. The competitive behavior of women also increased with increasing attractiveness.

In the second study, the women who were photographed and judged on their appearance were interviewed. On the one hand, they were asked to indicate whether they considered gay men to be more honest than straight men in conversations about romantic relationships. On the other hand, a special game provided information about how much friendship with a heterosexual or homosexual male or female person would be worth to them. It turned out that the more attractive they were, the more they wanted a close relationship with a gay man. This attitude is probably part of the “mating strategy” of attractive women, the authors explain. Since they are particularly at risk of being deceived by heterosexuals of both sexes, they would appreciate friendship with gay men more than less attractive women. From homosexual men she could also experience a higher esteem regardless of sexual interests. In addition, it is more likely to receive honest information in open discussions about relationships that will help her to find a partner.

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