Should you buy an annual house guarantee

Receive a Viessmann guarantee of up to 10 years

Basic information on the Viessmann guarantee

In addition to the statutory warranty, we offer further guarantee services. The guarantee period for this begins with commissioning, at the latest 3 months after delivery by Viessmann. Basically, with this guarantee we guarantee - both for the product owners and for the specialist companies - a perfect function and quality. Viessmann offers to remedy the defects free of charge. It is assumed that these are actually due to material or manufacturing defects.

Further requirements for making a claim under the guarantee

● Professional planning and installation of the system.
● Installation, maintenance, inspection, maintenance and guarantee work can only be carried out by a recognized heating contractor.
● Carrying out and providing evidence of the annual inspection and maintenance in accordance with the specifications in the Viessmann service instructions.
● Exclusive use of original Viessmann spare parts.
● The invoice must be fully paid (in addition to the device itself, the paid guarantee)
● The location and use of the product must be in Germany

What is basically excluded from the guarantee?

Certain defects or damage are not covered by the Viessmann guarantee. This includes everything that was caused as a result of incorrect planning or installation. The same applies if unsuitable operating materials or fuels have been used. But also improper changes to the system or parts of foreign origin can lead to damage that is not covered by our guarantee. Wear parts should also always be replaced as specified by Viessmann. Otherwise you cannot benefit from the advantages of the Viessmann guarantee. After all, these defects include damage caused as a result of external influences such as frost.

In addition to these basic conditions, there are special guarantees that we would like to present to you below.