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The chaos starts on


November 1, 50 PHOTO: ELKE KADGIEN The chaos begins on A four-week rail replacement service begins in November, followed by the next one in January. It turns out to be much worse than expected. The long-awaited rail replacement service on the S 2 and S 8 will take longer than feared. There is no S-Bahn between Pankow and Karow (as well as between Pankow and Birkenwerder) from (approx. 4 a.m.) to (approx. Buses run as a substitute. The reason is the construction of a noise protection wall and the installation of switches. But that's not all. As the railway announced, it is also necessary to block the route on the S 2 from to. In the particularly cold season of the year, passengers have an additional seven and a half week long replacement bus service. This gives rise to fears that commuters still have painful memories of the SEV last year. That is why various local actors have been involved for months and appeal to politicians and the railways not to carry out any parallel construction work during the SEV. The Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB) are currently working on the renewal of drinking water pipes in Hubertusdamm. »Bb« asked the Wasserbetriebe on on. A spokeswoman said: "The construction work on Hubertusdamm between Pankgrafenstraße and Bahnhofsvorplatz will be finished before SEV begins." This was also confirmed by Pankow's District Councilor Vollrad Kuhn. He also provided information about ongoing construction work (to) on the A114 between for private customers AS Schönerlinder Straße and AD Pankow. The road was narrowed to one lane. However, this has no effect on the rail replacement service. ”An express bus line runs during the SEV on the A 114 motorway from Prenzlauer Promenade to Bucher Strasse. So far, no strong backwater phenomena have been detected, «says Kuhn. The CDU MP Johannes Kraft sees it differently. In the morning and in the evening there is a backlog. The traffic lights at the junctions are also a problem for him, at peak times the traffic jams here except for the autobahn and the entire Pankgrafenstrasse. "If the SEV buses come along, the chaos is perfect." He made the problem clear to the youngest BVV and recalled the situation in 2016. “The SEV affects thousands of people. Last year it often took an hour to get from Karow to Blankenburg, at the Blankenburg train station the narrow waiting area was a disaster, there were incorrect signs at the train stations «City council Kuhn informed about the most important measures of the railway: express bus lines between Pankow and Karow and short ways by defining the final stops of the SEV buses directly in Berliner Straße (Pankow station) and on the Karow station forecourt. Passengers should also note the SEV between Karow and Bernau: from around 8 p.m. (1.30 a.m.). K. Spitz Shopping in the Schlossparkpassage “Depot” opens in the old Rossmann rooms On November 9th, the time will (probably) come. The Griesdeco Company opens a »depot« branch in the Bucher Schlossparkpassage. Mainly living room accessories, furniture, gifts and decorative items can be found here. The shop is located in the former Rossmann premises on almost 600 m 2. "The expansion work is not yet finished, but it will be a nice shop," says passage manager Peter Scholz from Widerker Vermögensverwaltung. "The floor is an adaptation of herringbone parquet relocated, the lighting works, now comes the shop fittings, then we can start here «. Traffic jam in BahnhofstraßeKarow In October, the former Volksbank premises in the Schlossparkpassage were re-let. The Seeger medical supply store will move into the almost 180m 2 large rooms in the future. Volksbank customers can find a Volksbank ATM to the right of Rossmann in the anteroom in front of the box office. A new space is being created here, accessible from the passage. Developments are also emerging for the 3rd construction phase of the passage. "We expect the Senate to approve a swap of space with the district shortly," informs Peter Scholz. "The district needs them in order to be able to extend the Schlossparkpassage to the planned educational center in the future . And then we can begin with the demolition (around summer 2018) of the old building (»1000kleineDinge«) and the construction of a new part of the center «, says Scholzweiter. KristianeSpitz PHOTO: KRISTIANE SPITZ moves into the former Rossmann shop at the »Depot«. 15% off garden soil and compost Composting plant Am Vorwerk 1 G Berlin Tel. (030) Mon Fri 7 am-5pm. Sa o'clock PHOTO: PETER KOCHAN IN THIS ISSUE n CURRENT Bronze Age traces in Bucher Erde p.4 n THEME OF THE MONTH DasTHW turned 25 and will soon move to p. 5 n W e illuminated again? According to information from the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing, the light on the public paths at the modular accommodation for refugees in Wolfgang-Heinz-Straße in Buch and in the direction of the Buch train station has been on again since (after the editorial deadline). n dawdling in the parish hall The traditional junk bazaar of the ev. parish for the benefit of winter relief in Romania will take place this year at (2 pm to 6 pm) and on (pm) in the parish hall, Alt-Buch 36a. Just come by and dawdle along. n Bus shelters in Buch The duration of the expansion of Wiltbergstrasse is a tough test of patience, even for those who use the buses. 99 instead of 109 Now clean Valid to n CURRENT Will the Eichenring be built on after all? P. 6 n IN CONVERSATION This is how »xavier« raged in the region. Page 6 »Golden« shines the firethorn Golden autumn days were few and far between, but the firethorn with its yellow to orange-red fruits has been an autumnal eye-catcher for some time. The evergreen up to 3 m high ornamental wood with the heavily thorny shoots offers birds protection. The firethorn berries, which shine from afar, stay on the bush for a very long time. The air-dried fruits are excellent for winter feeding wild birds. For humans, however, the slightly poisonous berries are not an option. IN BRIEF As early as November 2015, the Pankower BVV (application from the CDU) asked the district office to have bus shelters set up at the newly built bus stops. In the BVV in September, the district office now declared the following: "The new bus stops built in the course of the Wililtbergstrasse will be equipped with a bus shelter if the space requirement allows it." n Advent bazaar with cake The »Mater Dolorosa« Catholic Church in Buch invites you to the traditional Advent bazaar on Saturday, the, from and on Sunday, the, from, in the community hall, Röbellweg 61. On offer: handicrafts for young and old, handicrafts, pastries, jams, etc. There is also coffee and cake. The proceeds go to social projects. Invitation to the chief physician's lecture The weak heart Diagnosis and therapy of heart failure. HEALTH TRANSPORT TEICHMANN% Fax: AmStener Berg Berlin 19.95 14-point winter incremental ten steps p relevant built-in headlights rollier Prof. Dr. med. T. Henning Baberg Chief Physician of the Clinic and Polyclinic for Cardiology and Nephrology Tuesday, November 28th at midnight at the Helios Clinic Berlin-Buch

2 2 NOVEMB ER 2017 Readers' Opinions Volume 25, November 2017 Address: Editorial office »Bucher Bote«, Franz-Schmidt-Str. 8-10, Berlin Telephone:, Fax: Internet address: Publisher: Albatros ggmbh, Friedrich Kiesinger (V.i.S.d.P.) Editor: Kristiane Spitz Honorary Advisory Board: Karl-Heinz Ehlers, Ehrengard Hanke, Dr. Hubert Hayek, Jörg-Peter Malke, Julia Meister, Rosemarie Pumb Layout / Advertisements / Sales: Kristiane Spitz Printing: Union Druckerei Berlin GmbH. Storkower Straße 127A, Berlin Printed on 100% recycled paper READERS 'REACTIONS Graf vonvoss zognach Dölzig From: »Castles and Gardens of NeumarkDölzig / Dolsk«, Issue 11, Berlin As a reader of the »Bucher Boten« I follow the articles on the history of the place with interest. In the Bucher Stadtgut Chronik ("BB" 10/2017, p. 13), author Bernd Heider writes that the "lands of the Count's Vossschen Rittergutes Buch", represented by Count Georg Voss-Flatow, were sold to the city of Berlin in 1898 and he and his wife moved to Dolzko (Dolzig) in Neumark. I was in this place a few days ago, it is on the side of the road from Cedynia-Chojna towards Moryn. There is a brick church and a few houses there, but there was never a count's estate there. On further research I found, »bb« - review autumn seminar of the Karower poets At the time, the poets of the »karower Runde« met for their autumn seminar in the Albatros district center in the tower in Karow. As always, there was an interesting and lively exchange of ideas on current texts and events. The thematic term "relationships" turned out to be so comprehensive that other good poems were written and recited on this subject. Susanne Felke from Buch had entertained with imaginative, lively texts about the almost limitless forms of poetic language games that had been presented and dealt with in the spring seminar. A lively discussion arose about the hostility to the verses by Eugen Gomringer (founder of Concrete Poetry), which can be read on the facade of the Alice Salomon University in Hellersdorf, and which express in simple words that you are women can admire ("avenues / avenues and flowers // flowers / flowers and women // avenues / avenues and women // avenues and flowers and women and / an admirer"). Is this poem sexist? These lines had sparked a literary debate in the media since mid-September. We came to the unanimous opinion that the criticism is unjustified and that the poem cannot be removed from the facade »bb« account Albatros ggmbh / »book messenger« IBAN: DE that in the series »Palaces and Gardens in the Neumark« a castle in Dolsk / Dölzig (photo), which lies between Debno (Neudamm) and Myslibórz (Soldin). It is conceivable that this place with its handsome castle will be the new residence of the above-mentioned. Became count. Heinz Pasternak, book Answer: Mr. Pasternak is right, the Count von Voss moved with his wife to the knights' estate Dolsk (German: Dölzig). They turned the estate into a majorate and entails and later called themselves Count Voss-Dölzig. In the 1920s, parts of the property were bought up by a settlement company. DieRed. may. But, once this culture war has been sparked, it has to be waged. In the writing workshop, which took place as usual in the second part of the Karow meeting, Elke Kühne-Kaminsky presented the "haiga". It is an internationally very current but also very sophisticated combination of image and text. Overall, the meeting resulted in new ideas and new tasks. By the spring seminar, which is scheduled for April 21, new poems will probably also be written on the subject of "discoveries". Rudi Reinsch Contact: Rudi Reinsch, Tel. (033438), or Anke Apt, Tel. Rudi Reinsch Constellation (based on Eugen Gomringer) Roses Roses and hands Hands and tears Roses and tears Roses and hands and tears A platform QUOTE DE SM ONATS "What you have in yourself is no longer good for you than in your old age." Arthur Schopenhauer () Lautenbach & Bunge KFZ- MEISTERB ETRIEB Service and Repair Approval Service TÜV and AU We would be happy to draw up special care plans for your skin. Contact us! in Röbellweg Berlin Mon Fri 10 6pm% t This is how it works! On the letter to the editor “Everyone points to others”, BB 5/2017, p. 2. It was about dirty paths, beaten paths, rubbish, graffiti, blocked-up streets and paths in the Hufeland campus book. In May 2017, the “Buch Bote” published my letter to the editor in which I pointed out grievances in a clinic area that had been going on for years. I still don't know the name of the clinic area and I can't read it anywhere. Some fellow citizens and acquaintances expressed their agreement, finally someone was calling things by their names. Young doctors scolded how I could denigrate noble medicine in such a way. I did not do this and it is far from my mind. I wrote to a member of the Bundestag constituency for support. He used to be called the People's Representative. No answer until today! I find it very strange. But this is probably how customs and traditions change without you noticing. There used to be at least one confirmation of receipt. So basically no reaction. But! There are now no parking signs next to the parked cars. They sure weren't cheap. And now? The problems of time become more complicated. But you have to face them, find solutions! Don't just look away and think, “The main thing is that the cash register is right”. Nowadays, employees and students come to work in a car and preferably straight to the bedside. Maybe you have to rethink a porter and parking lot regime. Perhaps an exchange of experiences will help. Just running itself does not lead to a solution. Maybe yes? The Berliner says: »dit looft« and »you have to take care«. But who is "one"? EkkehardSchröder, book Children not with me To the article »Successes and disappointments«, »BB« 10/2017, p.9. In your current issue you published an interview with Mr. Rainer Stein. I find the sentence "He is married and has four grown children" very misleading because I am divorced from my husband, Rainer Steiner, and we have no children together. The adult children of my (still married) husband are from his first and second marriage. No common children emerged from our marriage. Lisa Stein, by email fairy tales? To the article »Twice August 13th in book«, »BB« 10/2017, p.9. The portrayal of the events in Buch around August 13, 1961 belongs more to a fairy tale book. Barracked People's Police couldn't have seen the author at the time, because they haven't existed for five years. In 1956, the KVP had become the NVA. Where the author claims to have seen trains rolling "with tanks and cannons" loaded with tanks and cannons that night in the Berlin district of Buch, remains her secret. And of all places in Buch's very narrow side streets, miles away from every sector boundary, are said to have been "close together military and police vehicles", "everywhere", "wherever you looked"? Contrary to the author's interpretation, the sealing off of West Berlin did not undermine any post-war agreement between the victorious states, it neither affected the existence of Western occupation sectors, nor did it hinder the Western powers' access to their sectors. As history-educated t Bucher Strasse Pa nketa l OTZepernick Tel. (0 30) Fa x: 08 PHOTO: KURT SCHMUCKER BE STATTU NG EN Bucher Strasse Zepernick (030)% READER'S SNAPSHOTS Bicycle parking space differently this one Kurt Schmucker and Dagmar Seifhardt discovered unusual bicycle parking spaces at the Karow train station. The picture reminded her of a story from 20 years ago: “After two bicycles had already been 'found' me, I was fed up and wanted to be particularly smart. So I connected No. 3 to the waterfall pipe at the station entrance and was absolutely convinced that this was absolutely safe. Think! After three days after work, I was packed with shopping in front of an empty spot! Man, how angry I was because the bus connection didn't exist back then, «writes Dagmar Seifhardt via email. The above bike may be spared this fate. If you, dear readers, have succeeded in making original, unusual photo snapshots in the region, just send them on to: Thank you, your "BB" editorial staff should know that, but she is making a "brazen provocation" against Walter Ulbricht the "Western Allies" out. It should also not have escaped her notice that the Western powers by no means felt provoked by the GDR. This has been well documented since those days. It is also documented in many cases that the "building of the wall" was not on the account of Walter Ulbricht, but was based on considerations of the USSR leadership and a corresponding decision by the governing bodies of the Warsaw Treaty. Denouncing Walter Ulbricht and thus the GDR leadership in this way is popular as a form of publicity. HellmutKapfenberger, Panketal Answer: In Pölnitzweg69, a police and criminal investigation department was housed for several decades, the GDR army command probably chose this location as a collection point for the military units mobilized on the night of August 12th to 13th, 1961. The distance between the Röbellweg intersection and the Pölnitzweg railway underpass is around 150 meters. Military vehicles were also parked at the confluence of Röbellweg / Pölnitzweg. I have not spoken of hundreds of vehicles, but only tried to describe the fear that morning, which, apart from militarists, probably grips everyone at such a sight. Nor do I know when the vehicles were parked in front of the door, nor at what time they left. However, I do not believe that the collection of military vehicles was still there when the Catholic service began in the Catholic Church (right next to the police station at around 9 a.m.). That would certainly have led to considerable unrest, perhaps even more, in the population.To this day, searches for our second-hand shop additional income project have been gathering in the Bucher Bürgerhaus, Franz-Schmidt-Straße 8-10, seamstresses. In addition, people with psychological impairments or addictions who would like to work in the additional income area of ​​Albatros ggmbh in Buch are welcome. Please report on site or by phone or K L E I N A N Z E I G E N% AN G E L I K A K R E B S a large community there with the bells ringing continuously. As I said, we were, like our children, torn from sleep and, after initial disbelief, frightened to death by the sight of the military elevator in front of our door, we tried to calm the children down and not lose our nerves ourselves. Of course, after our mother's desperate call that war was going on, we saw out of the window from the top floor of the Pölnitzweg house. Both the street side and the rear windows provide an excellent view of the Pölnitzweg and the railway embankment. The Pölnitzweg ends in the Buch Forest, through which part of the border between Berlin-Buch and Brandenburg runs. From the north, the Pölnitzweg can be easily reached via the B 96 (Schönerlinde) and the surrounding forest area. In the opposite direction, the Pölnitzweg ends in Alt-Buch. It offers a good connection via Schwanebecker Chaussee to the B2 and further via Weißensee / Prenzlauer Allee to the city center. At that time it was the shortest way to the center of Berlin. One thing cannot be denied: the army was at least on high alert at the time. Finally, a little thank you: after a brief excitement and although I have nothing to laugh about at the moment: it did happen in three places in your letter. However, not about your loyalty to the GDR and the government of that time. Loyalty is a positive quality, but learning from history is essential in the interests of the future of our descendants. RosemariePumb The printed letters to the editor do not reflect the opinion of the editors. The editors reserve the right to make abbreviations that preserve the meaning. Aloe Vera drinking gel and other healthy natural products. Request catalog, Tel. 0160 / Looking for a volunteer bricklayer to build a clay oven / grill for the garden in the Bucher Bürgerhaus, Tel Nachtruf (030) Price: Per line (approx. 45 characters) 1.50, Tel, Prenzlauer Chaussee Wandlitz% ()

3 PHOTO: ADOLF HENKE Cyclist seriously injured The cyclist suffered serious injuries in a collision between a car driver and a cyclist in Buch. According to current knowledge, a 78-year-old was driving her Suzuki in Max-Burghardt-Straße towards Karower Chaussee at around 9:40 a.m. and recorded the 77-year-old two-wheeler who was on the Karower Chaussee cycle path. The cyclist crashed into the bonnet and then onto the road, where, according to witnesses, he initially remained unconscious. Rescue workers from the fire brigade brought the seriously injured person to the hospital for further treatment. The driver was unharmed. Arrested The nocturnal lawn was the undoing of a suspected car thief in Blankenburg. Obviously too fast, the 37-year-old drove past a police patrol in the street Am feuchten Winkel in a Honda at around 1:10 a.m. After the officers went into pursuit and the driver ignored all signs to stop, he lost control of the car on Olivzeisigweg and drove into a gazebo. Fortunately, there was no one in the building at the time. The escape on foot ended only a short time later when the police arrested him. They found burglary tools on him and discovered that the car had recently been stolen from Scharnweberstrasse. The officers handed the 37-year-old over to the criminal police. Diesel stolen Strangers gained access to a construction site shortly before the Barnim motorway triangle at the »Lindenberger Brücke« and stole several liters of diesel fuel from a construction vehicle. Current With hoe, rake and spade Citizens' association, refugees and residents cleaned the area around the Buch skater track Invited skater rink book. After the work was done, you could see how urgent it was to have a hand here. Members of the civic association, some residents of the surrounding apartment blocks and many residents of the communal accommodation on Wolfgang-heinz-Strasse lend a hand and cleaned up the paths and removed the rubbish. The old glass alone, which can lead to dangerous injuries, filled a few buckets. 25 people worked to beautify the neighborhood. Even some of the young people who wanted to chill out here at their skate rink could be persuaded to help. Pankow's district mayor, Sören Benn, also lent a hand. He used the opportunity to talk to local residents. He also found out about the current status of the new refugee accommodation from the head of the collective accommodation facility, Andreas Brinkmann. With cake, soups as well as coffee and seltzer, the active participants could fortify themselves before and after. Actually, the autumn cleaning should not only be limited to the skater track, PHOTO: STEPHANUSSTIFTUNG, but should also include the football field on Friedrich-Richter-Straße. But for this a few more comrades-in-arms were missing. So the volunteers limited themselves to the skater track and the way to the industrial track. Perhaps next time the residents, who were surprised that there was a voluntary work assignment here in Book IV, will pick up hoes, rakes and spades! Unfortunately, they only took part in the action with comments such as "Well, how long has it been looking good here now". Asphalt pavement in BuchsMiddle cleaning action in Buch. Next time even more helpers are needed! For a long time, there was little progress in construction at the Buch intersection of Wiltbergstrasse / Alt-Buch / Walter-Friedrich-Strasse. The first layer of asphalt was applied in mid-October. It is slowly developing POLICE REPORT Tree fell on car After a tree fell on an Opel Insignia on Zepernicker Strasse in Buch at around 6 p.m., the car was seized by the police because it was no longer roadworthy. The seriously injured driver was already in the ambulance on the way to the Buch clinic. The car suffered damage of around euros. Burglaries In the course of the, two burglaries were reported to the police in Zepernick family houses and another case in Schwanebeck. So dieters in the Havelstrasse had entered the interior of a house through the balcony door and had Aike-Christine Baeck »We regard the voluntary work as a success. In the future, however, we must be even more successful in getting more Buch residents to work in their neighborhood, "said AndreasWolf from the Buch citizens' association." Residents of the refugee accommodation will definitely be there again. There is still no specific date for an operation, although the soccer field in Friedrich-Richter-Strasse right next to the music school urgently needs a cleanup. «Where. Major alarm due to chlorine gas in Buch In the swimming pool in Buch, chlorine gas had leaked. At midnight the Berlin fire brigade was called to the swimming pool on Wolfgang-Heinz-Strasse. The gas had escaped from leaky containers in a technical room in the basement. When the first emergency services arrived, the entire building had already been cleared by employees of the swimming pool. The fire brigade arrived with a large contingent of around 50 emergency services. At this point in time it was not possible to estimate with certainty how many injured there would be. As a precautionary measure, the alarm keyword was therefore increased to "mass casualty" (MANV). The emergency doctor sighted several people, three of whom were transported to nearby hospitals with respiratory irritation. The chemical drums causing the problem were salvaged and sealed by the emergency services in protective clothing. In addition, the entire building was ventilated so that a little later it could be entered again without breathing protection. FW / K. S. stole cash from a handbag he found. They took a rucksack with them on Randowstrasse. The window of the affected house on Zillertaler Straße was smashed and various cupboards were searched. Penetrated by force In the course of the, unknown perpetrators used force to gain access to a single-family house on Richard-Wagner-Strasse in Zepernick via the patio door. The strangers ransacked all the rooms and, according to initial information, stole cash and personal documents. The forensic technology used secured extensive traces at the crime scene. Burials Alt-Karow Aike-Christine Baeck I am personally available in the Alt-Karow 60 shop in Berlin-Karow (across from the Hotel Alt-Karow) in the event of bereavement and for prevention with competence, empathy and many years of experience as an undertaker. Gladly also with a house visit in the event of bereavement and as a precaution! Tel. 030 / NOVEMB ER 2017 THOUGHTS AT THE TIME A public information and discussion event on the subject of “Mobility and Transport Infrastructure in the Region” will take place on Monday, at 6 p.m. in the Wandlitzer “Golden Lion”, Breitscheidstr. 18, instead. The guest is Brandenburg's Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Planning, Kathrin Schneider. The following focal points are discussed: What are you reading? RosemariePumb on the feeling of alienation in bookstores 3 Or have you given up reading because you don't even know which book to reach for? Are you also irritated by the unmanageable number of books that flood the world year after year? In Germany alone, 770 million are printed annually! How tall would a mountain of books be in that amount? What will happen to the read and unread copies? This unbelievable number includes the new releases and first editions! How do you want to find "your" book there? About the title? There is nothing that is not written about in great detail! It seems like a little chicken must first write a book before cackling. How many readers are there actually in the land of poets and thinkers? Of Germany's 82 million inhabitants, around 5 million are of kindergarten age and around 7.5 million have left school illiterate. 24.2% of the respondents never read, 28.3% rarely and 27.5% occasionally. Fortunately, the German publishers still manage to ensure sufficient sales. Titles have been published! But over 100 publishers have had to stop working since 2011. Allegedly, reading should take 14th place among the favorite pastimes of the residents of Germany. 66% of the readers are women. The quality of spiritual nourishment is not judged. The information about the Germans' currently favorite hobbies is irritating! Gardening comes first with 30.5%! This is followed by shopping (26.7%) and puzzles (16.9%). Places 4 and 5 are eating out and computer games. Reading seems far behind on this list. Recently in Frankfurt / M. the book fair is over. As early as the 15th century there was the first small book fair in Frankfurt with two or three exhibitors. Among them Johannes Fust, born around 1400, died of the plague in Paris. Together with two other Frankfurt citizens, he recognized early on the commercial value of a mechanical reproduction of knowledge, which thanks to Gutenberg's invention became possible in large numbers and which found good sales when printed on handouts. Individual pages of the Bible were also on offer, exhibitors at the Frankfurt Book Fair and around visitors strolled through the exhibition halls. The number of books should double every 15 years! Do you get goose bumps with such a view? When one looks at the distribution of intellectual talents within humanity, the question arises, where is the huge need for clever minds hatched? Every ministry alone claims to have the brightest minds! Likewise the universities or the police. How is a person today who rummages through huge mountains of books in bookstores, studies a few blurbs and realizes that he has got into a world unknown to him? Everywhere he looks he is blinded by strange, unknown names! Almost all of them are bestsellers. Has there been a writer invasion and he hasn't heard about it? He almost regularly listens to Deutschlandfunk or Deutschlandfunk Kultur and scrawls the name of one or the other highly praised writer on his already somewhat crumpled memo, because he is an average educated contemporary. In fact, there is an almost explosive increase in people who feel called to write and only to write. They learned their skills in writing schools that are sprouting up like mushrooms everywhere. Where do they get the money from to pay all the expenses? Is it bank loans? What do they live on? They don't shy away from any topic and write, write, write! Where did Homer, Goethe, Schiller, Viginia Woolf, Mascha Kalekó learn to write? It was always a pleasure for our protagonist to discover new books and new authors. But now nothing is as it was. The person who is interested in a new book or two feels like in a foreign country. He stands in front of bookshelves, filled with works by young and dynamic writers with a brand new writing school diploma in their pockets. Our book buyer is anxiously checking the functionality of his memory. Has he forgotten the names of the great poets? "Sneaked to Dionys the tyrant," just enough for two verses. A new attempt with Rilke. That is just as unsuccessful. The irritated, deeply insecure person sneaks out of the store without a book. His self-confidence is badly damaged. He has not even bought a message card. Our average educated citizen without a writing school diploma is deeply doubtful. Not because he doesn't know which book to buy, but because in view of the many advertised books he can think of a number of questions but no answers: Are there really as many geniuses as books? How is the limited amount of wisdom distributed among them? Minister visiting the »Löwen« What is the status of reactivating the ancestral branch of the Heidekrautbahn? When does the train get on the track and which route (s) are being discussed? State of state roads and bridges in the region (planning for renovation and expansion) construction of cycle paths (framework, concepts and priorities). CONSULTATION HOURS Veterinary practice Mon / Tue Wed 9 12 Dr. med. vet. S. Oberhäuser Thu / Fr Sa10 12 Alt-Buch Alt-Buch Berlin Tel. (030) are stranger than us because they have experienced just as much, but cannot say it. «Elias Canetti Extraordinary (and) personal. For your animal.

4 4 NOVE MB ER 2017 Topic of the month PHOTOS: ROLF KRANKE PHOTO: DTV ALONG THE PANKE Replacement of the railway bridge in Buch n Outdoor photo workshop BARNIM An outdoor photo workshop will take place from November 10th to 11th at the Mirabellenhof in Biesenthal. »Autumn photography or the art of outsmarting the light «is the title of the event organized by Tourist Information Wandlitz. Photographer Thomas Rathay shows how the autumn season can be used to take beautiful, atmospheric photos. Bring with you: digital camera with enough storage space and spare battery, lenses, possibly a light tripod and clothing suitable for the weather. Registration under Tel .: (033397) or (03337), n Renewed fire station gates BLANKENBURG The four hall gates of the fire station in Blankenburg have been in need of renovation for a long time. Week after week, they endanger the safety of firefighters. BVV Pankow asked the district office in May to repair the hall gates immediately so that the immediate endangerment could be ended as soon as possible. The building supervisory authority Pan- EXTRA-BOOK TIP The bridge exchange in Mewesstrasse in Buch on September 30th. Meanwhile, S-Bahn operations continued. The transport of the bridge parts also required a sure instinct and a lot of experience. kow has meanwhile checked the severely restricted gates of the fire station on site. In addition, further structural defects were found. A planning office was called in, a specification of services was drawn up in order to be able to obtain offers and commission an execution company. The completion of the gate work is planned for the end of November. n New Year's Eve at the Baltic Sea BUCH The voluntary members of the »initiative Buch« arrange cheap holiday offers from the Polish travel agency »Baltyk« to the Baltic Sea. The offer now includes a New Year's Eve trip from (from 399 euros). Included in the price: Overnight stay with full board, bus transfer, German-speaking care, campfire, fireworks (), New Year's Eve ball with a rich buffet & live music, video evenings, local tour, day trip and more. Different therapy applications can be booked. Further information: every Thursday from am in the "old" at the Buch S-Bahn station, Tel (Ms. Kreissig) and Tel (Ms. Steinke). Arab rescued Jewish woman in Buch On October 12th, the book "Mod Helmy" by Igal Avidan was finally published, which had already been presented by the author in the Evangelical parish hall in Buch at the beginning of September. It was published by dtv at a price of 20 euros. "How an Arab doctor in Berlin saves Jews from the Gestapo," says the subtitle. This doctor was Egyptian and lived and worked in Germany.During the Nazi era he helped a Jewish family and hid the Jewish girl Anna Borosin in his girlfriend's arbor in BucherViereckweg. Igal Avidan spent three years researching this unusual story. The Israeli author, who lives in Berlin, interviewed dozens of contemporary witnesses on site in Buch and read numerous historical documents about the Muslim rescuer of the Jews. K. S. "BB" CONGRATULATES the BUCHER anniversaries Renate Bethke, Konrad Blenkle, Siegfried Fialkowski, Udo Gajewski, Christa Goepfert, Gudrun Günzel, Dr. Waltraud Heidel, Hildegard Hippe, Christa Kümmel, Uve Meyer, Gerhard Spielmann, Claus-Dieter Stahn, Helga Strumpel, Gerda Winter, Peter Wolfsteller and Gerda Zörner on the 80th, Ingeborg Gudescheid, Horst Jaenicke, Ingrid Koch, Johannis Ritter and Kurt Truxa on the 85th, MargaWodiczka for 90th, Soja Doernberg and Dorothea Götz for 91st, Lieselotte Kanngießer and Horst Losekann for 92nd, Elisabeth Langer for 93rd, Hildegard Melke and Gertrud Stephan for 94th, Erich Schuhart for 96th birthday, Ilse Franzund Helene Golchert for her 97th and Luzya Flegel and Erna Marnitz for her 98th birthday! Congratulations! The Buch Social Commission also congratulates them warmly! the PANKETALER anniversaries Gisela Alves, Herbert Alves, Horst Käthner, Gerhard Lehmann, Hans-Jürgen Lezius, Ingrid Räther, Rosemarie Ruehle, Horst Schieche, Christa Schmidt, Regina Schmidt, Brigitte Schreiber, Günter Schroers, Guido Wietzke and Dr. DetlefWildberg for the 80th, Erika Falk, Erna Geschke and Günter John for the 85th, Gerda Marggraf for the 91st, Hildegard Melke for the 94th, Artur Ziege for the 96th and WilhelmineVetter for the 97th birthday! Congratulations! Kiekebusch's descendants Bronze Age traces discovered in the LHQ book The men and women who worked for a few weeks on the grounds of the Ludwig-Hoffmann-Quartier (LHQ) in Buch searched for dark holes, among other things. It was not astronomers who had pitched their tents here and looked up to the sky, but people who were interested in the underground secrets. Not by chance. When Ludwig Hoffmann designed the Buch hospital city over 100 years ago, the 4th Berlin insane asylum was built on what was then Schönerlinder Strasse (now Wiltbergstrasse). At that time, finds from the Bronze Age were found in the ground. Dr. Albert Kiekebusch, then director of the prehistoric department of the Märkisches Museum, based on Buch and directed large-scale archaeological excavations from 1910 to 1914. A rural Bronze Age settlement from around 1000 to 800 BC. C.E., the archaeologists discovered. A find that made the headlines. Post holes made it clear to the scientists where the earlier wooden houses stood. Kiekebusch drew up almost 100 floor plans of single-storey houses that had once stood here. The Panken lowlands are from to 600 BC. u. Z. been heavily populated. People settled here near the river, made a living and lived relatively peacefully together for several centuries. Much older finds were also recovered from the Buch soil, dating back to the Mesolithic (B.C.E.). There are currently building plans for a gymnasium and a further residential area in the rear area of ​​the area in the Ludwig-Hoffman-Quartier. In order to be aware of the historical Bucher Boden, the State Monuments Office ordered the developer to carry out exploratory archaeological investigations. So Philipp Roskoschinski, prehistoric archaeologist from Panketal and owner of Archaeros, came on the scene. He and his staff actually found what they were looking for. Not at the future location of the gymnasium, here there had been complete excavations in GDR times, but a few meters further, where new houses are to be built, the ground had remained untouched for many years. "The archaeologist confirmed." We found various ceramic parts which, because of their typical decorations and patterns, have an exact date to 600 BC. and so on. ”but the excavators were also interested in the traces in the ground. After the top floor caricatures by Ahmad Altabakh can be seen in the district center in Karow In the district center in the tower at Karower Busonistraße 136, an exhibition with caricatures by Ahmad Altabakh can be seen until December 22nd. The topic: immigration and integration. The cartoons drawn with pencil and pencil develop their special effect through their authenticity. When the exhibition opened, tears came to a visitor from Colombia: "Yes, that's exactly how it is," she said. She knows the long bureaucratic paths, the feeling of being an applicant no longer an individual. Ahmad Altabakh comes from Syria. He tells the following about his journey: »I am Ahmad Altabakh, I am 32 years old and come from Damascus. In 2007 I successfully completed a bachelor's degree in computer applications at Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, so I am an IT expert. I have a wife and a son in Kazakhstan, where I also lived for six years. But due to the civil war in Syria, which made it impossible for me to renew my papers, I lost my residence permit there and had to leave the country at the end of 2015. A return to Syria would have forced me to fight my own people in the army. Germany was my only way out. I haven't seen my wife and child for two years. The Syrian civil war destroyed my personal life without my being able to help it. PHOTOS: HORST MARSCHKE Construction-accompanying archaeological investigations in the LHQ. Residential houses are being built here. with the excavator, the detailed investigations began. Direct GPS, with which all structures can be measured with pinpoint accuracy. Dark discolorations in the (post) holes show where houses once stood. Such a hole in the ground is immortal. No matter how densely it is later on, the filling always stands out as a loose, dark-colored soil from the untouched surroundings. Good for archaeologists' work. The direct field work took place in the months of August and September with ten employees; the measurements and findings are currently being processed. ”Kiekebusch was a pioneer. Back then, archeology was still in its infancy, today we have completely different technical possibilities and we know a lot more about what finds and sites can tell us about the past, ”says Roskoschinski. That is why he describes the Buch excavation results as spectacular. "From a research-historical point of view, spectacular," he adds. So the conclusions that Kiekebusch drew should be assessed differently today. ”For example, he started from smaller floor plans. We now know that Bronze Age longhouses stood here. ”It was also clear that the prehistoric settlement was much larger than was assumed 100 years ago. In addition to the shards, the group also found around post holes and smaller pits, which will be precisely defined and evaluated afterwards. Not easy. People have settled here in Buch for two to three hundred years. During this time, traces of settlement also lay on top of each other, this has to be unraveled. KristianeSpitz A valve to express thoughts PHOTO: ANNEDORE DREGER Ahmad Altabakh at the exhibition opening in October. I haven't touched a computer keyboard in two years. I wanted to work right away, but the authorities wouldn't let me. I have to reach language level B2 first, which I am currently working on. My pictures were created in collaboration with a Berlin artist Detlef Noack, who had offered a caricature workshop in Lichtenberg. It helped me a lot, I learned a lot. The course lasted more than a year. I finally found an outlet to express my thoughts without having to use language. My pictures are about migration, procedures, bureaucracy and the sad feeling of turning from an individual to an application number. This is still my situation. I try to integrate myself. Which is not easy because many people are scared of foreigners and refuse to contact us. They accuse us of getting money out of the system, but that wasn't the reason why we came to Germany. We wanted freedom and today we feel very isolated from German society. Unfortunately, the law prevents us from getting here faster and better. There is a saying in Syria: 'No two fingers are alike.' This also applies to us refugees. My message today and here is that we meet as human beings and do not cultivate stereotypes. «A. A./K. S.

5 Topic of the month Voluntary helpers in need The local branch of THW in Pankow celebrated its 25th birthday. Numerous guests from politics and business came to the desthw anniversary celebration in the Feste Scheunein Buch. THW President Albrecht Broemme (above) presented medals to deserving helpers. The camaraderie is what most people mention when asked why they spend their free time at the Technical Relief Organization (THW). Dealing with technology, training and the missions to help people are also motives for voluntarily tying up time and energy for this activity. Bill Dietrich and Mathias Neumann also cannot imagine spending their lives without the THW. Bill Dietrich came to the organization when he was 14, now 19 years ago. “A friend took me with him. I immediately enjoyed it and liked the people, the technical equipment and you do something good and you have a responsibility, «says the man in his mid-thirties. Today he is a group leader and spends all of his free time on the THW premises in Buch. His wife is the cook in the Pankow local association. "She married me in a THW uniform," he says with a smile. Mathias Neumann joined the local association 18 years ago. The 56-year-old is a trained car mechanic. He was disabled in the 90s. He found a meaningful job at THW. He was able to live out his penchant for vintage cars in the early years. »Back then, we had outdated equipment from the old federal states and old stocks from the GDR. The emergency power generator from NVA stock has outlasted the times to this day. It chugs, is loud, but still works, «says Neumann. In addition to the community, he found a unique authority structure here, which enables him to participate in decision-making, to bring about change. "And I can help people," he explains. He is not only active in the local association, but also the Berlin state spokesman and deputy federal spokesman for the THW, a kind of staff council for volunteers in the state. If there are major incidents, the fire brigade operations center also alerts the THW. Some in the local branch carry a beeper, the others are called over by phone. “We don't have to be at the station within 5 minutes like the fire brigade, but have about an hour. Our helpers live all over Pankow or come out of work here to Buch, that takes time, «says Mathias Neumann. The individual Berlin branches have specialized in certain skills. In the Pankow local association there is the specialist group "Spaces" and "Infrastructure". That is why the stock includes low loaders, wheel loaders and a tipper. The “Infrastructure” specialist group takes care of connections for electricity, gas and water. In the event of a disaster, the helpers either disconnect the cables or, if necessary, install them on the “green field.” “For example, we also supported refugee facilities in gyms,” explains Mathias Neumann. A lot has changed at THW over the past few decades, too. "The equipment has become very modern and training has also been adapted to current needs," said the THW spokesman. "Until compulsory military service was suspended, it was easy to do alternative service for work to be won at THW. Since then we have gone new ways. In the meantime, the training is largely IHK-certified, which can be used for vocational training. Communication has changed. Command and obedience as it used to work doesn't get you very far with volunteers. A nice development, «says Neumann. The local association cannot currently complain about problems with young talent. Around 30 young people meet in the THW youth group every Tuesday afternoon. Two youth workers take care of them and come up with a few ideas so that, in addition to training, fun is not neglected. What is new is that there is also a mini-group for 6-year-olds at THW Pankow. The Pankow local association, which has been located in Buch (KleineWiltbergstrasse) since 2004, right next to the train tracks and not far from the A 10, has around 100 voluntary members, more than 15 percent are women. In October they celebrated their 25th anniversary. Opportunity to look back on particularly explosive disaster and civil protection deployments. They were challenged with a gas explosion in Lepsiusstrasse, with storms and hurricanes in Berlin, with the securing of major events such as the FIFA World Cup and the already traditional Berlin Marathon, with Oder and Elbe floods in Brandenburg Bucher green space is designed PHOTO: KRISTIANE SPITZ Bill Dietrich (left) and MathiasNeumann in the thw vehicle hall in Buch. Spontaneous and emotional: thanks to the youth group at diethw management. According to information from the Pankow District Office, construction work began in the green area on Theodor-Brugsch-Strasse in Buch on October 23. The old asphalt footpath from Lindenberger Weg to Theodor-Brugsch-Strasse, next to the newly opened playground, as well as the cross-path along the wooded strip will be given new asphalt. In addition, two benches and a waste paper basket will be set up on the small, newly emerging space at the edge of the path, the lawn will be partially renewed and three small cherry trees will be planted. In the course of the work on the paths, it is necessary to cut back trees and possibly clear trees. The paths are not passable during the construction period. Please note the barriers and use the alternative ways around the playground. The construction costs amount to around euros and are financed from urban development funds from the Urban Redevelopment East program. The construction project is expected to be completed this year. and Saxony-Anhalt or the fire in a pig fattening facility in Bernau, where hundreds of animals were burned. Mathias Neumann remembers the mission in Bernau well: “We got there, the fire was already out and the animals lay dead and bloated from the heat in front of us. The sound of the air escaping from them, the smell of it was hard to bear. It was bad to go in there with the wheel loader «. After the mission, a trained THW aftercare team took care of the helpers who were deployed in Bernau. The common barbecue was canceled that evening. Mathias Neumann also remembers the flood operations, hurricane Lothar in the Black Forest or an aid transport to Lithuania. A few years ago he was also in the south of France to help with a large-scale power outage. In the Buch region, the THW is valued above all for its assistance at municipal events. It took part in the rbb campaign »24 hours« and helped to build a BMX track in Book IV. The volunteers still meet regularly on their premises in Buch. The driveway looks adventurously run down, nature has been recovering for years what was once a training ground for civil protection or a training center for social and health professions. The barracks for diethw members of the local association will not win any beauty awards either. But there is a lot of green and space. Noise bothers nobody here. The days of the THW in Buch are numbered. The area is to be renatured and integrated into the planned »green area on the Panke«. The disaster relief workers will move to Heinersdorf. Not far from the petrol station, Am Feuchten Winkel, the new location of the Pankow local association of the THW is being built. KristianeSpitz Blocking of the station access The bridge over the pedestrian tunnel at Röntgengental station is being renewed. For this reason, since the start of the main construction work on the pedestrian underpass, the eastern access to the platform below the long-distance railway tracks (towards Heinestrasse) has been closed until the work is completed, probably in June 2018. During the closure, passengers can only reach the platform via the reception building (via Bahnhofstrasse / Kastanienallee) and the tunnel. The access to the train station is signposted. PHOTOS: ELK n Future for Hobrechtsfelde HOBRECHTSFELDE The Zepernicker local advisory board invites you to an information event on Friday, November 10th at 5 pm in the old warehouse of the estate. The Friends of the Barnim Nature Park informs on site about the current plans to bring the "Mustergut Hobrechtsfelde" back to life with the granary. Warm clothes and sturdy shoes are necessary. The Zepernick local advisory board then meets there. n Youth lay judges wanted PANKOW youth judges (m / f) for the financial years 2019 to 2023 are wanted by the district office. Youth lay judges are honorary judges of the criminal justice system. Applicants between the ages of 25 and 69 must be German citizens, live in the district and not have a criminal record. Those interested can apply to the Pankower Youth Welfare Office, Berliner Allee, Berlin,, tel n W eihnachtsbasar in Buch BUCH on Saturday, 25.November, takes place from Uhr in the senior citizens' home “Am Rosengarten”, Theodor-Brugsch-Str. 18 in Buch, the annual Christmas bazaar. Knitting and crocheting (hats, scarves, blankets, etc.) made by residents are offered. n School is handed over to PANKETAL The municipality of Panketal intends to transfer the sponsorship of the »wilhelm-conrad-röntgen« comprehensive school to the district of Barnim on January 1st, 2020. In addition, skin diseases including allergies, heart and circulatory diseases, oncology practice laboratory with results within 10 minutes! Digital X-ray highest image quality, assessment by external specialists Ultrasound diagnostics Operations with maximum anesthesia safety through inhalation anesthesia Laser therapy in surgery, wound healing therapy and orthopedics Cooperation with external specialists in the practice everything under one roof! NOVEMB ER 2017 »BB« EM PIEHLT Think of spring today With a shovel in one hand, a basket full of bulbs in the other, you saw the trainees at the Evangelical Lung Clinic in Berlin-Buch in beautiful autumn weather on the Buch campus in October Move meadow to meadow. In addition to the school station, the school day has now become one of the traditions in health and nursing education in the pulmonary clinic. It takes place five times a year. Practical topics such as first aid measures, hygiene, oncological care or ventilation management are taken up and implemented with lectures and practical exercises. As a special surprise, this time the trainees were invited to plant flower bulbs. In the spring, patients, relatives and the staff of the clinic will be delighted with the colorful blooming, on that October afternoon it was a different joy: the opportunity to exchange ideas and get to know each other within the various training years. B. G. held an information event in Zepernick in October. n Money for PANKOW art projects Artistic education projects that take place in the district with the active participation of children, adolescents or young adults (up to 27 years of age) can each be subsidized with up to euros. Smaller cooperation projects in daycare centers, schools or youth work facilities in association with cultural institutions and artists in the district are to be supported. The deadline for submitting projects in 2018 is the information at: (under “current information”) or at the citizens' office hours PANKOW District Mayor Sören Benn, appointment at: tel City Councilor for Urban Development / Citizen Services, Vollrad Kuhn, appointments at: Tel City Councilor for Youth / Economy / Social Affairs, RonaTietje, appointment : Tel City Councilor for School / Sport / Facility Management / Health, Torsten Kühne, appointments: Tel City Councilor for Environment / Public Order, Daniel Krüger, appointments at: Tel n Pension office hours BUCH / KAROW Dietrich Schneider, insurance advisor of the German Pension Insurance: Wed, and , from 1pm, Bucher Bürgerhaus (R104), F.-Schmidt- Str Note: Tel; 0170 / Attention: It is not possible to make appointments from! Michael Bormann, oldest member of the DRV insured person: Ask for an appointment in the district center in the tower, Karow, Busonistraße 136. Registration under: Tel veterinary practice in Panketal Dr. med. vet. Volker Wienrich Wiener Straße Panketal Dear patient owners, since we want to keep waiting times as short as possible and care for your animals in the best possible way, we ask you to make an appointment with us by phone or email.