What is an F 22 Raptor

F-22 Raptor falls on its nose in Eglin

Things have not been going quite smoothly for the F-22s of the 325th Fighter Wing since they had to partially relocate to Eglin AFB in the fall of 2018 after Hurricane Michael devastated their original home, Tyndall. It was not until May 2020 that the squadron in Eglin had to complain about the total loss of a Raptor when a jet was lost during a training flight over the base. Ten months later, at the same location, there is still something to be saved: A photo from Eglin, taken on the afternoon of March 15, shows an F-22 on the base's runway, largely intact, with the cockpit open - but without Nose gear.

Air emergency and landing breakdown

The stealth fighter suffered an emergency in the air, according to a press release from Eglin Air Force Base on March 16. The nature of the emergency and whether it is directly related to the other events is not clear from the statement. In any case, the F-22 landed safely on the base around 3:30 p.m. local time - with the fact that the nose landing gear refused to work and the Raptor fell with its nose on the runway. "The fire brigade was on the spot immediately and the pilot was taken to the aviation medicine department for an examination," the press release said. According to the latest information, he suffered minor injuries. An investigation into the circumstances of the accident is ongoing.