Why is Samantha Ryan so beautiful

Forensic specialist Dr. Samantha Ryan

A catastrophic traffic accident with several deaths poses a curious problem for the pathologist Sam Ryan: A severed arm at the scene of the accident did not come from any of the victims, but from a woman who must have been dead for a long time. Sam Ryan does his own research and is confronted with the fate of Eastern European immigrants. In addition, it disrupts the work of a police unit tremendously ...

This strange criminal case by Coky Giedroyc is the prelude to twelve more episodes about the popular forensic doctor from England. And again Amanda Burton convinces with her acting skills. The paasages in which the coroner has to deal with the police apparatus are particularly successful. By the way, director Giedroyc shot the episode "Forensic Doctor Dr. Samantha Ryan - Wounded Souls" in 1998.