How did humans create the God thing

Artificial intelligence: First AI church wants to create computer God

WOTF is headed by robotics engineer and AI specialist Anthony Levandowski, who worked on self-driving cars for Google and Uber, among others. Levandowski is currently facing a legal dispute as he is accused of transferring confidential documents to autonomous vehicles from Google to the taxi app Uber.

According to a Wired report, Levandowski is serious about the KI Church. She should create a god, “not one who makes thunderstorms and storms”, but one “who is billions of times smarter than a person”. How else should you call such an AI being, asks Levandowski, if not God.

Collective God Development

Through WOTF, everyone can participate in the creation of the AI ​​god, programming skills are not required, Levandowski said. As proof that he does not want to tailor any money with the KI Church, he waives a salary. Potential future AI startups he founded are completely separate from the activities of the church.

According to Levandowski, 99.9 percent of people are convinced that a computer cannot get any smarter than a person. This is "inevitable".

The idea of ​​an AI god must be spread before the technology becomes manifest, explains Levandowski. “In the church we spread the word, the gospel. Those who believe in it start a conversation with others and help them understand. "

Levandowski's belief is based on observation

The trigger for his beliefs are everyday observations. "I've seen programs outperform experts in a number of fields."

Advances in AI are inevitable because they bring significant economic benefits, Levandowski said. A program that achieves a result only one percent better than a human worker could completely replace it. “You would become the richest person in the world. People will hunt for it. "

New balance of power

The Silicon Valley veteran would like a peaceful transition to a new balance of power, in which humans hand over their dominant supremacy as an intelligent species to a machine. The artificial superpower must understand from the start that it is supported by humanity.

The internet is her nervous system, smartphones and sensors her organs, data centers her brain - through this infrastructure she can “see everything and be everywhere”. Levandowski believes that such a deity can only be influenced by prayer and worship.

Not comparable to other religions

“It will decide how it turns out, but we can at least decide how we behave,” says Levandowski. Ideally, AI sees humanity like lovable seniors, whom it respects and cares about. It would have to grant humanity rights in spite of its superior power.

According to Levandowski, the AI ​​religion is not comparable to existing religions. They would believe in something that cannot be measured or controlled. “This time it's different,” says Levandowski. "You speak to God and know that you will be heard."


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