What kind of sealant is completely waterproof

Professional adhesive and sealant

SchleTek's professional adhesive sealant is silicone-free and odorless, sticks and seals all materials and is resistant to all environmental conditions. The sealant and adhesive are based on molybdenum sulfite and are therefore water and acid resistant.

Without silicone, the professional adhesive sealant based on MS polymer can also be used wherever silicone must not be processed. In addition, the compound does not contain any solvents, plasticizers, isocyanate or PVC. It is also anti-fungal and resistant to:

  • UV radiation
  • humidity
  • chlorine
  • water
  • Salt water
  • Diluted acids

The outstanding product properties enable overpainting using the wet-on-wet method and welding through with a spot welding device without the compound burning.

Use sealant under water

SchleTek adhesive and sealing compound can even be used under water. The mass then seals immediately, but does not dry before air comes into the mass. For example, you can seal leaks in a pool or swimming pool and let the compound set the next time you change the water. Because of these properties, our adhesive and sealing compound is used by many gardeners and landscapers in pond construction as a universal adhesive. Because SchleTek adhesive is also the first choice for bonding pond liners. There are no restrictions on the material of the pond liners or basins with our adhesive. Regardless of whether PVC, EPDM, GRP or other materials - SchleTek sealing compound is therefore used by professionals for all applications and sealing work on pond basins and pond liners.

SchleTek adhesive and sealing compound: Guaranteed harmless in revitalized waters

SchleTek Germany had the professional adhesive and sealant tested by the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr area for toxicity to organisms in revitalized waters. For the examination of the aquatic hazard, significantly higher concentrations were used than stipulated in the corresponding EU regulation for fish, daphnia and algae. Result: SchleTek adhesive and sealant is used in aquarium and pond construction harmless applicable and non-toxic for fish, for example.

Here you will find the test results as well as the original certificates from the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr area.

  • Silicone shrinks - SchleTek sealant does not (not even after years)
  • Silicone can become brittle and cracked - SchleTek sealant cannot
  • Silicone becomes hard even in a functional and leak-proof cartridge - SchleTek sealant does not
  • SchleTek sealing compound can also be used universally as an assembly adhesive.
  • SchleTek sealing compound remains permanently elastic with an adhesive force of 32 kg per cm² for the colored compounds and 27 kg per cm² for the transparent sealing adhesive compound.

SchleTek adhesive and sealing compound is temperature stable

The adhesive and sealing compound is permanently temperature stable from -40 ° C to +100 ° C. In addition to the transparent version, SchleTek adhesive and sealant is also stable for a short time for two to three hours up to 130 ° C. The processing temperature is between +5 ° C and +40 ° C.

Seal gutters

Many roofers are among our customers. Above all, the end pieces of gutters are glued in with SchleTek adhesive sealant and in the event of leaks at the seams, these are permanently sealed. The advantage: You don't have to wait until it is dry. The adhesive sealant can also be used in the rain and sets as soon as it is dry again. However, to be on the safe side, the surface should be cleaned with degreaser beforehand. Otherwise there is a risk of sticking to a layer of dirt. The gutter is then immediately sealed. Even in extreme heat and even if the sun burns down on the gutter for weeks, the sealing compound remains permanently elastic and tight.

Improve adhesion on loose and difficult substrates.

Here you will find a primer for porous and smooth substrates that significantly increases the adhesion on difficult surfaces.

Further areas of application:
All materials such as metals, wood, ceramics, plastics, etc. can be glued and sealed against each other. All different materials can also be glued together. SchleTek Sealing-Adhesive Compound is mainly used in the following areas:

  • Pond construction
  • Vehicle
  • Roofing trade
  • construction
  • Furniture industry
  • Joineries
  • Carpentry
  • Stair construction
  • Container construction
  • Sheet metal processing
  • Air conditioning
  • Boat building / shipyards
  • Body construction / vehicle construction
  • Window construction
  • Advertising technology

CE declaration of performance:

Here you can find the ISEGA declaration of no objection.

Apply adhesive and sealant

Pretreatment of substrates and adhesive surfaces
A pretreatment of sealing surfaces and adhesive surfaces is not necessary, but is recommended in order to achieve the maximum possible adhesive force. We also know that this is not always observed and that in most cases there will be no problems either.

However, you are on the safe side with pre-treatment in the following cases:

Fats on the surface
If the surfaces are not free of grease, you can easily remove these greases with our special degreaser.

Unknown plastic
Nowadays plastics are so diverse that some types are less easy to glue than others. Our plastic primer ensures that such plastics also become receptive to adhesives and sealants.

Apply SchleTek adhesive sealant on one side, position parts if necessary and then press firmly. Skin forms after 10 to 15 minutes. After that it can be painted over if necessary.

Contents: 290 ml.

Available in black, white, gray and transparent.

Other Recommendations

360 ° rotatable cartridge tip
With this cartridge point there is no longer a corner that cannot be grouted as neatly as the joints that are freely accessible. Regardless of whether there are bottlenecks behind water outlets, small niches, behind floor-standing toilets, under radiators, etc. All joints are just as professional as the simple long strips.

Extension for cartridge tips
With this extension, cartridge tips can be extended as required. In this way, joints can be reached that are otherwise difficult or impossible to reach.

No stains + perfect joints with SchleTek smoothing agent
The smoothing agent ensures perfect joints for professionals and laypeople alike. The smoothing agent prevents all sealing compounds from sticking to the tool or finger and makes the surface perfectly slippery and malleable. In addition, unlike other products, it does not stain even natural stones such as granite.