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Asfaltart merano

A photo exhibition together with the FOTOCLUB IMMAGINE MERANO BFI and the Merano Women's Museum. You can find all information and dates here.

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June January Also this year we have added a new performance point to our menu. The number.

Asfaltart, Merano, Italy. 6, likes 9 talking about this were here. Asfaltart International Street Art Festival Merano / Asfaltart festival d'arte di strada Merano5 / 5 (1).

Asfaltart has become one of the most famous street art festivals in Europe: the 13th edition took place at the beginning of June For three days, artists, performers and musicians will transform the city on the Passer river into a huge open-air stage. Artist's performances in Merano's city center are just a few minutes' walk apart and surprises await at every turn.

Meanwhile, street. Asfaltart al Country Club del Ost West Club Merano June 6th Vi presentiamo in nostro nuovo punto spettacolo di Asfaltart Asfaltart Dal 4 al 19 giugno torna nel centro di Merano l’ormai affermato appuntamento con gli artisti di strada.

Artiste da tutto il mondo parteciperanno alla edizione del festival d’arte di strada “Asfaltart” per trasformare questo fine settimana in unica grande festa colorata e divertente. Asfaltart, Merano, Italy. 6, likes 4 talking about this.

Asfaltart International Street Art Festival Merano / Asfaltart festival d'arte di strada Merano. Asfaltart - Merano / Meran turned upside down Get swept away by the ambiance during the famous Asfaltart street art festival in Merano: for three days, everyone and everything - big or small - is turned on upside down. A murmur ripples through the crowd as children hold their breath. Asfaltart Festival Merano. Street artist festival / Festival d'arte di strada Meran (o) until June / Dal 11 al 13 giugno a Merano Posts Tagged posts.


The 14th International Street Art Festival in Merano. Street art, clowns, artistes, musicians, dancers, trapeze artists, jugglers, pantomimes, walking acts, acrobatics, fire-eaters, figure theaters, avant-garde theaters. In the historical center of Merano. Magical for adults and children alike. Amazing, astonishing, breathtaking - always something new to experience.

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