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Now select the appropriate engine code for your Chevrolet CRUZE Also note the year of manufacture of your CRUZE model, as well as the correct type designation.If you are unsure which engine your Chevrolet CRUZE has, you can use the Identification letters also often found on the nameplate, in the engine compartment, on the engine block, on the surrounding covers or in the service and user manual. If in doubt, you can ask a Chevrolet workshop. The engine code is always a manufacturer-internal designation made up of letters, numbers or a combination of both options This is often three to six digits long.
CRUZE Station Wagon (J308)

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In the period from May 2009 until today, the CRUZE was manufactured and produced by the car manufacturer Chevrolet. The engine output of the models ranges from 1364 cm³ to 1998 cm³ with an output of 66 kW to 120 kW. The CRUZE is refueled with petrol or diesel. An engine can run for many thousands of kilometers without suffering a defect with constant service. However, Chevrolet replacement engines are in demand to repair damage or improve performance in a CRUZE, and repairing damage is not always worthwhile. For many Chevrolet drivers, this is far too costly, so a replacement Chevrolet engine is often recommended rather than repaired. With us you will find a wide range of different CRUZE engines with gasoline or diesel drive. Motorzentrale.de focuses mainly on refurbished engines, since completely new Chevrolet engines can of course also cost a lot of money. If you need a Chevrolet exchange engine, the appropriate one plays CRUZE engine code plays a big role. This must match the old engine model in order to get the exact same component. After clicking on the appropriate Chevrolet engine code, you can choose from various CRUZE exchange engines.
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