What font style is Tahoma

Tahoma Font and Linux

I got the look of my app before realizing that it is not available on Linux.

What should I do if I want to keep the same look on Linux?

I found the current Tahoma on multiple websites but I suspect it would be illegal to bundle it with my app. I also found a Tahoma font from Wine, which according to Wikipedia "Is designed to have the same metrics as the Tahoma font" . I couldn't find a comparison between the real Tahoma and Wine, but I'm assuming "identical metrics" = "looks different"?

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The Wine Tahoma font is intended to serve as a replacement. If you can't put it down and use it instead of Tahoma, it won't do its job :). However, if you're developing a web app, a decent font stack will do for us Linux users.


I suppose it would be illegal to bundle it with my app.

Without a real license, yes.

what should I do?

Two options.

  1. Purchase the font with a license that allows the use you need. You can get it here at fonts.com (it comes with an app or server license, one of which should cover you for what you need, but be sure to read the licenses). It's available elsewhere so you might want to look around.

  2. Find a similar font. Regarding the other version you found; "Identical metrics" are somewhat ambiguous, but should actually mean that they "look the same" or are at least similar in proportions and size, etc. The comparison of the fonts reveals some differences in the details, but the Wine Tahoma font was designed to replace the original so the differences are subtle or unnoticed at smaller sizes.

    You can also use WhatTheFont or Identifont to find a similar font.

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Many Thanks. It turns out I can't tell the difference between Official Tahoma and Wine Tahoma. Maybe they are exactly the same.


One small point: "Identical metrics" should actually mean "looks the same" "is not all correct. When Windows started up, Microsoft couldn't (or didn't want to) license the expensive Times, Helvetica, and Courier fonts and created for reasons the Compatibility Look-a-Likes with the same metrics . However, the designs are slightly different as a direct copy would infringe the copyright. (Discovering an Arial that is supposedly Helvetica is one of my hobbies 😄)

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@ Rad of course, very true. In truth, "identical metrics" could mean many things; Which Metrics exactly? My point was more that it doesn't mean "looks different", my wording could be a little bit better I guess ... I'll edit it shortly :)

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As a longtime free software user, I've always interpreted "identical metrics" for these free alternatives as "you can replace this X font with this one and the text will take up the same space, but there will be slight variations." in signs the average person does not notice "