Should people hear Pink Floyd

A book full of Pink Floyd, but not about Pink Floyd

"The children hear Pink Floyd", that's what the 70s mother yells to the 70s father when he wants to know where his daughter and son are (called "the child" and "the boy"). "The boy" is the author, Alexander Gorkow, and "the child" is his sister, six years older than him, who is a big fan of Pink Floyd and is infected with it. She is a so-called "Contergan child", has a serious heart condition and is struggling to live longer. She also discusses "the establishment" and politics with her father until the argument arises. She calls Heino, whom the children always see on the ZDF hit parade, a Nazi who sings traveling songs and torches everything in the process.

The little brother is always the observer of these scenes in the family.

Who is this Roy Harper?

The book offers many funny, but also beautiful scenes: For example, when in the 1970s the children kept running to the record store together without internet to see whether the latest Pink Floyd record has already arrived. The father then puts them on his sacred record player.

When they hear the song "Have a Cigar" for the first time, they discuss who is singing it and wonder who this Roy Harper is. The father, in turn, thinks the record player is broken - because of the effects in the song.

The parents try to be open to their children's music and the father slaps the pastor because he slapped his son. The book offers a wonderful insight into the sometimes stuffy, but also funny 70s life of a medium-sized family - mixed with a lot of Pink Floyd.

"Oh, beautiful Frau Gorkow, buying perfume again. La dolce vita, eh?"

This book is definitely worth reading because it is wonderfully authentic; it is also autobiographical. That's why you have to laugh out loud in many places. An example: The mother runs out of a shop with her son and tries to avoid the somewhat crazy woman in the neighborhood. But then she screams all over the street:

You can just imagine how it was when you read this.

So much shape people in life

The main character also has to fight their own struggles: Because "the boy" stutters or is beaten up by classmates. But I don't want to reveal too much; only one thing:

He meets some of the band for interviews and tells them personally about his father. But more will not be revealed now. "The children are listening to Pink Floyd": Just read and if you like the band, you should definitely listen to the music during or during the reading breaks, that is a particularly nice experience.

The children are listening to Pink Floyd

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