What did the Phoenicians do

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Phoenician coins.

The first two pictures show one Silver coin out Tireas they were in the 1st century BC BC and 1st century AD. The city god Melkart is depicted on the front and an eagle on the back.

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The first Christian mission

The Christian mission began on the day of Pentecost when Jews from almost all parts of the eastern world and also from Romebaptized were. Soon after, the message was over Jerusalem out in Judaea and Samaria proclaimed, also in the cities of the coastal plain and by the sea, but also in Damascus and Antioch. With the conversion of Paul finally announced a final delimitation of the mission. (See Acts 2–12.)

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Paul's Journeys - 3rd Journey

On his third missionary trip, Paul followed suit Macedonia and Greece. The trip included a long stay in Ephesus with a. (Compare Acts 18: 23-21, 17.)

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