Review: Seeing Ricky Gervais Live

Review: Seeing Ricky Gervais Live

So yesterday Oliver and I saw Ricky Gervais live in Guildford for his warm up show.

We got last minute tickets with only two seats left but we managed to get aisel seats so win win. The warm up act was Sean McLoughlin, a London based comedian. He was quite funny, telling jokes about his fiance and millennials. I really enjoyed some of his stuff and hopefully he may be at the comedy store at some point.

Ricky, as always, was hilarious. Of course there’s the usual jokes that will part the audience but most of them I find funny because, like Ricky says, what you don’t find funny, someone else will. There’s always a demand for comedy. And for lots of different types.

This is one of Ricky’s first warm up shows for his new tour, SuperNature. As we know, Ricky is passionate about animal welfare so expect a lot of hysterical animal jokes!

It was nice to see Ricky laugh at his own jokes and be real, not just scripted like he seems to be with the odd laugh here and there. I’d much rather go and see a warm up show rather than the real thing because of how genuine he was.

I enjoy Ricky’s comedy because he’s so honest about everything and he lays it all out on the table. He doesn’t believe in God, he believes we are worm food. I agree with him and while death scares me, for a moment Ricky made it funny. That’s what life’s about: seeing the humour in every day.

I can’t wait to watch the SuperNature show on Netflix when it comes out and I was so privileged to go and see him on stage before his big tour! I hope everyone has an amazing time going to see him perform.

Sadler’s Wells Review: The Thread

Sadler’s Wells Review: The Thread

So on Friday night I went to see the world premiere of Russell Maliphant and Vangelis’ The Thread.

First of all, I want to take a moment to appreciate the costumes designed by Mary Katrantzou. The outfits fit in so well with the Greek myth concept.

The dancing wasn’t like anything I’ve ever seen before, it was flowing one moment and then fast paced the next. The balance between both worked well, as did the music alongside it. I really enjoyed the calming, tranquil melody of Vangelis’ work. It almost made me feel like I was doing meditation because it was that type of music.

‘In a word, or rather, in a line, the Thread is the energy which connects us to the universe.’ I really felt this when all the dancers were synchronising together. The mixture of dance and movement and music was oddly calming. The only part that wasn’t relaxing and a little bit of a let down was a song that made my head spin. It sounded like cow bells being banged hard against the floor. It made me put my fingers in my ears!

However, I did feel connected in that moment when they all danced in a rhythm together. But apart from that song, I absolutely loved all of the performances, from the solos to the group dances. They all told a story which felt magical.

The lighting by Michael Hulls, which I wouldn’t usually comment on, was actually really well executed to make the dancers seem like they disappeared in one place and popped up in another.

I found myself amazed at the fact all these dancers could remember all of that choreography. It was quite a magical evening with the idyllic music and storyline. I would definitely recommend seeing the Thread for the dancer’s amazing effortless performance and Vangelis Oscar winning music.

An Evening with Hank Green

An Evening with Hank Green

I went to see Hank Green tonight on the ONLY UK tour he was doing for his new book, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. It was set in the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square and tickets were sold out.

There were some hilarious laughs, one of them being John Green roasted by his brother (John was not there, I know, disappointed😂).

We were told at the start of the evening there was a raffle and only 100 people could have a meet and greet with Hank. I was a lucky winner! I got to take a photo (albeit blurry) and took a stranger’s picture in the process.

There were really deep chats with Holly Bourne who chaired the event about humans, what Hank’s most remarkable thing is and if his book was predicting the future when he started writing it in 2014. It was really interesting.

I haven’t read the book yet but I’m definitely going to after meeting Hank. He’s such a down to earth person, and we got to laugh about Trump, so what could be better!?

I love being surrounded by bookish people and I saw some familiar faces, including ‘the large ginger man’ from Waterstones as he calls himself.

Thank you to Waterstones for setting up such an event! I had an amazing night (apart from running for the train!). Vee x

Valentine’s Gift Guide

Valentine’s Gift Guide

This week’s blog is a gift guide for Valentine’s Day which is just around the corner. I’ve collaborated with brands such as Knicker Locker since they have asked me to write a post about my relationship for their website.

Valentine’s is always a tricky one for me. I have my partner’s birthday on the 3rd and our anniversary on the 16th. So Valentine’s sometimes gets pushed to the side. This year let’s make Valentine’s special with a gift guide for your loved one.


Lingerie is so difficult, what size, colour, type should I buy? Well let Knicker Locker help you out with that with their range of sexy lingerie. With these gorgeous thongs, who could go wrong? You can get them on their website here.

Sexy Valentines Thongs Lingerie


Who can go wrong with a voucher? Whether it’s for a lingerie shop, bookstore or dinner date? That way, you can guarantee they will like what they get!


Every girl loves flowers, especially on Valentine’s. But why not make it a flower that will last forever instead of dying? This unique golden rose will be on the mantel forever more, especially if they’re a big Disney fan. You can get your own here.




Who doesn’t love it? I mean, if you don’t we can’t be friends, just saying. Anyway, chocolate is the way into any girl’s or guy’s heart. So why not get them a hamper to tell them you love them. You’ll definitely be popular. This gorgeous fizz and chocolate hamper is the perfect picnic to have on a Valentine’s date night.


Bath Sets

If you love being cheeky, you’ll definitely want to get each other these cute Aubergine and Peach bath bombs from Lush. Even if you don’t like baths, having these cute emoji bath bombs on your shelf is worth it.



NoFauxVegan are a wonderful vegan friendly brand that sell gorgeous bags and accessories such as earrings and necklaces. These adorable Daisy Duke Dangle Earrings are so pretty and perfect for the love of your life.


Well that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s, whatever you may be up to! Until next time, love, Vee x