I have always loved writing, whether it was writing short fantasy novels or a how to guide for clients. I love the research side of writing as well as pouring my heart out onto a page.

I have created some handy guides and ebooks that you can find in this section of my website.

How To Grow Your Instagram In 20 Minutes

Do you want to grow your following but you don’t know where to start? This ebook is perfect for you! It has all the strategies you need to start implementing on your Instagram.

Grow your Instagram like a boss after reading through this short but handy ebook. Learn new strategies about how to use content, hashtags, engagement and more to expand your audience.

Just send me an email once you’ve purchased with proof of payment and I’ll send it over in a digital format!

How To Grow Your Instagram In 20 Minutes


Hashtags For Instagram: A Guide

My first ‘How To’ is for anyone who is new to using hashtags for Instagram. When I first started my Instagram at the age of fourteen I was overwhelmed with this new platform I could explore. There were apparently right ways of posting content, what photos you should be uploading and what hashtags to use. At the time I had no idea what hashtags were! However, it wasn’t until I was sixteen when I landed my first digital marketing job that I would find out the power of social media. This is where I learnt about hashtags and from then on I’ve made it my mission to make sure I know everything I can about them!

In this guide I will cover the basics, how to use hashtags effectively, which hashtags you should be using and more.

The guide consists of ten pages full of hashtag knowledge and resources.
When purchased, please email greenv745@gmail.com with proof of payment so I can email you the document. Happy reading!

Hashtags for Instagram: A Complete Guide

Hashtags for Instagram: A Complete Guide


The Ultimate Social Media Handbook

This handbook will give you all the insights of using platforms as a business or blogger from the perspective of a social media manager and marketeer. Learn new techniques, how to use hashtags, what content to be putting out there and how you can be connecting with people via social platforms.

In this handy course I have set you tasks, given you website recommendations, offered advice and much more. Purchase now to start winning at social media! Whether you’re a business, blogger or individual, this handbook will teach you everything you need to know about running social media channels. Your handbook will be sent to you via email after purchase.

Social Media Handbook The Ultimate Guide

The Social Media Handbook